Mini blogging break…because times are not good

Hello, my lovelies! How are we all doing?

I feel like this week only just kicked off but it’s already mid-week tomorrow (what how) and at this rate, May might just end up speeding by as quickly as April did! I’m honestly not even mad at that thought because right now I wish that May was already over. In fact, I think 2020 just needs to be over! 😂 But I digress…

I’m just here to make a quick announcement to let you know that I’ll be taking a mini blogging break this week. I have two blog tour posts to make but other than that I won’t be making my weekly barrage of posts. I know it’s silly but it actually makes me sad that I have to take a break because of how much I love blogging and how much joy it brings me. That said, the situation at home right now is so bad and it’s severely affecting my mental health. Being in this weird situation where I can’t leave home to escape the person who is making my life miserable AF is just awful. I know running away from problems isn’t healthy (etc. etc.) but sometimes it really helps to get a breather. What with work also being mental, it seems like all the space in my head has been taken up by these two things and I feel completely overwhelmed and so drained just thinking about trying to make room for anything else.

Sadly that means pulling the breaks on blogging. I’m still hoping to engage and blog hop as much as possible, but I don’t think I’ll be creating content until… Well, hopefully just the end of this week (or otherwise until further notice). I’ve really come to appreciate this community so much and the constant stream of support you all have to give, so I hope you’ll stick around until I get back but I totally understand if you don’t 💞

Until next time, I hope you all stay safe, healthy and happy 🐼

26 thoughts on “Mini blogging break…because times are not good

  1. Love , no one knows how to deal with this and everyone has to take it day by day. You may do this and find you miss it more than you realize but you need to do it less. Or you may find that you are doing the exact right thing. Either way, you have to do what is best for you. Maybe you just need to read and not blog.

    Whatever helps you through this time is what you need to do. It sounds like you are in a very tough situation, which makes an already stress world that much worse. I hope you do stay on twitter and other social platforms that you feel comfortable on. :).We all love you. The Council of Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats send you their love.

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  2. LOVE YOU DINI!!!! This is the difficult but right thing my friend. Just hit pause on anything that is at all draining you. Blogging can be a chore if we aren’t in either the right head space or are so physically drained and you my friend have had an awful battering recently. Take all the time you need dearest Dini. Blog once a week, once a month or even never. You do you Dini. And take all the time you need to find that space where you feel like your best panda self again. Giant hugs 🤗 💚💜❤️💖🧡💙💛

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  3. This is the right call, Dini !! 💕
    Just stay focused on your mental health and take a break from the things that drain you. And if that means to stop blogging for a while,-then stop blogging for a while. Your blog will always be here, so take this much deserved break.
    Heal !!!
    I’m sending you lots of love and hugs 💕

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  4. I’m so sorry you are having a difficult time right now and don’t feel bad about taking time to yourself blogging can be really draining and you deserve time away to spend on your mental health 💜💜

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  5. I totally understand how taking a break can be sad but it’s always sooo worth it to put your mental health first! I’m sorry that you are having a difficult time. I hope this break helps! 💚💚

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  6. Take care of yourself, Dini!! Of course I’ll still be here when you jump back in whether at the end of the week or whenever that is. I’m really praying for a better situation for you soon!!

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  7. We are always here for you, hun ❤ If taking a break is what you need right now then it's the right decision and maybe it will take some pressure off you as well, and make things a little better.

    Ofc we will stick around! And very much looking forward to your reviews and to more posts next week (or whenever you feel like coming back).

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  8. Take care of yourself and be well. Do what you have to do because everything is so stressful now and that of course can make personal situations even worse. Sending you positive thoughts and lots of support!

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  9. I’m sorry things aren’t ideal right now, but I’m glad you are taking a bit of time out for yourself. Do what you need to do. You deserve it and we will be here 2aiting when you are ready.

    Sending you best wishes 🖤

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  10. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time. I hope this break helps you and hope you’ll feel better soon. Stay strong and take care of yourself, Dini! We’re going to be here waiting for you to get back healthier. Sending lots of love.💙😘

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  11. I’m so sorry you’re going through this just now 😔 It’s an incredibly difficult time and it sounds like you’ve got an added situation making it even harder. Take all the time you need and we will all still be here when you come back! 💛 If you ever need to chat feel free to message me 🧡💜💗

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  12. I’m so, so sorry that everything is so hard right now. I hope taking a break helps, but either way, we all love you and will be here when you return, so take your time and focus on yourself. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out, dear. ❤ ❤

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