October 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

Wow, why does it feel like I just wrote my September wrap up… Yesterday? Anyone else or is it just me? 😂

This month has passed by so quickly that I’m not even sure what happened this month! Here are some highlights (hopefully I’m not thinking of a different month though lol):

  • I’ve been playing some great games on Switch and PS4: Unravel 2, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Detroit.
  • I got exciting book mail: Leslie’s bday books from May (lol) finally delivered, the final two books of the ADSOM Illumicrate SE!
  • I got a lovely new bed that feels like I’m sinking into a cloud whenever I lie down!
  • I reorganised my bookshelf and it looks *SPECTACULAR!* I even managed to unhaul some books that I no longer want to read or no longer want to keep, and have made space for more books (duh)!
  • I decided to make the move to a Digital Passion Planner and I’m obsessed. I still enjoy writing things down physically but it’s so convenient

Achievement Unlocked: Goodreads Reading Challenge! 🔓

Screenshot of Goodreads Reading Challenge: You have read 150 of 150 books.

Pretty chuffed about completing the challenge considering I was pretty behind not two months ago! 🙈 I’ve been reading my share of novellas and plenty of romances though and I always have fun bingeing those quickly. I actually had no idea how many books I’d read in October until I counted just now and I surprised myself by reading 21 books! I guess October didn’t start out too badly but then I really slowed down in the latter half of the month because I was feeling a bit slump-ish. Hopefully, it’s an October thing and I’ll get back to reading regularly in November.

The majority of my reads (as you’ll see below) were around the 3½ to 4-star range. I’ve enjoyed most of them but I thought only a few were memorable or stood out to me in any way. My favourite book was The Goddess of Nothing at All by Cat Rector. It’s also one of my favourite 2021 reads and I can’t recommend it enough if you love: Norse mythology told from a new perspective and unapologetically queer characters that will have you wailing in your emotions because this story will pummel them hard—y’know, only the good stuff! 😅

Perhaps you know the myths.
Furious, benevolent Gods.
A tree that binds nine realms.
A hammer stronger than any weapon.
And someday, the end of everything.
But few have heard of me.

Looking back, it’s easy to know what choices I might have made differently. At least it feels that way. I might have given up on my title. Told my father he was useless, king of Gods or no, and left Asgard. Made a life somewhere else.

Maybe I would never have let Loki cross my path. Never have fallen in love. But there’s no going back. We were happy once.
And the price for that happiness was the end of everything.


Book covers are linked to Goodreads and the title text is linked to my reviews, if available!

Panda rating: 5 pandas

5 pandas

(ARC) The Goddess of Nothing at All

Panda rating: 4.5 pandas

4.5 pandas

The Maddest Obsession (Made #2)

Panda rating: 4 pandas

4 pandas

The Darkest Temptation (Made #3)
Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous
(ARC) Dim Stars
(ARC) Given to Darkness (Ikiri #2)
(ARC) Once More Upon a Time
The Secret Garden on 81st Street: A Modern Retelling

Panda rating: 3.5 pandas

3.5 pandas

Seducing the Sorcerer
(ARC) Keeper of Night (The Keeper of Night #1)
To Hate Adam Connor (Love & Hate #2)
Puck Shy (Carolina Comets #1)
(ARC) Intolerable (The Phoenix Club #3)

Panda rating: 3 pandas

3 pandas

Man in Charge
Forever Mine: Hayden & Savannah (Roommate Duet #0.5)
Once Upon A Dream

Panda rating: actual 2.75 pandas

2.5 pandas

To Love Jason Thorn (Love & Hate #1)
Strum Your Heart Out (Sinful Serenade #2)

Panda Rating: 2 pandas

2 pandas

Tempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers #1)
Man in Love (Man in Charge Duet #2)

Ach, I kinda dropped the ball a little bit with blog hopping so I’ve just got a small list of community posts to share this month. I’d love to see some of your favourite posts from October though!

And that’s a wrap on October! I can’t believe we’re so close to another new year?! What was your favourite October read? Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe & healthy, friends. Have a great month ahead! ❤️

14 thoughts on “October 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

  1. “Here are some highlights (hopefully I’m not thinking of a different month though lol)”… this is so me. I’m always thinking that different events/moments happened in the wrong month 🤣🤣 I absolutely love your new bookshelves– they look amazing and I love how you have set them up !!! Also, yayyyy on your new bed !! I really do love beds in general, they are legit perfection !!
    I will have to immediately add The Goddess of Nothing At All to my TBR, because if possible I have fallen in love with it by just the mention of it, so thank you for that !!! 🤣
    Thank you soooo much for sharing my post, I’m glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your support!! 💕 I hope you’re having a great November so far !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like you had a great October. Yay for some new furniture. I’ve been trying to find some new things I like, but it’s tough to know which to pick. Hope your November is going well!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your bookshelves look amazing, Dini! 😍
    Zelda’s graphics are stunning… I’m so tempted to get it. But with college and a full-time job, I’m kind of scared that I wouldn’t handle it well time-wise. But I’m sooooo tempted. You had a great reading month! Congrats on completing your GR challenge and there’s still two more months to go! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well… As much as I encourage everyone to pick up Zelda, I’ve also just experienced how much of an obsession it can become these past few weeks and *cough* well, I think it’s best to save it for a time when you don’t have much on your plate because you WILL want to play it. Constantly. Until you finish (and even after that)! Haha. I finally finished the main storyline yesterday and so I don’t feel that desperate to pick it up again right now but it’s on my mind. And I don’t know what to do with myself now I’m done 😂 BUT when you do have time… Definitely pick it up? 😂


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