Monthly Wrap Up: July 2022

As I knew it would, July passed by in a blink! The two biggest and most exciting things that happened were reuniting with a bestie after 13 years apart and getting my first bookish tattoo. Ngl, I’m still extremely obsessed with my tattoo and I can’t stop looking at it because I love it so much! Other than that, the weeks have passed by in a blur or going to work, trying to go to the gym as often as possible and being as productive as we can.

I read the same number of books in July as I did in June: 14 books. It’s been a change getting used to not reading as much or as quickly as I did before when I literally had nothing else to distract me but I know it’s a good balance and I’m still reading decently. It has been a struggle to focus though and I find that it’s harder for a book to keep my attention these days which is a bummer.

In terms of ratings, this month had the highest average with only two reads rated below 4-stars! I still only had one 5-star and two 4.5-star reads though. My favourite read of the month was the audiobook for Seatmate by Cara Bastone (surprisingly because I don’t listen to them often). I loved it so much thoughβ€”the production and performances were absolutely fantastic but the banter and chemistry were also top-notch! I couldn’t recommend it more. πŸ’œ

**BOOK COVERS are linked to Goodreads. The TITLE TEXT is linked to my review if available!**

Panda rating: 5 pandas

5 pandas

Panda rating: 4.5 pandas

4.5 pandas

(ARC) Blood and Moonlight

Panda rating: 4 pandas

4 pandas

(ARC) The Darkening
(ARC) It’s All In How You Fall
(ARC) Violet Made of Thorns

Panda rating: 3.5 pandas

3.5 pandas

(ARC) Nura and the Immortal Palace

It was a slow month for blog hopping for me and I’m sure I missed so many amazing posts as a result… But here are the few I managed to read and really enjoyed:

That’s a wrap for July, friends! What was your favourite read this month? I hope you were able to find a bit of joy in July despite the heat wave hitting many of you. Hopefully, the heat will make its way out for cooler days soon! I hope August will be a great month for everyone. Happy reading, friends! πŸ’œ

40 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: July 2022

  1. That tattoo is absolutely gorgeous! On a slightly unrelated note: it’s incredible that you’ve managed to read 14 books this month! The furthest I ever remember getting to was 8, maybe ten.
    And I’m so glad that you enjoyed that post. It seriously made my day!

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    • Thanks, Aster Marie! I’m so in love with it and I’m so glad that this was my first bookish one 😍 I’m pretty happy that I’ve managed to read 14 books what with everything happening this month. 8 books is awesome too πŸ˜ƒ I hope you have an amazing August!

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    • Hehe, thanks Jordyn! Me too 😍 Haha, yeah, since I’ve come to India things have been pretty hectic? August is my last full month here and it’s gonna be busy but I’m also excited we’re going to Goa (the beach) for a week! I hope you have an amazing month in August, too πŸ’œ

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    • I’m definitely pleased with having read 14 books since its been a pretty active/busy month! I really loved Seatmate and I hope that you’re able to give it a listen at some point πŸ’œ Have an amazing August, Sam!

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  2. I love your tattoo sooooo much!!! ❀ I am glad you got to see your bestie and have such a fun time with both of them! I think 14 book is really good and you didn't have a rating lower than 3.5!! That's amazing. I can't believe I forgot to ask but did you design your tattoo?? I hope you have an amazing August, Dini! ❀

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    • Ngl, Leslie, I’m kinda impressed and hella surprised that I don’t have a rating lower than 3.5 this month πŸ˜‚ Maybe I was just easier to please? Haha, whatever it was I want more of it please! I’ve read so few 5 stars this year and it makes me kinda sad… AND no, I didn’t design a totally original one. It’s inspired by a design I found online and I changed the books! I hope you have an amazing August too, friend πŸ’œ

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      • Actually, I didn’t either! What the heck.. when I was making my instagram post today I was shocked I didn’t have any below 3.5. GO, US?? We could be easier to please or we are just being super selective?? Although, most of mine are ARCs so that’s kinda crazy!! Anyways, I hope August will be just as awesome for us. Ohhh, that’s cool! I have been perusing on pinterest for a teeny small tattoo. I don’t have any!

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        • Haha, actually did I comment that on your July wrap-up? I feel like I did but I noticed it when I was reading your post yesterday and I was like HEY! Go July! πŸ˜‚ Maybe it was just a good reading month for us? I hope it continues though and that August (and honestly, the rest of the year) will be grand! And YES! TATTOO! 😍 If you wanna show me what you found and discuss tatts, let me know!

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          • Oh my gosh! It would be amazing if the rest of the year we didn’t have a read lower than 3.5 stars. BUTTTT all good things must come to an end. My current read is definitely a 3. ugh! Okay, I totally forgot to send you a picture!! I will do that now before I forget, haha! ❀


  3. I adore your tattoo, it looks so good! I’ve seen Seatmate pop up in Audible and I’ve been tempted to try it for a while so I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. Hope you’ll have an amazing August!

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    • Thanks, Lindsey! I’m so happy with it. Seatmate was so great and I can’t wait to try more of the Audible Originals for this author. I’ve heard the others are awesome as well and I hope you enjoy Seatmate if you give it a try! πŸ˜‰ I hope you have an amazing August, too! πŸ’œ


  4. It sounds like July was a great month, both reading and otherwise. I am also behind with blog hopping and trying to catch up, but will probably just try to visit August posts at this point.


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