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Happy Saturday, friends! I was wondering what to post today because as usual I’m preparing things at the last minute and when I decided to do an ‘easy’ tag, I remembered that I still haven’t done The Folklore Book Tag. Folklore is top-tier TS for me and one of my all-time favourite albums. I wasn’t tagged to do this but I saw it on Elli’s blog *ages* ago and since I’ve seen mentions of TS on the bird app’s feed quite a bit today I thought why not?

So I’m turning up the track and diving straight into this!

This tag and the awesome graphics you see are originally created by Ilsa @ Whisper of Ink.

The Rules

  • Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink
  • Tag at least 3 people. 
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
  • Thank whoever tagged you and link to their post.

As one of my more recent reads, The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kaung immediately came to mind because WTF WAS THAT ENDING?! Talk about cruel and heartbreaking and Kuang does that so so incredibly well. 😭

I immediately thought of another recent read for this one. The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston was unexpectedly emotional and heartbreaking but also made me feel happy and warm at the same time. I loved it so much!

I don’t know why I always think about The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid when I listen to this song! It fits the vibe. But I do absolutely think it’s an extremely well-told story!

It absolutely pains me to choose this book for my favourite song on this album πŸ˜‚

This honour goes to The Perfect Date by Evelyn Lozada. This was… Painfully bad. So incredibly painfully bad. 😭 I strongly regret putting myself through reading this and here’s a snippet from my review:

This went from zero to cringefest so fast that it left me feeling whiplash wondering how the hell everything spiralled downhill so quickly.

I’m a pretty emotional reader and it doesn’t take that much to make me cry so there’s no shortage of books to fill this prompt. That said, I think one of the ugliest cries I’ve cried was when reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I was a total emotional wreck, lol. πŸ˜‚

One of the times I can strongly recall feeling the “omg this book was written for me” moment was when I picked up Memories by Lang Leav. It’s a book of poetry/prose that touched on so many thoughts and emotions that felt as if they were plucked straight out of my brain! It made me feel so seen.

Whenever I see the cover of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros I’m immediately thrown back in time to when I first read it in Year 5 or 6. It makes me so nostalgic!

It’s not just the cover for With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo that reminds me of summer (it’s gotta be the fruits, right?) but the overall vibe of this story. It’s so heartwarming and brilliant and fun and bright! Total summer vibes. β˜€οΈ

I love a good sad read but the one that comes to mind is Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley. There’s so much grief, sadness and loneliness in these pages and it’s an incredibly touching and emotional story!

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara gave me the biggest book hangover I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t pick up a book for roughly 3 months after reading it? It was intense. Even though I loved this book, I can’t say I’d recommend it because it was so traumatic. 😭 Definitely a book that content/trigger warnings were made for.

A book that will forever have my heart and is one of my all-time favourite reads is Persuasion by Jane Austen. The fact that it did and just spoke so much to me when I read it at the time definitely plays a big part in why I love it so much. It just meant so much to me. πŸ’œ

Omg, there are so many! How do I choose?! I think a female main character I really loved is Lara from The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen. So badass. So amazing! I also cannot recommend this enough, especially for romantasy lovers, lol.

I’m taking this pretty literally and saying Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall. I think this might be one of the only times you’ll see a spooky ghosty horror book on my blog but I read this and although it terrified me to no end, I actually really enjoyed it!

This is another more recent read of mine but Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake by Mazey Eddings filled me with a whole lot of yearning. In fact, it turned me into this meme below because FEELINGS!!! 😭 LIZZIE. RAKE. LIZZIE + RAKE!!!

Okay, I’m cheating a little bit with this one but I can’t pick one so I’m going to pick a whole family: The Kaul family of the No Peak Clan from The Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee. I can’t choose one of them either because ALL OF THEM HAVE MY HEART. 10/10 would die for them.

This was one of my most anticipated YA contemporary romances this year and I was so sure I would love it. Sadly, Fake Dates and Mooncakes by Sher Lee did not work for me!

I’m tagging…

I’m actually not going to tag anyone because I can only think of two people who might wanna do this tag and I have a feeling they’ve already done it? So… this goes to anyone. ✨YOU!✨

And that’s it for the Folklore book tag! I loved listening to the songs while finding books to fill the prompts. Do you love this album too? What’re your favourite songs from it?

10 thoughts on “the folklore book tag

  1. Some great picks, and I agree with how they fit the category. The Dead Romantics was definitely one that left me super happy, and The Nightingale — I get emotional just thinking about it. My voice cracks when I try to explain someone too. Words in Deep Blue is a favorite for so many reasons. I sure wish Cath Crowley had more stories for us. I DNFed The Perfect Date.

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  2. I love that you did this tag! Perfect timing too with all the new Taylor Swift album hype haha. Seeing Dead Romantics on here makes me happy. I’m really hoping to read it over the next couple of months!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A couple of our buddy reads! Oh my gosh- yes to all the Kaul family. I need HBO to stop making the same crap over and over and make this into a series. It could be so fantastic to see on tv! Anyways, what a fun tag. I know you love TS! πŸ™‚


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