ARC Review: Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn

Special thanks to Meghan Quinn and her team for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Goodreads: Those Three Little Words (The ancouver Agitators #2)
Publication Date: 05 April 2022
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Panda Rating:

(4.5 pandas)

I knocked up my best friend’s sister.
Figured I would get straight to the point because how it happened is a mere snippet of the story I have to tell. The real meat and potatoes is what happened after.

Let’s start with how she decided to inform me and Pacey the news…together. Imagine that nightmare. I was going into what I thought was a hockey marketing meeting and then BAM! I’m going to be a dad and my best friend/teammate is attempting to imprint my face with his fist.
It wasn’t pretty.

Threats were tossed around, friendships were revoked, and then I was marched up to her apartment, suitcases in hand, and forced to live with her so I could take care of her every need. Given how much I’ve pined for the girl, you would think that wouldn’t be a hardship.

This is my one shot to win my teammate back. Pacey is the only family I’ve got, so hooking up with his sister isn’t a mistake I can make twice…despite the fact that she’s pregnant with my child. But with every mood swing, every pair of pants that doesn’t fit right, and every late night run to find the perfect donut, I’m finding it harder and harder not to fall for my best friend’s little sister.
Especially when she kisses me…

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TL;DR: Meghan Quinn has done it again! The Vancouver Agitators series is fast becoming one of my fave of Quinn’s series—the banter, the chemistry, and the emotion in the stories are so freaking good and Those Three Little Words was no different. The connection between Eli and Penny was explosive and resulted in a very steamy romance but it was well-balanced with more emotionally vulnerable moments from both characters. With lots of endearingly awkward, and sweetly swoony moments, I flew through this book and absolutely can’t wait for the next in the series! 😍

What made me happy:

  • There were so many endearingly awkward and ridiculously funny moments that had me cackling into the wee hours of the morning! Yeah, the awkwardness could’ve been painfully embarrassing but it was just too silly to not find funny. 🤣 The banter in general, as usual, was quality! Quinn really puts the comedy to romcoms but she also balances it so well with more vulnerable and emotional moments.
  • Penny and Eli were great! There’s so much vulnerability to Eli and it made me love him all the more. While he’s notorious for being a player, the reasons why he shuts off connection were just so heartbreaking! That scene when he asks for a hug as a child and gets shamed for showing emotion was so sad and infuriating! 😩 But I loved learning about him and I thought his character growth, as he learns to open up and to acknowledge he’s someone worth loving, was so well done! Penny was absolutely hilarious. She’s feisty, a lottle wild and totally mischievous and I loved their interactions once she pushed past the shyness she felt around Eli.
  • They had incredible chemistry! The forced proximity factor combined with their refusal to admit to there being anything more than friendship between them really amped up the sexual tension so when they finally get together… Woo, talk about explosive because holy wow, these two could barely keep their hands off each other! This was very steamy as Penny was had all the preggo sexual urges but there’s still a good amount of emotional development between them so it didn’t feel stale. Quinn excels at writing absolute soft simp heroes who’ll drop everything and crawl for their heroines outside the bedroom while being a grade-A alpha in the bedroom. So many of the steamy scenes were FIRE! 🥵 
  • The hockey crew. While I’m a little sad that the boys didn’t play as big a role in Eli’s story as they did in Pacey’s, I still loved what we got of them. I love them so much—they’re hilarious, weirdly emotionally open, but also can be dumb AF in the silliest ways. I’m dying to know whose story will be next. I hope it’s Posey or Holmes (pls)! 😂

What I was on the fence about (IF I HAD TO BE PICKY):

  • I wish we could’ve gotten to know Penny a little better. We see her at home a lot with a few moments at work but not actually doing work. For how much her job meant to her and how hard she had to work to get to where she was, it would’ve been awesome to see her in the zone more and it would’ve added more depth to her.
  • There were a few moments towards the end when the pregnancy hormones and emotional angst makes Penny do some pretty outlandishly childish things at home that kind of irritated me the more intense she became cos it went on for (what felt like) a while! 🙈
  • This is very much a personal preference but some moments towards the end were a little too cheesy for me, and I’m also not so great with angst and this got… pretty angsty towards the end too. However, none of these things were dealbreakers for me, obviously!

USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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Have you read Those Three Little Words or is it on your TBR?

15 thoughts on “ARC Review: Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn

  1. Oh no, can’t believe the guys don’t play a big role in this one. I loved them in Pacey’s book, that group chat was EVERYTHING! 😂
    So happy you loved this one too! 😍 Need to read it soon. I’m dying to read Holmes’ book, though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg, YES! They’re definitely a bigger presence in Pacey’s book but it seems like all of them have a lot more going on individually in this book and now I’m wondering if Posey and Holmes’ stories will start around the same time Eli and Penny’s story is going on… I really can’t wait for more though cos I’m absolutely *loving* this series so far! 😍


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