Let’s Talk Bookish: 2023 Reading & Blogging Goals

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created by Rukky @Eternity Books and hosted by Aria @Book Nook Bits, and it’s where we get to discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts! If you want to join in the bookish discussion fun, check out the January 2023 prompts!

Now without further ado… The topic asks us about:

2023 Reading & Blogging Goals

Prompts: What are your reading goals for 2023? Do you have a specific number of books, or particular genres you want to read? What are your blogging goals for 2023? What do you want to do differently with blogging than you did last year?

Well, it might be a brand new year but it’s not necessarily going to be a brand new me. Nevertheless, it’s that time when I set those intentions for my reading and blogging in 2023. I’m not hugely into resolutions and I’m also not entirely great at achieving goals but I do always have fun setting them, lol. 😂 So let’s just dive straight into what I’m hoping to achieve this year.

2023 Reading Goals – Numbers, Genres, etc.

I do have a few goals that I’d like to achieve this reading year and the Goodreads Challenge is probably the one that I most easily achieve every year. I’ll also be participating in two challenges but they’ll be low-key and not the POPSUGAR Challenge because I think I’m going to give myself a break this year. 😂 There will probably be other challenges I add later on in the year but these two are year-long reads for me.

  • Read 150 books – Goodreads/Storygraph Reading Challenge
  • Project Backlist Reading Challenge – I’m joining Kal’s challenge to read more of my backlist this year and this applies to overdue ARCs and my owned books. I’ve signed up for the “Committed Reader” and ARCrastinator badges!
    • Committed Reader: Read an owned book a week (or a month)
    • ARCrastinator: Clear overdue ARC list

[Art by Kal @Reader Voracious]

  • 12 Book Challenge – I’m excited to dive into this one. I’ll be flexible but I’m going to try for one recommended book each month but I don’t know which one I’ll start with first!
  • Read more non-fiction than I did last year – Technically, that makes it one NF title because I didn’t read any last year! 👀
  • Read more BIPOC authors – I know “more” is vague but I hope that about 50% of my reads each month will be books by BIPOC authors.
  • Re-read (at least) five books – I want to kick-start my ‘dinipandare-reads project’ and I’ll start with The Poppy War and then I think I’ll move onto the Mistborn or Caraval series!

2023 Blogging Goals – What’s going to be different this year?

As for blogging, I’m going to keep it fairly simple and low-key this year.

  • Post every day – I’ve been doing it since I started blogging and I think I can keep doing it still!
  • Schedule posts ahead of time more often – aka get my sh!t together… 😂 I got a little better at scheduling posts in advance last year, especially towards the end, but I definitely still need to work on this!
  • Engage more in the blogosphere! – This is something I didn’t do as frequently or as well towards the end of the year but it’s one of my favourite parts about being part of this community. Things just got overwhelming in 2022 with all the life changes but I’m hoping to get back to this more this year.

Other bookish goals, you say?

Yep, other bookish goals but just three!

  • Catalogue my owned-books library – The physical books shouldn’t take too long but the digital ones? *gulp—it makes me nervous to think about it for too long, lol!*
  • Consistently use Storygraph – I started using Storygraph last year for buddy reads but I failed to really keep up with updating it because I’m so used to Goodreads. I love the SG charts though, so I’m hoping to be more consistent with it this year!
  • Get back on bookstagram? – This is the goal I’m most hesitant and unsure about because I really burned out after being super active on it back when I first joined the book community. BUT I made a really cute post the other day for a recent blog tour and I thought why not try again? Let’s see, no pressure though!

That’s it for my reading, blogging, and other bookish goals in 2023! Do you have any reading and/or blogging goals this year? What do you hope to do differently compared to last year?

31 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: 2023 Reading & Blogging Goals

  1. Nice goals Dini! I like that Backlist Reading Challenge, I may have to do that one. I’m the same with my insta – I don’t think about it anymore so I post once a month at most lol – when I remember I have that account. 😅 I hope you reach all your goals this year!

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    • Thanks, Yolanda! I think it’s definitely time to more seriously tackle the backlist, especially when it comes to ARCs… I’m kween of ARCrastination and it’s truly a terrible thing, lol. 🫣 I really want to get back to insta but I’m also really lazy? Haha let’s see how long I can keep up posting!

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      • Well I’ve already blown my official wordpress streak because I wasn’t paying attention and posted it a few minutes too late… but hey! Just means I’ve got to build it back up.

        And if you’re doing a post a day, I’ll always have something to read. Because you know, 150 books ain’t enough.


  2. I love your goals, Dini!! And, of course, absolutely rooting for you in all of them (though, I feel you when you were like, “I like to set goals even if I don’t actually keep them,” and ooh boy, that’s me 😂). Excited to be doing the Kal’s own books challenge with you!!

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    • Thanks, Deanna! Sometimes I am surprised that I still manage to blog every day without preparing more posts in advance but I think I do like the routine that I’ve developed over the years. It makes my day feel complete even though I spend more hours looking at screens than I probably should! 😂 But I try not to be too hard on myself for not blogging if I get too tired.

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    • To be fair, I’m also wondering why I’m making it more difficult for myself by keeping things up in both places… Let’s see how long I manage to sustain both but GR is definitely here to stay for me, I think. It’s just so much more convenient and more user friendly, IMHO. I need to latch on to your planning skills cos I have plans to plan that never come to fruition—welp! 😂

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  3. You’ve got some good goals here Dini. I am going to try and read more for enjoyment this year and cut back on challenges, as least that is what I am thinking right now, but I shall see if I change my mind.

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    • Thanks! And I totally agree about Goodreads being easier. I feel like the interface is just a lot easier to navigate but it could also be about getting used to it? Either way, I’m gonna try to use SG more but I do feel like GR is still gonna be my staple 😂 (Why do I make things harder for myself, lol)! Good luck if you do try using it more too!

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  4. The Popsugar prompts are a bit rubbish this year, I’ve just picked the ones I like and if I do the others by accident I’ll count them, but it feels they didn’t put much effort into the list so I won’t put much effort into completing it! Good luck with all your goals!

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    • I’ve heard the prompts are just repeats of previous years cos the person who used to organise the POPSUGAR challenge left or something? At least I don’t feel like I’m really missing out on anything by not joining this year. Maybe giving myself a break from the challenge will help me finish it the next time I try! 😂 Good luck with the challenge–I hope you smash through it!


  5. These are great goals, Dini! We share several. I’m also joining Kal’s challenge. I’m determined to read more backlist and less ARCs. 😃 I’m still doing Popsugar, but I’ll just be doing the basic 50 books. No adding extras this year. Haha! And I’d like to use StoryGraph more, too. I don’t think I can give up Goodreads, but I do like some of the different features on SG. One of my goals last year was to try to spend more time on Bookstagram again since that’s where I started, too, but I didn’t really make it happen. It’s like starting all over! 😅 Good luck with your goals, and happy reading!


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