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I wasn’t tagged to do this post so of course I’m going to be doing it before all the ones I’m actually tagged in! πŸ™ƒ I saw Kirsty @ Caffeinated Fae post this on her blog today and it looked like a fun and short tag to do and since my mind is clearly not gunning for the “heavier” stuff right now I thought why not do it!? So here I am and here we go…

What do you like about buying new books?

Does “everything” count as an answer? Well, except for parting with my money… πŸ’Έ But no really, I love the new book smell, I love adding an anticipated read to my shelves, I love discovering a new book that I’ve never heard of before. I love walking out of the story with new worlds full of delicious possibilities waiting to be discovered!

How often do you buy new books?

It actually depends on a few factors (this is going to sound like excuses but it’s not)! It depends on how sad/stressed/happy/accomplished I’m feeling and on whether we’re talking physical books or ebooks 😬 Ebooks are too easy to buy and I’ll probably buy around 2-4 per week? I buy physical books maybe 1-2 times a month on a “good” month, otherwise it could be more… I have a problem!

Bookstore or online book shopping: which do you prefer?

Nothing beats going to a bookstore but I can’t find a wide range of books in Bali so I prefer online shopping so I can get more of the latest 😍 Book Depository’s free shipping is amazing!

Do you have a favourite bookstore?

I haven’t been to a whole lot of amazing bookstores because there aren’t many options in Asia. But my favourite so far has been The Strand in NYC. My siblings literally had to drag me out of there because after four hours of browsing (only the first floor!) they got tired of waiting. It was beautiful! Amazing! I wanted so much more and I’m counting down until the next time I can visit again 🀣

Do you pre-order books?

I actually don’t pre-order often. If I do it’s usually because of a PO incentive or it’s an ebook. Rarely physical books though and not for any particular reason!

Do you have a monthly buying limit?

I admit that I didn’t last year because if I want to read something I need to buy it as I don’t have access to a library. But this year I definitely do! It’s not a money limit but a limited number of books! I’ve definitely broken my limit this month due to stress buying πŸ™ˆ

How big is your wishlist?

That depends on which wishlist you’re asking about 😏 Actually I really suck at adding books to a wishlist and often only remember after and then I get too lazy to go back and add them to my list so all my wishlists are kinda sparse or are full of very old books I forgot I added!

Which 3 books from your wishlist do you wish to own right now?

How do I only choose three!? Hmm… Off the top of my head I’d have to say:
The Honey Don’t List, My Dark Vanessa and Not Even Bones!

And that’s it for this Anonymous Bookaholics tag (not very anonymous though is it lmao some of these questions had me feeling so called out)! I tag whoever wants to do this tag πŸ˜ƒ

25 thoughts on “Anonymous Bookaholics Tag

    • The Strand was so amazing! I’m counting down the moments when I can go back to it but I also really want to visit Powell’s because I’ve heard that’s even more amazing?! So many great bookstores, so little time… ❀


    • I wish we had a library here 😦 I know I would definitely be a frequent visitor if they were like libraries overseas! I still have to work my way through my book hauls from last year… And the year before that… πŸ™ƒ

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    • Haha it was definitely overwhelming in the best way. I kind of just wanted EVERYTHING and knowing that I would only have a limited time there made it feel even more frantic… I made a sizeable dent in my wish list though πŸ˜‚ I also bought socks and a bag but wish I had bought a jumper/shirt! Haha next time though πŸ˜‰

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  1. I have really tried to watch my spending this year. I can definitely go overboard with my book buying. I fortunately have access to libraries and library apps, so I’ve been trying to make use of them as much as possible.

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    • I’m definitely trying my best to do the same this year. I’ve been failing badly since March… But only I’ve been buying books to try to make myself feel better πŸ˜… I don’t doubt I’d do the same if I had access to a library/lib app!


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