Mini Book Review: Falling for the Enemy by Katie Golding

Goodreads: Falling for the Enemy (Malibu Millionaire #2)
Published: 17 May 2022
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Panda Rating:

(5 pandas)

Sometimes, the perfect guy…
Is the one you hate the most.

Jasper Brooks has everything—with his smooth-talking ways and devilish good looks, he’s signed some of the hottest bands of the moment. If only he could get the wrong-number woman he’s been texting for months to reveal herself.

Blake Harris absolutely hates Jasper with every fiber of her being. Avoiding her professional rival is next to impossible in the Malibu music scene, and when a new band puts them head-to-head, their pent-up frustration explodes in a raw session of hate sex. A mistake they keep repeating.

With feelings spinning out of control, Blake bolts back to the mystery man in her phone, determined to finally meet Mr. Perfect. Not realizing that all along, she’s been secretly falling for the enemy…

TL;DR: I had a feeling I’d love the rivals to lovers and hate to love you vibes and I was not wrong—this was everything I was hoping it’d be and more! I enjoyed The Forever Night Stand but it was too insta-love and insta-perfect for me but I felt the tension and chemistry from the very beginning in this one. It’s funny, it’s full of great snappy banter, and it’s a good dose of sexy! If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers in a work-related setting then this could be for you.

Ever since Katie Golding shared a sneak peek of Blake and Jasper earlier this year I’ve been super excited to read their story. I thought the balance between the softer getting-to-know-you moments and the steamy scenes was much better in this book compared to the first. Yes, there are still lots of wildly steamy AF scenes that set my Kindle on fire (holy wow, these two! 🥵) but those moments with them simply talking and falling into a comfortable and easy routine melted my heart. I’m realising lately that I’m a sucker for those domestic moments and this definitely served on that front!

Jasper and Blake had such amazing chemistry! Oof, I loved their antagonistic rival banter at the beginning and the way their emotional connection grew stronger each time they’d get intimate. I also really loved the epistolary moments via text messaging which played into the “You’ve Got Mail” retelling aspect. Save for one aspect that plays into the “conflict” between them, I really appreciated their openness and honesty and how they let themselves be vulnerable with each other. I also liked that although there’s a bit of conflict, there is no third-act breakup. There was still enough tension and angst to keep the stakes high and to keep me invested in how things would play out though. There were still a few ‘insta’ moments but I really didn’t mind it because of how invested I was in both Jasper and Blake and I really loved them individually and together! I’m definitely eager to read more from this series!

Have you read Falling for the Enemy or is it on your TBR?

10 thoughts on “Mini Book Review: Falling for the Enemy by Katie Golding

  1. You know, I don’t read enough millionaire romances, and maybe this should be one I add to my list. NO THIRD-ACT BREAKUP!! I didn’t even realize that was allowed. Such a plus for me as i hate the third act breakup, but I know others need some drama to enjoy it all.

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    • I don’t read a lot of millionaire romances too and ngl, it kinda made me hesitant to pick this series up BUT I’d heard so many good things about Golding’s books that I just had to try. I’m glad I did! And YEP, no third-act breakup! I didn’t expect it but I loved it. 🥰

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