November 2020 Monthly Wrap Up!

Can you believe it’s already December? I’m a little shook at how quickly November seemed to zoom right by me and that I can’t recall reading much of anything at all last month!

Work in November was been overwhelmingly busy with projects ending, people leaving, and new things to start sorting for next year as my organisation goes through a merger. Having to prepare communications for the region and projects, as well as representing Southeast Asia in our global works council (similar to a union), on top of finding time to blog and read, really stretched me quite thin! To say that everything seemed to be overflowing might be a bit of an understatement and part of me is even glad to see that we’re in the last month of 2020 now because I’m truly running low on steam πŸ˜‚

But it hasn’t been all bad! It has been an incredible month for book mail and I’ve received many of the special editions that I ordered earlier in the year. I haven’t spent much on regular book buying in 2020, but I’m 100% positive I made up for all that with the many special editions that I purchased. I really kissed that money goodbye, friends πŸ˜‚


In November, I read 15 books! **Okay, I just totally surprised myself with that count because I expected to see that I only managed to read five books or something because that’s really what this month has felt like πŸ˜‚ LOL I didn’t have any five star reads or DNFs and the majority this month were 4 stars. If you can’t tell I went on a bit of a historical romance binge and the light reads were exactly what I needed! The books were a good mix of blog tour reads, ARCs and new books on my TBR.

Being the only book I rated 4.5 stars this month, The Cousins was my favourite read but I think the Moose Springs series are close contenders because they really brought me a lot of joy and I can’t wait to continue on with the series in December as I was lucky enough to get the ARC!

Book covers are linked to Goodreads and the text is linked to my reviews if available!

4.5 panda stars

The Cousins

4 panda stars

The Tourist Attraction (Moose Springs #1)
Mistletoe & Mr Right (Moose Springs #2)
Boone (Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas #3)
The Highland Renegade (Lords of the Highlands #5)
Born at Dawn (Da’Valia Trilogy #1)
The Boy, the Wolf and the Stars
Gargantis (The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea #2)

3.5 panda stars

A Scandalous Bargain (The Pretenders #2)
The Forbidden Duke (The Untouchables #1)

3 panda stars

The Forgotten Gift
Sarah’s Dream (The GrΓ©millet Sisters #1)

2.5 panda stars

The Straw King – The Pharaoh’s Daughter
The Price of Temptation

2 panda stars

Gung-Ho: Vol 1

As a total mood reader I never plan TBR piles and even my possibility piles have been pointless this year, but I have been thinking about what I hope to read in December and I’ll be focusing on:

  • Blog tour reads: I have a few but not that many…
  • POPSUGAR Reading Challenge prompts: I’ve been horrible at keeping proper track of what I’ve been reading and can use to check off prompts. I need to have a look through my spreadsheet and update it so I can plan the month better! Hopefully I can complete the regular challenge this year before giving it another go in 2021! πŸ˜‰

I did a little better with keeping track of community posts in November but I know I also missed a lot and I’m sad (and sorry!) that I didn’t have time to read and engage more. 😞 I’m going to be realistic and say that I’ll probably have even less time (and brain space) in December, but once the new year rolls around that is really going to change and I’m more than ready for it! For now, here are the posts that I managed to read and really enjoy!

That’s a wrap on November, folks! One more month to go and I’m sure we’re all more than ready to move onward (and hopefully upward) from 2020! Hang in there, friends, and I hope you all manage to have a decent, if not good, if not great, December! πŸ₯°

15 thoughts on “November 2020 Monthly Wrap Up!

  1. Dini! Thank you so much for including my post, I’m happy to take all the blame for anything you might have bought. Looks like you had a brilliant month book wise… isn’t the Owlcrate edition of Addie just gorgeous 😍😍


  2. November did fly by, didn’t it?? But you read 15 books!! That’s awesome. I’m just so happy you like Moose Springs. They’re so much fun! I’ve been terrible at blog-hopping, too. Hopefully we can find more time in the new year! I hope you have a lovely December and find some time to read! ❀


  3. Aww thank you for sharing my post! I hope you have a better reading month this time. I’m also scrambling to finish my reading challenges and I might just be successful. Fingers crossed and good luck to you πŸ™‚


  4. That Poppy War special editions are amazing! I’m not a fan of Owlcrate’s edition of Addie LaRue, I prefer Illumicrate’s edition. Congrats for reading 15 books Dini! I haven’t had much time to engage too, that’s why I’m here getting up to date with all your posts since I visited your blog last time. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚


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