#TopTenTuesday: 10 Favourite Dynamic Friendship Duos!

So, we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt is: DYNAMIC DUOS (Submitted by Elley @ Elley the Book Otter)

With so much focus on romantic couples this month, I wanted to stick to friendship duos for this week’s prompt and I have to admit, I struggled (oh, this weak memory of mine)! 😂 I was tempted to go in the same direction as Leslie this week but although it took me *a while* to do it, I eventually managed to come up with a list of ten of my favourite dynamic friendship duos! Without further ado, let’s get right to it…

*book covers are linked to my review, if available!*


You know I’m not about to come at you with spoilers or anything so… I’m just gonna leave it at this. But if you know then YOU KNOW THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE AND I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! 🥺

OLIVE + lucyto love jason thorn

Olive and Lucy have one of the best ride-or-die friendships and it was their dynamic that made me love this romance! They were so unconditionally supportive of each other and I mean, they were both weird AF together but they got each other’s weirdness, y’know?


The friendship was of the sister-friend variety and I loved their connection! Their friendship was full of love, warmth, respect and understanding and I absolutely loved their banter! Kinda wish Angelica got her own story too!


Deka and Britta start their friendship unconventionally but there’s no doubting the loyalty and respect they have for each other. They were quite literally ride-or-die and their friendship was one of the best things about this fantasy!

mog + hawthorne – Nevermoor

Mog and Hawthorne are two misfits who just clicked from the very beginning. Mog balances out Hawthorne’s chaotic-good energy and I loved how their friendship grows throughout the series!


Nathaniel and Silas have a very unconventional relationship but there’s no denying how much they mean to each other and how protective they are. I loved them 😍


There’s something about MG friendships that are always so heartwarmingly pure and Herbie & Violet’s friendship was no different. They’re both “oddities” in this seaside town and they’re both lonely but now they have each other and I love their complementary dynamic!


So, is it only just me and Amari who want to be friends with a weredragon? Cos Elsie was such a sweetheart! Their friendship was so heartwarming had wholesome and I loved how they became great roomies! ❤️


I adored Yadriel and Maritza’s relationship. They’re cousins and best friends and I loved the way Maritza was so fiercely protective of Yadriel, especially when no one else in their family understood him. Maritza deserves her own story too!


Okay, ngl, just thinking about Katryzna has me absolutely cracking up cos she is WILD! 😂 Tasker is the somewhat calming balanced agent to Katryzna’s slightly unhinged assassin and though they shouldn’t work together they absolutely DO! I love this duo so much!

What books have some of your favourite dynamic duos? Have you met any of these friends or are their books on your TBR?

58 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: 10 Favourite Dynamic Friendship Duos!

  1. NATHANIEL & SILAS *sobs*
    I love this topic because I love bookish friendships so much! I actually have a listicle I’m planning with the best friend groups in romance that I can’t wait to share!

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  2. You have an amazing list, Dini!!! Oh yeah, Deka and Britta! We just read that one not long ago. I have a really bad memory since that didn’t even pop into my head! haha. Evelyn and Harry!! ❤

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  3. You aren’t alone in wanting a friend like Elsie! She is the best best friend anyone could ask for!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

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  4. Agree with Evelyn Hugo! And Olive and Lucy are just too chaotic and funny together, I remember laughing so many times when I read To Love Jason Thorn. Ooooh, Malamander looks good, I should add that to my TBR. 🙂

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    • Haha Olive and Lucy are like chaotic good personified—I adore their relationship and also cracked up so much whenever they were together! 😂 Malamander is a great MG (and one I think is so underrated)! Would definitely recommend if you like sea-side settings, gripping mystery and great characters.


    • Omg, YAS! Katryzna is WILD but I loved her character so much 😂 The series was quite outside my comfort zone but it was SO good and it also had a lot of memorable characters (aside from these two)! I hope you enjoy it if you check it out 😊


  5. My memory is terrible too, which is why I had to twist it this week. 😉 But I’m loving everyone else’s dynamic duos! With the Fire on High was soooo good! ❤

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