Series Mini-Review: Loveless Brothers by Roxie Noir

I’m back with some mini-reviews of another romance series that I’ve recently discovered and enjoyed! I didn’t end up loving the characters as much as hoped I would but all of the books did have me laughing out loud and at one point or another gave me that *swoony* feeling.

I’d give the Loveless Brothers series a ★★★½ average based on my rating of each book.

Enemies with Benefits (#1)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Panda Rating:

I don’t love him. I don’t even like him.
I just want him.

Eli Loveless was my nemesis from the first day of kindergarten until we graduated high school. Everything I did, he had to do better – and vice versa. The day he left town was the best day of my life.
Ten years later, the day he came back was the worst.
Now he’s my co-worker.
Grown-up Eli Loveless is sexy as sin. He’s hotter than asphalt in the summer. The irritating kid I once knew is gone, and he’s been replaced by a man with green eyes, perfect abs, and a cocky smile.
It’s bad that I want him. It’s worse that he wants me back.
There are looks. There are smirks. There are smiles that make my panties burst into flame.
And then there’s a shared kiss that leads to the hottest night of my life.
This is no office romance. This is a five-alarm fire.
What’s a girl to do when the man I can’t stand is the one I can’t stop lusting after?
Enter into a friends-with-benefits agreement, of course.
No dates. No relationship. Just blisteringly hot sex, because if there’s one person I could never fall for, it’s Eli.

I’m half-half on my feelings for this one. I’ve been reading such winning romcoms that I was expecting to get the same type of feels with this one but it just fell a bit short. I enjoyed this enemies-to-lovers romance, but I wasn’t blown away by it and I think that’s because I craved more chemistry between the characters! Eli and Violet were interesting characters. He’s a bullheaded and talented chef, and she’s a fiesty whipsmart events coordinator. Now they’re both back in their small hometown and surprise, they’ve both longbottomed!

There’s no denying that their physical chemistry was fire–if it was based on the sex alone this would be a solid 5/5 read. But I wanted more of a personal connection! I wanted that cheeky banter that leaves me in giggling fits. I think because they continued to act childishly and to have petty thoughts towards the other, I felt the emotional closeness between them wasn’t really genuine.

That said, my favourite parts were the non-romantic relationships. The friendship between Violet and Adeline was so positive and supportive and their friendly banter really had me laughing. But the best thing to see was the relationship between the Loveless brothers and their mother. They’re a very close family and one of my favourite parts about romances involving families is the hilarious banter between them. Give me all those heartwarming feels!

Goodreads: Best Fake Fiancé (#2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Panda Rating:

I told a judge I was engaged to my best friend.
Now we’re faking it.
How hard can it be?

My life has room for exactly two women: my daughter Rusty and my best friend Charlotte — known to everyone as Charlie.
One is a feisty, tomboyish firecracker. The other is my seven-year-old. I can’t imagine life without either. So when my ex springs a custody hearing on me, I find myself telling the judge that I’m engaged to Charlie.
The only problem? I’m not.
Time to fake an engagement.
Pretending we’re a couple will be no big deal.
We’ve been friends for years. We used to sneak cigarettes behind the bleachers. We turned cans of hairspray into flamethrowers. We got drunk on stolen malt liquor. She’s beautiful, vivacious, spontaneous, and she loves my daughter to death. It’s the perfect answer: we fake it for a few months, then go back to our lives. Until we touch, and sparks fly. Until I can’t take my eyes off her. Until I can’t stop thinking about what she’s got on under her coveralls.
It takes one kiss. One touch.
One shared secret and suddenly, I’m not pretending anymore. I want her, I need her in ways I didn’t know I could. But there’s a lifetime of friendship between us, and falling in love with Charlie could risk everything.

On the fence again about this one. I enjoyed it but it didn’t pull me in as quickly as I’d hoped. I also liked our MCs but I didn’t love them. Their chemistry was great and I enjoyed their friends-to-lovers romance, but I don’t think they’ll stand out in my mind because there’s really not much to dislike but nothing blew me away about their characters either.

That said, I might have a soft spot for single dads and Daniel was wonderful! He is slightly overprotective but his dedication in providing the best for Rusty was undeniable. Rusty was a precocious and spirited little girl who would probably drive me crazy IRL while simultaneously cracking me up with her antics. I liked Charlie’s scatterbrained and spontaneous nature. They were total opposites but they had a strong friendship foundation and nothing changed between them when they transitioned to being more than friends, except for the obvious sexy times. It was a seamless and natural move and worked for them. If there’s one thing for sure it’s that Roxie Noir knows how to write sexual chemistry and those scenes really well! It was total fire 🔥 A solid 4/5 on the steamy scale.

My favourite part of this series continues to be the Loveless brothers. Their brotherly banter was adorable and had me frequently laughing out loud, and their affection and care for each other was still heartwarming as ever.

Goodreads: Break the Rules (#3)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Panda Rating:

She’s my best friend’s kid sister.
Only she’s not a kid any more.

As a forest ranger, I believe in the simple life. I prefer cabins to apartments, trails to freeways, and trees to people. My life is orderly, predictable, and quiet.
Until it’s hit by a woman I never saw coming — Hurricane June.

She’s fierce. She’s feisty. She has a laugh like the first day of spring, and she’s so pretty that I can’t breathe when I look at her. June will only be in town for a few months—just while job-hunting. She won’t last until winter, but how can I resist?
Except I have to. She’s my best, oldest, and most loyal friend’s baby sister. Betraying him would be the worst thing I’ve ever done. Not betraying him might be the hardest. Especially once we start working together on a secret project. All this spending time together, sneaking around at night, and lying to her brother about what we’re doing sure feels like more than friendship.
June might break my heart. Her brother might break my nose.
But I guess some things were made to be broken.

I was totally right when I predicted that Levi would be my favourite Loveless brother. I don’t read a lot of the “best friend’s little sister” trope but I loved Levi and June’s love. This was the least steamy book in the series (overall 3.5/5 on the steamy scale) but the sexy times are SUPER FIRE and so outside of Levi’s character that made it even hotter! 🥵

Levi is the brother with a deep love of nature and unsurprisingly is an introvert. He’s always been an “oddball” and considered the weird brother because of this, which made him insecure in his interactions with others but I found his character so attractive! He’s genuine, pure-hearted and such a gentleman; it made me melt! In a way, June is totally his opposite. She’s quirky, talks a lot and has such a bubbly nature. She’s all up in technology and she’s queen of random Wikipedia deep dives. The attraction between them was there from the beginning, but I really appreciated how their relationship grew from acquaintances, to friendship, and to finally being more. Levi’s declaration of his intention towards June had me genuinely laughing out loud because it was so unexpected but also completely Levi? 😂

I think what won me over was how special the relationship between Silas (June’s brother and Levi’s BFF) and Levi was. The bromance was so real. There was such a touching scene that showed how valuable and important the friendship was to each of them, and it might’ve brought a couple of tears to my eyes as Levi helped Silas deal with his PTSD. Also, Silas was such an interesting character. My heart broke for him and what he was going through. He makes himself out to be this goofy guy who’s never serious but I can sense there’s so much more to him and I’m really hoping we get to see more of it soon *hint hint: I really hope Silas gets a story!*

And that’s a wrap! This took me too long to post. I have the fourth book on my TBR but I haven’t been in the mood to pick up a romance lately. I’ve really enjoyed this series so far and a lot of that has to do with the Loveless brothers and their great family relationship. I’m loving the bromance! I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a steamier read that has a bit of that romcom touch.

Have you read The Loveless Brothers series or is it on your TBR?

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