March 2021 Monthly Wrap Up!

March was a bit of an off month for me. I don’t know what it was exactly but the days passed by in a bit of a tired blur. Work got decently busy and it got pretty intense as I tried to cram the work I normally do over a five-day week into a three-day week—oh, the joys of being a part-timer! Well, at least it’s better to be overly busy than to be bored to tears, right?

Other than work things have been pretty much the ‘same old’ on the personal life front, meaning absolutely nothing new has happened! If I’m not busy working, I’m busy helping mum take care of the house and doing all the “adulting things”. In general I’ve been tired and then tired of being tired. 😫

In gaming, I’ve continued to “beef up” my AC island. I thought I’d put out my Dream Address already but with the Sanrio + designer updates that happened mid-March, I’ve put that off again as I randomly decided to change up 90% of my villagers and more of my island. Will it ever be finished? At this rate, who really knows! 😂 I’m still having fun with this game though and I can’t believe it’s already been one year since it was released!

As I’ve mentioned in about 90% of the posts I made this month, I really feel like I didn’t get any reading done, even though I read 19 books. Is it because I wasn’t very good at keeping track on Goodreads this month? Or maybe it’s because I haven’t actually been reviewing what I’ve read, save for the ARCs and blog tour reads? It could very much be the latter—I honestly have about ten million reviews that I still need to write and despite saying that I’m gonna do more mini-reviews I still have yet to do any. 🤣

I think on average my reads this month were about 3-3.5 stars? Not bad but I do think the “lower” ratings have more to do with my fickle mood than the books themselves. I did DNF one book and have plenty more that I started but haven’t got around to finishing yet (but I will). Hands down, my favourite read this month was Jade City by Fonda Lee. I’m so glad that I did a buddy read with Jess and finally ticked this off my TBR. If you’re still sleeping on this one, don’t! Because it is 100% worth all the hype you hear about it. Jess and I are continuing with Jade War this weekend and I’m super excited because I’ve missed all the characters. NO PEAK FOR LIFE, BAYBEE! 💚

This month was also a bit shoddy for blogging. I did my usual weekly memes but even then not very consistently. The worst is that I drastically cut down on the blog hopping because I’ve just been so tired. And I know it’s okay because we’re allowed our off moments/days/weeks, but my blog has suffered because of it and just thinking about it sets off a ‘tired cycle’ in my head and I don’t want to—LOL. Still, I’m sorry for the lack of engagement but I really hope to do better next month!

Book covers are linked to Goodreads and the title text is linked to my reviews, if available!

5 pandas

Jade City (The Green Bone Saga #1)
(ARC) Silence Is a Sense

4.5 pandas

All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1)
Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries #3)

4 pandas

Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries #2)
The Lord of Stariel (Stariel #1)
(ARC) Namesake (Fable #2)
The Hunter (Boston Belles #1)
Ranger’s Oath (Fall of Radiance #1)
(ARC) Breathing Underwater

3.5 pandas

The Devil Wears Black
(ARC) Lost in the Never Woods

3 pandas

(ARC) Mr Right Next Door
(ARC) The Last Secret You’ll Ever Keep
He’s a Brute (Tough Love #1)
The Devil (Devil’s Playground #1)
The Devil’s Advocate (Devil’s Playground #2)

2.5 pandas

(ARC) Happy Singles Day
The Villain (Boston Belles #1)

I already said I did a pretty crap job of blog hopping this month but there were a few posts that I saw and really enjoyed reading (I’m also including one of my favourite newly discovered booktubers who covers all the tea in the book community and omgoodness, there is so much all the time.

And that’s a wrap on March (sorry for rambling on in my post lol)! I hope your month was good if not great, and if it could’ve been better, I hope April starts to pick up for you! If you ever need an ear, a chat or I don’t know, if you want to do a buddy or group read, just reach out and let’s do something! ❤️

25 thoughts on “March 2021 Monthly Wrap Up!

  1. For what it’s worth, there are so many of us who are also feeling tired and run-down at the moment. You are definitely not alone there.

    I’m glad you liked Jade City so much!

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  2. 19 is an amazing number for March! For what it’s worth, I completely relate to the tired-cycle (tired and then tired of being tired, etc). Hopefully, April picks up for you! I’ve heard a lot about Jade City, so I might need to find a way to pick it up either this month or next. 😀

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    • Thank you! And I’m sorry you can relate to the cycle but it’s also nice to know I’m not the only one slogging through it 🙈 I hope April picks up for all of us! ❤️ Also, would definitely recommend Jade City (esp the audiobook)! So worth all the hype about it.

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  3. Oof, that “tired of being tired” feeling has definitely been my life too. But we got this, even if we got this… a little slower than usual haha. ✌ At least you know that when you do post, we’ll be here enjoying it and cheering you on ^.^ PS I’m glad you were into Namesake!

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  4. Great wrap-up! You had a fantastic month and 19 is amazing! Jade City is high on my tbr but I’d like to finish some unfinished series first before I start another, haha.

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  5. Thank you so much for including my post, Dini! 🥰 I loved your wrap-up, some cool books read too. I’ve also struggled to find the time for blog hopping lately and I feel bad about it 😬 Have a wonderful April!

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    • Yeah, I feel so bad about it that the guilt is making me wanna come on less? 🤣 Such an odd creature, me! Hah. But I might just take a break at some point to refresh myself. I hope you have an amazing April, Stephen! ❤️

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  6. Even if you were off this month.. you still had a great reading month! I need to read Jade City, ASAP now!! I really need to stop saying yes to Blog Tours and ARC’s so I can read some of my own books. LOL. I’ve had a rough go of blog hopping this month.. things have just been so busy. I think we all know that sometimes life gets in the way and that’s okay! I hope April is wonderful for you and I can’t wait to continue Murderbot! <3<3

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    • YEEESSS LESLIE. I would rec the audio for Jade City cos the narrator is *ultimate chefs kiss*! SO GOOD! 😍 ALSO, I told myself I’d be doing a lot less blog tours and ARCs this year too but in April I’m on like 6 tours and I kinda hate myself but I’m also excited? 🤣
      It seems that a lot of people have been struggling with blog hopping this last month so we’re definitely not alone in that and it’s OK. I mean, it sucks but we’re not alone! Lol I hope you have an amazing April, Leslie! ❤️

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      • Oh my gosh! I would if I could but I tend to really zone out on fiction audiobooks! I feel like this is one where I need details!! HAHA! I know, same!! That’s a lot of tours! I am doing three but I have like 9 ARC’s! I have been declined for A LOT lately and I’m guessing that’s good. hahaha.

        Yeah, I know… blogging has it’s cycles!! I’m sure I’ll be super involved soon. lol. I hope you have a great month too, Dini!! ❤


  7. I also follow Jess on Booktube, I’m rarely on social media and there’s so much going on that I rely on her to keep me updated about what’s going on in the bookish community. Your island pic is the cutest! I love it! 😍
    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling tired all the time. Sometimes we need a break from keeping up with so many things, just don’t pressure yourself, Dini. 🥰
    19 books is amazing! I NEED to read Jade City. 😀

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    • Omg seriously, following Jess has made it *so easy* for me to keep updated on all the book drama cos there is SO MUCH all the time! Like, I don’t think one day passes without some controversy or other. Huge props to her for doing all the crazy work to get the story straight for us viewers 😂 I think it would drive me insane! LOL I’ve been thinking lately that I might take a mini-break at some point, just not sure when yet. It might be soon though cos I’m enjoying myself too much when I don’t have to open my laptop on my days off 🙈

      Also, YES! JADE CITY!!! Everyone needs to read that book ASAP!!!

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  8. I’m reading Jade City now and enjoying it so far! I’ve also been playing a lot of Animal Crossing again…it’s a never-ending process!

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    • YAY! I hope you’re still enjoying it (if you haven’t already finished it yet cos I’m just now getting round to responding to comments—sorry)! I’m reading Jade War right now and Oh My FEELS. 💔 LOL I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop playing ACNH. I mean, I’ll probs take a break at some point but it’s just too much fun! 🎈


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