#TopTenTuesday: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

We’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: Titles that would make good band names (submitted by Michelle).

Ooh, this is a really fun topic! I’ve never looked at a title and thought it’d make a good band name but now that the seed has been planted, there are quite a few that pop up in my head! You might notice a trend in the types of titles that I pick… Also, for some reason when I’m thinking bands my mind doesn’t immediately think boy/girl pop bands but more like… heavy metal/rock bands? LOL Maybe it’s residual from my emo days when I used to listen to bands with names that (now) remind me of book titles 🤣 It’s weird that my brain does this but interesting. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to it! I’m really curious to see if any other bloggers will pick the same book titles?!

What do you think of these titles as band names? Would you listen to any of them? 🤣

54 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

  1. I think Wicked Saints and Haven Fall sounds the coolest to me! Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali ended up on mine so we’re. Vaguely similar 😂 nice post!

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  2. Haven Fall sounds like a rock band in the style of Creed or Nickelback to me! The Good for Nothings would definitely be British. Like a 90s indie Brit pop group?

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    • LOL I was thinking more along the lines of like… Walking on Cars or even maybe a little Hozier (but a bit more rock-ish)? Haha But Good for Nothings is definitely giving me British vibes! Maybe 90s pop with a bit of a punk twist? Haha

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  3. Somehow, I never even thought of Wicked Saints, and that’s so disappointing to me. You’re right that it’d make a fabulous band name! Oooh, I really like the sound of The Good For Nothings, too! My mind also immediately went to the rock/heavy metal scene, so I was surprised when I started looking at other people’s posts and they had jazz and a capella. xD Oh how narrow-minded my music brain is lol.

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    • I KNOW SAMMIE! I was just waiting for you to do this post and then you did a whole different one and I was so sad 🤣 I was also thinking Ruthless Gods might sound like a very good emo-screamo-heavy metal band name but Wicked Saints just sounds more… Wicked! Haha we can be narrow minded with music together. But I was really surprised with people’s genre choices etc. This was such a fun topic to do 😀

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      • Bwahahaha I’m sorry. I keep flipping these prompts. xD I can’t help it. Most times, I don’t have any idea for the exact prompt LOL. I loved reading all the different things people came up with, even if I’m lame and uncreative and couldn’t think of any. xD


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