#WWWWednesday: 04 May 2022

Hello, hello and welcome back to another episode of WWW Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words, which means I’ll be answering these questions:

  1. What did you read last?
  2. What are you currently reading?
  3. What will you read next?

Since last week I’ve managed to finish six books. It was a bit of a mixed reading week with mostly “okay” reads and a few that I really enjoyed!

Gallant by V.E. Schwab ★★★★☆
I buddy read this with Leslie and sadly, she didn’t enjoy it like I did but I totally get why! This was very slow-paced but I connected with Olivia and was invested in what happens to her cousin and those living in Gallant. It’s beautifully written, haunting and bittersweet. Check out my review!

The Empress of Salt and Fortune (The Singing Hills Cycle #1) by Nghi Vo ★★★★½
I get the hype! Nghi Vo’s writing was captivating. It’s lyrical, poetic, full of vivid imagery and flowed effortlessly off the page to hold me in rapture. This story was deceptively easy to read but is full of deeper meaning just below the surface. For how short this is, Vo still paints a stunning landscape of deadly politics and clashing cultures but also magic, fortune tellers, and mythology.

The Tea Master and the Detective (Universe of Xuya) by Aliette de Bodard ★★★½
I’ve been wanting to read a book by de Bodard for a while now and though I enjoyed this Sherlock Holmes inspired mystery set in a futuristic Southeast Asian inspired world, I felt that maybe this book was a bit too smart for me? I liked it but didn’t always fully get it.

(ARC) Impossible (The Phoenix Club #6) by Darcy Burke ★★★☆☆
Another fun book in Burke’s Phoenix Club series. I liked Ada and Max and thought they were good together but I also wanted just a bit more development from both as they had quite a few issues to work through. Review up tomorrow (5 May)!

Malice (Malice Duology #1) by Heather Walter ★★★☆☆
I buddy read this with Leslie and unpopular opinion time, we struggled to get through it. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it and it was all just a bit “meh”. I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it more cos I was so ready to love it!

Reason to Believe (Legacy #1) by Rebecca Yarros ★★★★☆
This was my first book by Yarros and I really liked it. This forbidden (BFF’s little sister) romance had several tropes I enjoy such as a fake dating/marriage of convenience and forced proximity plus, it had deliciously angsty yearning and delightfully swoony moments. Knox and Harper were a really great couple!

26%: I’m finally picking Fake It Till You Bake It back up again. It’s been a while since I last read it so I might go back a chapter or two to refresh my memory but I’m hoping that the pace picks up!

I’ll be starting a buddy read of A Paslm for the Wild Built tomorrow and it’ll be my first Becky Chambers so I’m excited for that! Of course, I’ll keep working through these ARCs too!

What’re you currently reading? Have you read any of these books or are they also on your TBR? Happy reading, friends! 😍

24 thoughts on “#WWWWednesday: 04 May 2022

  1. Reason to Believe sounds truly fantastic! I’m excited that there’s yearning and some angst, woo!
    I’m also planning on picking up the Chloe Liese this week. I love that series so much!

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  2. A Psalm for the Wild-Built is so good! I adore Dex and Mosscap ❤️ I hope you enjoy it 😊 Also, totally agree with your thoughts on The Empress of Salt and Fortune. I really need to continue that series. Hope you have a great reading week!

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    • It’s SO good! I love Dex and Mosscap and I want more of this awesome wholesome heartwarming friendship, please! 😍 I have to continue the Singing Hills Cycle too. I’ve got the second book on my Kindle and I hope it’ll be just as great as the first! Hope you had a great reading week too, Kerri!

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  3. I’m so sorry you didn’t like Malice! I loved the first book, but was a little disappointed by Misrule. I hope you find a five star in your current or next reads!

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    • I’m sad that I didn’t end up liking Malice either cos I had such high hopes and I was so ready to love it! I’ve heard Misrule was a little tough and I know someone who even DNF’d the ARC cos she was just not getting into it. Ah well, at least I gave this book a try! Lol

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  4. So if you liked Reason to Believe, I would recommend her Flight & Glory series. It is one that is good and got better with each book. I’m so happy you gave her a try. And you will love Liese’s book.

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    • Ooh, is it on KU?! That’s awesome! I would definitely recommend checking it out. It was so not what I was expecting (in the best way) and I loved it and hope you enjoy it if you do check it out! 😃

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    • I was worried about the hype around Malice too and sadly, it just didn’t work for me. I know so many people loved it so that was a bit of a bummer but I guess we can’t like everything we read, right? I hope you enjoy it if you do pick it up though! 😃


    • Buddy reads have been giving me all the motivation I need during those slumpy periods. I really enjoyed this Yarros book so I’m definitely keen to read more by her. I’ve heard her name around a fair bit so I’m glad that I liked her book 😅 Hope you do too if you give her books a try!

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  5. Yay, for finally reading Becky Chambers! It’s going to force me to do it soon since I don’t want to be like the last person on earth. HAHA! I know, sooo bummed about Misrule. I almost want to drop it to a 2.5 after thinking about all the plot holes. I’m struggling with Misrule at 10% so thanks for telling me to read something else! I’m loving my other read. 🙂

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    • Haha, I totally get you. If you wanna check out the first book in her Wayfarers series together I’d be totes down for that. Just LMK! 😉 Yeah, y’know, Malice just… Wasn’t it and I’m proud of you for getting through as much as you could of Misrule cos it sounded rough as heck! 😂 Welp. Such a sad wompwomp moment…

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    • Ooh, I didn’t realise Taproot was an old GN! That’s cool. I haven’t got around to picking it up just yet but I think I might this week as a bit of a palate cleanser, lol. It looks super sweet though!

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