ARC Mini-Review: Just One Tent by Jaqueline Snowe

Special thanks to Jaqueline Snowe for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Just One Tent
Publication Date: 06 December 2022
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Panda Rating:

(4 pandas)


All’s fire in love and camping

Maddie is dreading her family’s holiday camping trip. A well-known flirt and borderline commitment-phobe, she’s never quite warmed to her stepmother’s attempts at finding her a perfect match. But this trip will be different. This time, she’s dragging along her best friend of fifteen years – Matt.

Matt’s been in love Maddie since they were kids, and despite numerous attempts at confessing, she has no idea. He’s a hopeless romantic at heart and a pushover when it comes to helping his friends. So, when Maddie begs him to camp with her for a weekend, it’s a simple yes.

They have no idea they’ll be stuck sharing a small tent. That small tent leads to cuddling, which turns to steamy nights. Each one afraid of breaking the spell, they don’t think about what happens after the trip is over. They just enjoy the newfound chemistry. But Maddie refuses to ruin their friendship, and Matt won’t stick around forever. So, when the sun comes up on their weekend, someone will have to take the leap if they have any chance of making it work.

TL;DR: This novella is perfect if you love a friends-to-lovers romp with a dash of angst and a whole lot of steamy goodness featuring just one (very small, very cosy) tent in the woods! Matt and Maddie were adorably awkward opposites but their romance was fun and flirty and satisfying.

Even from the title alone, I knew I was gonna enjoy this and I wasn’t wrong! Plus, it’s Jaqueline Snowe and I always love her romances! This was a fun, flirty, steamy good time.

Maddie and Matt were opposites in many ways. She’s the loud to his quiet, the rowdy to his bashful, but everything about them worked! I think the story balanced the emotional and the steamy aspects well but because it’s a novella we don’t get in-depth characterisation. They did have great chemistry though and I loved their banter and the way they tried to get a rise out of each other.

I loved Mattie’s growly lumbersexual vibes and that underneath all the gruff he’s the sweetest sensitive guy (this is truly my kryptonite)! He’s been in love with Maddie since they were teens and he was a total SIMP for her. The way he was literally in shock and felt like he was living in a fantasy with her was so freaking adorable and had me melting! And let me just say, when he decides to stop holding back his feelings, the man was a swoontastic flirt machine!

It was so fun to see Maddie experience this sexy, flirty, and slightly dirty side of her bestie! I was laughing at how flustered she got when Matt decided to flirt back—and I mean, I get it! 😂 His playful and confident demeanour was sexy and matched her own very well. It was also satisfying to see Maddie realise that maybe their weekend hookup wasn’t just a steamy fling and to have her slowly acknowledge her deeper feelings for him.

Things did get a little dramatic with sudden confessions and storming off on an angsty wave of hurt, but they both got it together and subverted any potential third-act separation! Overall, I really enjoyed this one. It’s the perfect steamy but fun novella that’s perfect for those who enjoy the besties-to-lovers trope, a bit of forced proximity and… just one tent! 😉

Do you have Just One Tent on your TBR or does it sound like a romance you’d like to read? The book is out tomorrow (6 December) so be sure to mark it in your calendars!

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