Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp

We’re back with another Sundays in Bed With… meme! This meme dares to ask you what book has been in your bed this morning and is hosted by Midnight Book Girl. Come share what book you’ve spent time curled up reading in bed with, or which book you wish you had time to read today!

Well, we basically know that I’ve been “reading” Spellbreaker for quite a while now but since I finished my previous read last night, I decided to pick this up and give it my full attention, so this Sunday I’ll be tucking into bed with it! I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time focusing on this story because I am enjoying what I’m reading but I keep getting distracted while I’m reading and it’s starting to frustrate me 😂 I feel like I need to slap some focus into my head! Haha

The orphaned Elsie Camden learned as a girl that there were two kinds of wizards in the world: those who pay for the power to cast spells and those, like her, born with the ability to break them. But as an unlicensed magic user, her gift is a crime. Commissioned by an underground group known as the Cowls, Elsie uses her spellbreaking to push back against the aristocrats and help the common man. She always did love the tale of Robin Hood.

Elite magic user Bacchus Kelsey is one elusive spell away from his mastership when he catches Elsie breaking an enchantment. To protect her secret, Elsie strikes a bargain. She’ll help Bacchus fix unruly spells around his estate if he doesn’t turn her in. Working together, Elsie’s trust in—and fondness for—the handsome stranger grows. So does her trepidation about the rise in the murders of wizards and the theft of the spellbooks their bodies leave behind.

For a rogue spellbreaker like Elsie, there’s so much to learn about her powers, her family, the intriguing Bacchus, and the untold dangers shadowing every step of a journey she’s destined to complete. But will she uncover the mystery before it’s too late to save everything she loves?

What are you currently reading?

This past week has followed the same trend of the past month, which is that time feels like it’s moving as slow as molasses but at the same time, it’s also gone in a blink. That probably makes absolutely zero sense but I feel like a few people will definitely get it? Work was crazy and I felt the days were endless but then before I knew it, Friday had rolled around, and now… my weekend is over? 🙃 Sigh.

I pretty much spent all of my Saturday reading in my cosy chair while it rained pretty heavily. The weather has been pretty decent lately, although it’s still humid, there’s at least some strong wind and rain (finally)! Today my parents invited two friends over for a socially distanced lunch, which was quite nice as it gave the house some life! 😅 I ended up baking an apple pie for dessert although I was a little rushed and it ended up getting a little… browned? It’s not burnt but it’s definitely not the usual nice golden colour! But it still tasted decent so that’s a win at least!

Apple pie straight out of the oven!

Of course, my post (and week) would be incomplete without some Animal Crossing! I did play a fair bit during the weekday to unwind after work and before bed, which resulted in more “not reading”, but I surprisingly haven’t really spent time on it this weekend! I took my villagers to Harv’s island for the first time just to get their posters and set up this overcrowded “boardwalk pier” scene 😂

While I still haven’t really been finishing many books lately, I did manage two this weekend and both ended up being four star reads, so YAY for that win! With work as busy as it is, and with more frequent late night meetings thanks to different timezones and end of year activities, at the end of every night all I’ve had energy for is to make posts as quickly as possible and then get into bed and lose myself in gaming 🥱 I’ve been doing so little blog hopping and I feel so bad about that 🥺 At this point, I’m really contemplating taking a small break because I’m just so freaking tired! Might do soon if things don’t start looking up… As always, to those who keep coming around and engaging with me even though I’ve been shite at doing the same lately, thank you so much. (You and) Your support is so so so appreciated!!! 🥰

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I’ve been listening to this song a lot this week. It’s just a chill track that has helped keep my head on!

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and that you have a great week ahead! Take care of yourselves and of each other, friends 🖤

8 thoughts on “Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp

  1. I’ve had trouble focusing lately too. My mind is just everywhere. I’m going to be reading Spellbreaker and Spellmaker soon! I’m looking forward to it ❤️


  2. I totally get what you mean that the weeks go by sooo slowly, yet so fast. Very true. I feel like it’s dragging and then wonder where the time went. lol Hope you enjoy your reads this week! 🙂


  3. I feel like that about this whole year. It definitely went on and on and on but at the same time, now it’s almost over? How did that happen?
    I think your apple pie still looks really yummie. I’m not much of a baker – I prefer cooking – and I wish my creations would look so nice. 🙂


  4. I know exactly what you mean about time dragging yet also flying by. I think I wrote something very similar recently mentioning that exact same thing, but in regards to this entire year which has had that type of This Will Never End but also Where Did The Time Go??!?! quality all year long. Spellbreaker sounds so interesting! I’m curious to hear if it ends up being good.
    Also that pie looks so good, and I’m jealous of your pie making skills!


  5. Sorry you’ve been having trouble focusing, I know what that can be like. Curious to see what you think of Spellbreaker. I liked that one a lot but I do think it had a couple of flaws. Have a great week, Dini!


  6. That pie looks amazing! I definitely the whole time thing. I still surprised it’s December. 😂 It’s also the realization that my birthday is coming up in January and it will be my last year in the 20’s…it’s definitely bitter sweet.


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