#TopTenTuesday: Signs You’re A Book Lover

We’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: signs you’re a book lover (basically, people know you’re a book lover because… i.e., you’re always carrying a book or two, your library card broke from overuse, etc.)

Friends, these last two weeks have been a time and my weary mind is finding it so hard to focus on anything (as I’m sure almost all of you can relate to). It’s insane! I think the only thing I’ve been able to focus on lately is gaming–not even reading and that’s the craziest part, right?! Maybe this week’s list will remind me why I can still call myself a book lover? 🤣 My brain is seemingly determined to forget what books are since I got my Switch Lite last week… I’m really hoping that something is going to suck me back into reading though, because right now I’m struggling to put down these games. But before I digress even further… here’s a list of 10 signs that I’m a book lover! 📖

1. I always have one physical book and my Kindle in my bag. I’ve been known to forget either/both once every other blue moon but otherwise it’s a guarantee they’ll be there!

2. I spend the majority of my “fun money” on books. Okay, who am I kidding. The majority of all my money always goes to books and this is why I’m a terrible adult and my savings hate me 😂 The amount of money I spend on book boxes and special editions, considering shipping is almost the same price as the book/box itself, would make non-book-lovers weep!

3. My idea of getting out of the house for fun will always involve going to the bookstore. Sometimes it only involves going to the bookstore before going back home with a new load of books to add to my shelves 😂

4. I am constantly talking about books. What I’m reading, what I’ve read, what books I want to buy… I’m always telling everyone about it and I don’t care if they care lol

5. I have added cities/countries to my “bucket list” based on bookstores I’d like to visit in those places. But I also always look up what bookstores exist in the cities/countries where I’m going, whether I’ve gone to a specific place for a bookstore or not. One of the first stores I check out in a new place is always a bookstore!

6. I am very easily bribed by/with books. My family and friends do this semi-regularly and honestly, I’m not too mad about it? Lol I get books!

7. When I ask for a favour from my parents or siblings, 90% of the time it’s a book related ask. For example, I’ll ask them to visit a bookstore for me to pick up books that I’ve reserved under their name 😂 It’s mostly because one of my favourite bookstores is in Jakarta and not in Bali…

8. I randomly spout really random things that I’ve learned from books (even fiction!) in my conversations. My friends are always baffled by all these random things that I know. Or “know”!

9. I’m building my future house around the space that will house my dream library. It’s all happening in my head right now, but I will make it a reality! I actually went house hunting towards the end of last year and my requirements were: 1) large space for bookshelves/books and 2) lots of natural sunlight for bookstagram photos 😂

10. And speaking of photos… I always bring at least one bag of books with me in my car whenever I plan for a day out of the house so that I will have books to take photos for the gram. I even bring bags of books regularly to the office!

Do you exhibit these signs too? How can people tell you’re a book lover?

38 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Signs You’re A Book Lover

  1. These are so great!! I can definitely relate to the last one–I ALWAYS bring a book with me whenever I leave the house, even though I know I probably won’t have any time to read it.

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  2. All of you are making me want to get a switch!!! I want to join the fun of animal crossing… but I can already see how much my blog and TBR will suffer from that decision 😀

    I can relate to all of these! Ahaha, especially the part of building a house around my dream library. I already told my bf that we are only buying an apartment that has a spare room to turn into a library and has big wide windows for my window seat ❤ 😀

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    • GET A SWITCH! Hahaha (*whispers*: I’m just kidding, don’t do it. You WILL abandon all your books and be eaten up with guilt!) 😅 But if you do get a Switch and get AC let me know so we can be island friends too 😍 Haha omg having a house with a spare library room with big windows to let in all that light IS PERFECTION! Apparently this might be every book lover’s dream 😂

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  3. Totally with you on #1. I never, ever leave the house without a book, whether it’s a physical book or my Kindle. Never without one. And #6 made me laugh because I am the same way. My husband talks me into going places with him (like car shows – yawn!) by bribing me with new books. LOL

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    • It actually feels really weird leaving the house without a book. It always makes me so upset if I realise I’ve forgotten to pack what I wanted 😂 Thankfully I have Kindle on my phone so there’s that at least! And lol book bribery for the win! 🤣


  4. Yes to all of these! I spend way too much time planning what books I will take with me on vacation and outings–specifically which ones will be the best choices for my Bookstagram pics. 😉 Great list!

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  5. “Going Out” usually means me going to the bookstore as well, or the library. I’m looking forward to when we’ll be able to do this again in my home state.

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    • Haha I lack a spouse and my siblings are far away and only one really gets me but both don’t hesitate to bribe me with books when they need something from me 😂 And honestly, the book community is so much better coz you all get me! Haha FEELS ❤

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    • Hahaha I think that’s how everyone will know books are a big deal in your life 😂 My colleagues watched me like an animal in a zoo when I was preparing my pics haha they were like woow, so this is what goes on behind the scenes!!! Haha talk about awkward 🙈

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  6. Ooh! The bucket list one is good. I definitely have a list of places I want to visit because they’re from books or inspired books! I also spend my “fun” money on books… xD

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