Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp

We’re back with another Sundays in Bed With… meme! This meme dares to ask you what book has been in your bed this morning and is hosted by Midnight Book Girl. Come share what book you’ve spent time curled up reading in bed with, or which book you wish you had time to read today!

I’ll be spending my Sunday night in bed with Hometown Troublemaker! This is the second book in Brighton Walsh’s Havenbrook series and it’s the third book I’ll be reading by this author in the span of two days so I guess you can say I’m a fan? 😊 These small-town romances are sweet, steamy and so much fun!

Aurora “Rory” Haven’s life is in shambles. Her ex-husband’s living with the woman he cheated with, her oldest daughter blames her for the divorce, and she’s broke. To make ends meet, she partners with the too-young, way too hot local contractor she has absolutely no business fantasizing about.

Nash King is working overtime so he can take over the family business. He doesn’t need the distraction of his best friend’s sister, but the hot-as-hell, pearl-clutching divorcée barrels her way into his everyday life. He’s managed to ignore his attraction to her for a decade. What’s another couple months?

The summer heat and forced proximity has tempers flaring…and their chemistry sizzling. But Havenbrook’s gossip mill is churning full-force, and the last thing Rory needs is everyone speculating over her crush on a man eight years her junior. Except crushing doesn’t have anything on what’s really going on…

What would happen if the townspeople found out paint wasn’t the only thing being stripped?

What are you currently reading?

I can’t say that a lot has been happening lately. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to apply for new jobs but I’ve been feeling brain-tired and a little cynical about things on that front so I’m lucky that I at least have until the end of the year before I “need” to panic about being jobless in the new year! 😂 Other than that I’ve been gaming, and now I’m slowly starting to read a bit more cos I finished the main story for BOTW last night and have completed 100% of the shrines! I’m planning to buy the DLC next month when I go to Bali but I might give myself a ‘break’ for now. 😉

On a more musical note, as I’m sure 99% of you might’ve seen, Taylor Swift released her re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version) yesterday and the songs from the vault are awesome BUT her 10-minute version of All Too Well takes the gold. Holy wow, I’ve been slaying my feelings listening to that song on repeat all day and I can’t stop getting emotional! 😭 The short film is also amazing!

I realised I haven’t been posting, blog hopping or interacting in any way lately and I’m sorry about that! I also just realised I never made a Sunday post last week (oops). But I wanted to thank everyone who still comes around the blog to read my posts 😊 I appreciate you so much! ❤️

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I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and that you have a great week ahead! Take care of yourselves and of each other, friends 🖤

14 thoughts on “Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp

  1. OK. Couple things. One, I am also freaking OBSESSED with the 10-minute version of All Too Well. That performance on SNL was everything. Second, though, I had a plan today, a book plan, and you come in here with your recommendations…and now I don’t have a plan anymore. 😝

    Hope you are having a great Sunday!

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    • I hadn’t seen the SNL version when I read your comment just now but it made me go watch and wow! She’s incredible 😍 Also, haha, sorry for disturbing your book plans!!! 😂🙈 I hope you still had a wonderful Sunday and are having a great week so far!

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  2. Good luck with the job search! My husband will be doing that next May when he finishes college. I’m not looking forward to all of the changes that will come with it, lol.

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  3. Bali sounds amazing and good luck with the job search. I feel drained too but maybe because it’s just dark in the mornings when I wake up to get ready. I need sunlight, like a plant! 😆 So I feel you on being brain tired – but I hope you have a great week!

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  4. I’ve been obsessed with Red (Taylor’s Version) too! These last weeks have been so draining, I’ve been listening to the whole album on repeat. Good luck with the job search, Dini! It will be alright, you’ll find something you love. 💕


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