Book Review: Don’t Go Baking My Heart by N.G. Peltier

Don’t Go Baking My Heart (Island Bites #2)
Publisher: Piatkus
Pub Date: 21 June 2022
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Panda Rating:

(4 pandas)


Devon King has a plan. An actual with bullet points and everything plan for his life. When he’s called out at work for never participating in any of the office activities he feels compelled to take part in the upcoming office bake off competition to prove he’s a team player, as making partner at his architectural design firm is top on his list of career goals. Only problem, he doesn’t know anything about baking. Failure is not an option so when his first choice for help is unavailable, desperate times lead him to ask Reba Johnson, assistant pastry chef to his brother’s girlfriend.

Reba’s been having fun texting the super serious Devon ridiculous cat pictures, for an entire month, but she’s surprised when he asks for her help with a potential baking crisis, since their conversations have been one sided until now. When her friends make a bet that even she can’t get the stoic Devon to fall for her charms, Reba sets out to prove them wrong and get Devon to have some fun.

As the competition draws closer, their sessions get hotter with a one night stand turning into two nights then three…Reba doesn’t fit into Devon’s carefully crafted life and as he tries to focus on winning the company contest, he discovers that sweet treats aren’t the only thing baking in the kitchen, and all his perfect plans are crumbling.

TL;DR: Don’t Go Baking My Heart took a minute for me to get into but I ended up really enjoying it. This was in large part due to Reba and her amazingness—talk about girl crush material because her fun-shine personality, wit and sass were literally *everything!* I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t worried Devon wouldn’t grow because that stick was shoved so far up his behind that I didn’t think anyone could pull it out but I shouldn’t have underestimated Reba! Her charm chipped away at his cold and stiff demeanour and brought out a surprisingly charming, funny, and flirty guy. They’re the definition of opposites attract and I loved their slow-burn romance!

I have the first book of this series on my shelf and it’s been there for what feels like ages but I’m kind of glad that this was my first book by Peltier. This was so much fun! I really liked the setting and how the author wrote the colloquialisms, which made it easy to imagine/hear the Caribbean vernacular and added a layer of genuineness to the story. As most romances are, this was very character-driven, but it had a bit more of a plot driven by Devon’s need for baking support and Reba’s bet with her besties to get Devon to want her.

These two were so hilarious together! Reba was an absolute tornado that came sweeping in on a gust of fun shine and fully disrupted Devon‘s need for structure and control. As I said, they were the epitome of opposites attract because they were total opposites in every way, which made it all the more fun to read their interactions from each other’s POVs. I honestly feel like I had just as much fun as Reba did bringing some adventure and spontaneity to Devon’s life and as much as he denied enjoying it, there’s no doubt that he came to really appreciate her by the end. I found myself hooting with laughter whenever I read through Reba’s perspective and it was a nice counter-balance to Devon’s rigid pov. That said, both characters had some growing to do as well as insecurities and personal demons to face to get to their HEA. I enjoyed watching them both realise that they could have what they wanted with each other, even if it meant accepting the wonderful chaos she brings to his life and the structure and calm he brings to hers. I do wish the issues that Reba had with her parents were more strongly addressed instead of just leaving it to a couple of pages at the end but I’m glad that she spoke up about her feelings cos she deserves love in all her messy, beautiful, chaotic glory!

The main issue that I had with the writing was that it was fairly repetitive, particularly when it came to Devon and his grumbling about things not being serious enough, people having too much fun, and work being super important to him. It made these parts feel a lot more tell than show and it was a little irritating to read at the beginning. After a while though, I think I became desensitized to the repetitiveness of the writing and started noticing it less, but this could also be due to the fact that I was enjoying myself too much to be bothered!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend it for a super fun laugh-out-loud and opposites-attract grumpy/sunshine romance.

Have you read Don’t Go Baking My Heart or is it on your TBR?

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