Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp

We’re back with another Sundays in Bed With… meme! This meme dares to ask you what book has been in your bed this morning and is hosted by Midnight Book Girl. Come share what book you’ve been you’ve spent time curled up reading in bed with, or which book you wish you had time to read today!

This Sunday I spent the day in bed with Donut Disturb. After finishing an intense historical fiction yesterday I thought I’d pick up something a bit happier so I went for an enemies-to-lovers romcom because of course. I chose this because the cover is cute, although now I’m realising the fact that she doesn’t have eyes is kinda creepy–I was distracted by the hot pink title and donut! I don’t think I’m jamming with it as I started skimming through big chunks of it at around the 20% mark. There’s not much character development but also I feel like a lot is happening but also not a lot is really happening, if that makes sense? I’m also finding the heroine more annoying than funny! It’s making me eager to pick up my next read though, so mission accomplished 😂

A full-length STANDALONE romantic comedy from author Melissa Williams. A hot cop and a donut baker, what could go wrong?
It was a donut emergency. A dough or die moment.
At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. It would explain why, from the moment Baxter DeCavhalo comes crashing into my kitchen, I’ve been acting out of character.
Why I’m sharing secret donut recipes, licking frosting off fingers that aren’t mine, and falling for the off-limits neighbor. I know better, I need to be focusing on my bakery and my next donut creation…but there’s just something about Bax that keeps me coming back for more.
It’s not the heat of the kitchen that’s getting to me, it’s Bax. And this slow burn is about to combust.

What are you currently reading?

This past week saw me really struggling to find my motivation to do work related things. I was already having a bit of a difficult time at work prior to this whole *gestures at world* thing, but it has been getting worse since WFH for such a long period of time. I’m really… Not a responsible adult in the sense that I really suck at self-discipline largely, in part to my general tendency to be lazy AF 😂 In the past six or so months I’ve found my passion for my work rapidly decreasing and it’s making it hard to stay focused and be productive. I definitely feel guilty but I think this is more of a reason why I need to take some time for myself next year to really figure out what I want to do. Even if it means *gulp* a big career change or a 360° change in my life trajectory. It terrifies me but I think it really needs to happen because I’ve been feeling quite lost lately.

Well, that got more serious than I anticipated. Sorry! 😅 I just thought I’d share some thoughts going through my head as I’m struggling to stay motivated and productive right now. I know I’m incredibly lucky because I still have a job though!

Reading & Blogging Recap

Reading has still been pretty slow. I’ve only read one book since last week but I’ve just come to accept that this is how it’s going to be for a while. I think as long as I don’t miss my blog tour stops and keep up with as many ARCs as possible, I will take it easy on the guilt and pressure I’m putting on myself. As a lot of you lovely friends have been telling me, it’s a weird time for everyone and we’re all (kinda) in the same boat (or we’re at least in neighbouring boats)! 😂 The blogging front has also been sort of slow but here are the posts I made this week ICYMI:

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Goodreads Monday: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield


How has your week been? Did you get a lot of reading done?
Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week ahead! 😊

14 thoughts on “Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp

  1. I’m still in denial that it is sunday. Where the heck did the weekend go? I do not approve.
    I’m reading Of Curses and Kisses right now! I think it’s really cute, but definitely not sure where I’m going to come down on the rating at the moment. Feeling like a solid 3 star right at this moment.


  2. Yes. Yes to this *gestures at world* debacle that’s going on right now… just messing with all of us isn’t it. Also i can’t unsee the lack of eyes from that book cover and well now I’m just deeply unsettled…. SOOOO CREEPY AND I AM A CHICKEN 🐓 🐓 🐓 🐓


  3. These weeks just keep going by faster! I hope you find what you are looking for when it comes to work/life in general! ❤


  4. Making a big change can be so hard, but I hope you’re able to find something that will work for you and go after it with all your heart! I’m at a similar point myself, so you’re not alone 💪


  5. We are adjusting to so many forced changes to our habits and lifestyles, it’s hard. Don’t beat yourself up because you can’t find the motivation to work, I’m struggling to find it too and I think it’s normal RN.
    I’ve watched all Harry Potter movies twice since all of this and apparently that makes me forget the real world and I feel at ease watching them, so who cares if I spend lots of time at Hogwarts? 😉 Like you said we are all together, we’ll get through this. Stay strong, Dini. 💛💛💛


  6. I *think* I finally got over my reading slump with The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart…but now I have a major book hangover! It was SO good. I’m afraid nothing that follows it will compare. Hang in there and just keep doing what you enjoy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s so great, Dedra! Yay for kicking that slump to the curb–and with such awesome books too 😍 Not surprised you have a book hangover after reading BOTH books! I still have to read Wild At Heart… Waiting for the right moment to destroy my feelings 🤣 Hope the hangover didn’t stick around for long though! Hope you had a great week ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. *waving from the neighbouring boat*

    “The blogging front has been slow” she says… 11 blog posts in one week!!!!! That’s slow?!? 😀 Amazing job, hun. I have no idea how you manage to blog so much, AND read, AND work, AND play animal crossing. :O I want to be like you when I grow up…

    On a more serious note, this year I also have been losing my motivation at work. I do love it, but I feel like I had too much going on, too many responsibilties. This month was the first time in forever that I took a day off, because I just wasn’t coping with it well. And it really helped! My boss still texted me like 5 times asking to do stuff, but overall I was able to turn off and recharge.

    I hope you’ll find your motivation again soon! ❤


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