Let’s Talk Bookish: Personal Reading Tastes

It’s been a hot minute since I did an LTB post because returning to a full-time job consumed all my active brain cells and any that were remaining died a swift death when I got COVID. But I’ve missed doing these posts so I’m going to dive back in with a past topic from the start of November because as much as I think today’s topic is really interesting, this one is just easier on my brain.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created by Rukky @Eternity Books and hosted by Aria @Book Nook Bits, and it’s where we get to discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts! If you want to join in the bookish discussion fun, check out the November 2022 prompts!

Now without further ado… The topic asks us about:

How do you define your personal reading tastes?

Prompts: How would you define your personal reading tastes? What kinds of books do you like to read? How do you pick what books to read next? Do your reading preferences change often?


I think I would define my personal reading tastes as fairly eclectic. I don’t stick to one genre or age group, I love my middle grade as much as my young adult and adult books, and I love to read everything from literary fiction to erotica. My reading preferences have evolved quite a bit over the years though. When I started my bookstagram back in 2018, I was mostly reading literary fiction with a bit of fantasy and the occasional thriller, and I noticed that was further influenced by the bookstagrammers I found myself engaging with most frequently. Once I started blogging and moved away from Instagram, I found myself preferring more romance and fantasy and (again) that’s definitely influenced by the bloggers I engage with most on the blogosphere and Twitter.

Over the years, I’ve also developed a bigger appreciation for strong character development. I’m down with books that have great vibes but I’ll always enjoy stories with strong characters and mediocre plots (that is, if it can’t all be good) versus strong plots and characters that are just mid. It usually doesn’t matter as much anymore if the characters are unlikeable, so long as they are nuanced and have strong arcs, it’s easy for me to enjoy reading about them. However, if I care nothing for the characters and yet the plot and everything else is strong, I find enjoy the book as much—a recent case in point being The Daughter of the Moon Goddess, which I was so disappointed to not enjoy as much as I’d hoped to.


Well, as the header of my blog says I’m living my best bookish life through romance and fantasy. These days, I really find myself gravitating more towards adult romances, although I still enjoy the occasional YA, and I still love my fantasy whether it’s MG, YA or Adult. Some recent favourite reads include The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy, Omega Morales and the Legend of La Lechuza, A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting, The Devil You know, Malice, Belladonna, Everything for You, The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea, As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow, and Good Girl, Bad Blood.


I’m 100% a mood reader and for all the times that I’ve attempted to follow through on set TBRs, it never usually works. That does mean that my reading can be a little chaotic because I don’t have much of a system that guides me for whatever I choose to read next. Most of the time I just browse through my ridiculously large Kindle library and tap on random books that sound good and read a couple of pages until I find something that sticks. Yes, I’m that chaotic friend! 😂 Lately, I’ve found that buddy reads have given my reading some structure and blog tours do too. Of course, there are ARCs, which will forever be the love and bane of my existence because I love love love getting them but I’m not always great at reading them on time!


I don’t think my reading preferences really change often. Again, as a mood reader, this does depend on what kind of mindset I’m in at whatever point in time. Sometimes I’ll step out of my comfort zone, especially if I’m in a weird reading mood or I’m feeling slumpy but I know what I like and I know what works for me so I do tend to stick to those books!

How do you define your reading preferences? Have they changed a lot over the years and do they change often? Do you have a system to choose what to read next or are you on my level of winging it through this book loving life? 😂

11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Personal Reading Tastes

    • Oh, I couldn’t stand Gone Girl. It was just… too much for me but I read it at a time when unlikeable characters made it so difficult for me to get into stories. Maybe I’ll feel differently now (or not) but I’ll leave that book in the past! 😂 I do need to be invested in them to care about what happens to them!

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  1. This is a really interesting topic! I’m a mood and seasonal reader so there are books I’ll reach out at certain time of the year (summer is for romance, fall is for spooky books, end of the year is for fantasy and romance, while the beginning of the year is for long fantasy books) but lately, I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards mystery and thrillers, especially during the pandemic. I also been reading a lot of backlist, summer YA books, the likes of Sarah Dessen- I found them so easy to read and brings so much comfort!

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    • I don’t think I’m a seasonal reader since it’s always just hot and hot here 😂 But I do have moments during the rainy season when I like to curl up with a cosy book and I guess I’m doing the whole “witchy romance season” thing right now (even though it’s a bit late) but I don’t normally do it and I guess when I do, it does depend on my mood! It’s interesting that you went the mystery route during the pandemic cos I think I saw most people pick up more romances during that time, and I think it was different cos they didn’t usually read that genre! I’ve heard good things about Dessen’s books. I don’t read as much YA contemporary anymore but I do plan to check this author out at some point!


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