Romance Mini-Reviews: Talia Hibbert Edition

I’m back with more mini(-ish) reviews and today it’s for two Talia Hibbert books that I’ve read in 2022 but still haven’t reviewed. Talia Hibbert is one of my auto-buy romance authors—she brings the swoon and the steam and while I’ve read one or two of her books that didn’t entirely sweep me away, for the most part, her romances have been winners! Without further ado, let’s get to it.


Goodreads: Work for It (Just For Him #4)
Publisher: Nixon House
Publication Date: 03 September 2019
Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance

Panda Rating:

(4 pandas)

For men like us, trust doesn’t come easy.

In this village, I’m an outcast: Griffin Everett, the scowling giant who prefers plants to people. Then I meet Keynes, a stranger from the city who’s everything I’m not: sharp-tongued, sophisticated, beautiful. Free. For a few precious moments in a dark alleyway, he’s also mine, hot and sweet under the stars… until he crushes me like dirt beneath his designer boot.

When the prettiest man I’ve ever hated shows up at my job the next day, I’m not sure if I want to strangle him or drag him into bed. Actually—I think I want both. But Keynes isn’t here for the likes of me: he makes that painfully clear. With everyone else at work, he’s all gorgeous, glittering charm—but when I get too close, he turns vicious.

And yet, I can’t stay away. Because there’s something about this ice king that sets me on fire, a secret vulnerability that makes my chest ache. I’ll do whatever it takes to sneak past his walls and see the real man again.

The last thing I expect is for that man to ruin me. 

Talia Hibbert is a master at creating beautiful and vulnerable characters who will tug on your emotions and end up being so easy to love, and this was no exception! While Griff stole my heart right from the start, Olu had to work a bit harder for it (heh) though I ended up really loving him too. This does tackle some heavier topics so I would check the content/trigger warnings which you can find below.

This M/M frenemies-to-lovers romance was a delightful slow-burn that gave these characters room to learn and grow. Griff is a rough-around-the-edges bear of a man who stole my heart completely. He’s passionate about farming and flowers and radiates warmth. There’s big ‘must-protect-at-all-costs’ energy with this one! 🥺 In contrast, Olu is a cynical man from the big city who has a tendency to be cold and bitterly sarcastic because he doesn’t “do feelings” after a traumatic incident left him deep in the pits of his anxiety and depression. There’s a bit of a manic aura about him as he tried so hard to find a way to feel comfortable in his skin again and my heart hurt for him!

This had such a soft and sweet romance with simmering sexual tension that built up so beautifully! I loved how their friendship developed and how they learned to build trust and be vulnerable with each other before it slowly grew into something more profound. There’s a lot of past hurt and insecurity they had to work through, including dealing with depression and anxiety, but Hibbert very sensitively handled the discussion. I’m also a big fan of the way Hibbert writes steamy scenes and this was no exception—with the charged chemistry that builds up from the beginning, it’s no surprise that when Olu and Griff finally get together it’s incredibly explosive and so. freaking. hot! 🥵

Content/Trigger Warnings: depression, anxiety, references to past sexual trauma and forced outing, references to a parent who died by suicide


Goodreads: Mating the Huntress (Monsters & Mates #1)
Publisher: Nixon House
Publication Date: 01 October 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Panda Rating:

(3.5 pandas)

This Halloween, love bites back… hard.

Chastity Adofo knows a monster when she sees one. As soon as Luke Anthony wanders into her family’s coffee shop, she recognises the evil lurking beneath his charming smile and fantastic arse. The handsome werewolf is determined to have her—but she’s determined to cut out his heart.

Little does she know, Luke’s plans for her are far more pleasurable than murder. And when the full moon rises, all bets are off…

Warning: Mating the Huntress is 30,000+ words of red-hot, Halloween-themed romance. This novella contains one flirtatious, cursed creature of the night, one badass, knife-happy heroine, and forbidden lust at first sight. Please read responsibly!

Talia Hibbert saved me from sinking into a weird slumpy mood with this fun paranormal romance.

Chastity comes from a family of monster hunters so it’s a little bit of a problem when she meets Luke Anthony, a Were who has not only taken an interest in her but is convinced she’s his fated mate. I absolutely loved Chastity and Luke together because their dynamic was just too good! If you love gruff heroes who are total simps for their heroines, then you’ll 100% Luke Anthony! Despite the fact that she only has murderous intentions towards him, it only causes Luke to fall even harder for him. I probably found this dynamic as adorable as Luke found Chastity with every stabby and angry movement she made! 😂 Yes, Luke may turn into a terrifying and murderous creature every full moon but the way he dotes and loves on Chastity turned him into an absolute cinnamon roll in my eyes!

Also, fear not those who are wary of the ‘fated mate’ trope because Hibbert handles this beautifully! In many of the PNR that I’ve read (which isn’t really that many), the alpha male is usually unable to control his hormones and mating urges, which leads to some weird dubcon situations between our H/h. Luke had no such problems. With each move that brings them closer together and with any advance that he tries to make, it’s ultimately Chastity’s choice to be with him and he never fails to check in with her and see where her head is at. There was even a moment when they’re all caught up in super-steamy sexy times when she changes her mind and he immediately backs off, raging horny Werewolf hormones be damned!

Overall, this was a super fun, fast and steamy paranormal romance with great characters and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for an easy read or a diverse novella.

Have you read either Work for It or Mating the Huntress (or even both)? Are you a fan of Talia Hibbert too? If you are what are your favourite books by her?

12 thoughts on “Romance Mini-Reviews: Talia Hibbert Edition

  1. I AM NOW INTERESTED IN BOTH OF THESE BOOKS!!! esp the werewolf one bc i’m an extreme sucker for werewolf romances. I’ve yet to read a Hibbert but I have a few of hers on the ol’ TBR. Might have to get to them sooner rather than later!! Great reviews, Dini!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY! I’m a big Talia Hibbert fan—she’s one of my favourite romance authors and an auto-buy author as well. The werewolf one was super fun and a very fast read and very different to the usual “fated mates” romances that I’ve read. I hope you enjoy both books if you give them a try 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t read Hibbert before. I’ve seen her books around, though. I might have to give that first one a try. I’m curious about it after your review.
    P.S. I love that you reviewed two different types of books by her here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh! Wait, really!? I didn’t know that! I love her romances and her characters. They’re just so realistically flawed and their stories always so emotional. If you ever give her a try, I hope you enjoy whichever book you pick up!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes for mini reviews!! Hahaha! So, I’ve never read her but I’ve seen her around a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed these and you were saved from a slumpy feeling!! 🙌🏻😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, I hope you enjoy it whenever you pick it up, Andie! It’s such a fast read. I don’t read a lot of PNR/shifter/fated-mate romances but I enjoyed this one. Happy reading 😃


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