Monthly Wrap Up: March 2022

How has another month already come and gone?! March was… something. Half the month passed by too quickly and the other half could’ve passed faster. A good chunk of the month saw me drowning in work stress + insomnia but there were some good times to counter the not-so-fun moments!

  • I got exciting book mail from Goldsboro and Illumicrate!
  • My parents had their wedding anniversary on the 21st and it was dad’s birthday on the 30th!
  • It was a pretty great foodie-licious month with ramen, biryani and decadent melt-in-your-mouth cookies!

With all the stress and lack of sleep, my moods have been wilder than ever which has resulted in much less reading than normal—even romances! I’ve also had a tougher time getting into books in general which means a lot of “enjoyable but not always memorable” reads. In the end, I read 18 books. I didn’t have any DNFs and I’m happy to have had two 5-star reads and both have made it onto my faves of the year so far—though The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary has made it onto my all-time faves list and I need more MMC’s like Sebastian Stremmel, please. 🥺 Also, I read a lot of books with shirtless men on the cover this month? 😂

**Book covers are linked to Goodreads and the title text is linked to my review, if available!**

Panda rating: 5 pandas

5 pandas

book cover: the worst guy by kate canterbary
book cover: a magic steeped in poison (the book of tea #1) by judy i. lin

The Worst Guy
(Tour) A Magic Steeped in Poison

Panda rating: 4.5 pandas

4.5 pandas

book cover: we hunt the flame by hafsah faizal
book cover: blind pass (carolina comets #2) by teagan hunter

Panda rating: 4 pandas

4 pandas

book cover: things we never got over by lucy score
book cover: the beast of beswick by amalie howard

Panda rating: 3.5 pandas

3.5-3.75 pandas

(ARC) Royal Captive (Fate of Eyrinthia #3)
(Tour) Anything But Fine
(ARC) One-Timer

Panda rating: 3 pandas

3 pandas

book cover: the rigid duke by darcy burke
book cover: accused (the kc warlock weekly #1) by m.n. jolley

(ARC) The Rigid Duke
(Tour) Accused

With how hectic, anxious and sleep-deprived I was this month, I didn’t spend a lot of time engaging in the community this month and it’s such a bummer! 😩 I did manage to catch a few more posts at the tail end of the month but I’m hoping April will be a better month for responding to comments and blog hopping!

And that’s a wrap on March 2022! I can’t believe we’re already four months into 2022! Did you enjoy your March reads and which was your favourite book? I hope everyone has a good month ahead! 💜

18 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: March 2022

  1. Your family is adorable! 😍 and the food looks amazing! I’m glad that March was such a good month for you. I’ve been in a slump from everything including blogging so I took a bit of a break with my schedule. I hope April is just as good to you!


  2. Glad to hear that you had a good month with good food! (And may I say, I love your glasses. They look sleek and classy and awesome.) 18 books with two 5 star reads is great! I didn’t enjoy The Worst Guy unfortunately but I do see the appeal so I’m glad you loved it.

    Hope you have a great April!


  3. Your food photos always look amazing!!! Congrats to your parents, that’s awesome!! So so glad that March was much better than Feb! 💜 two five star reads is amazing! I’m still working on my post. I feel like March flew by but then was soo long, at the same time. Probably, bc my in-laws were here. Haha! I hope that April is going to be amazing! 💜🥰


  4. A little chuckle escaped me when I read that you read a bunch of books with shirtless men on the cover haha there will be months like that! Also, thank you so much for sharing my post!


  5. The good times you had this month do look wonderful. Glad you had those moments. And I had noticed quite a few shirtless men coming through on your posts this month 😁. I hope you have a great April!


  6. Looks like you had a good reading month! I didn’t notice that you read a lot of books with shirtless men on the covers, but now that you mention it… lol And your food pics are making me hungry. lol Happy birthday to your dad and anniversary to your parents!


  7. Sorry you’ve been having a stressy anxious time 😦 Hope things clear up for you soon and let you find some peace and space to breathe easy. Keep focusing on those shirtless-guy reads and maybe they can help even things out. 😉🤗


  8. Thank you so much for including me in your post 🤍
    You family so adorable 🥰
    Also I can totally relate to the work stress of March being too much, I was drowning in work and meeting through out the month and am so glad that it’s over

    Hope you have a great April 🎉


  9. Shirtless men on the cover are great for healing a reading slump! 😂 I love your family photos! Such a beautiful family and the food looks delicious. I’m off to add The Worst Guy to my tbr! 😉 Happy reading in April!


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