Top 5 Saturday: Books with Beautiful Covers

We’re back with another Top 5 Saturday! I might’ve missed last week’s topic but I will come back to it at some point πŸ™‚ Just in case you don’t know Top 5 Saturday is a weekly meme created by Mandy @ Devouring Books and it’s where we list the top five books (they can be books on your TBR, favourite books, books you loved/hated) based on the week’s topic. You can see the upcoming schedule at the end of my post πŸ™‚ This week’s topic is: books with beautiful covers!

I think the only reason this prompt is so hard is because there are so many options and how do I narrow it down to just five books?! But I’m going to do my best by focusing on five upcoming releases with beautiful covers (that I haven’t featured in a post before–I’m looking at you my sexy space elf)!

The Kingdom of Back is so beautiful holy wow 😍

This cover for Mexican Gothic screams perfection especially for the book’s vibe!

Blood & Honey is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see what happens next *so many emotions*!

The colour combinations on this cover for This Coven Won’t Break are perfection *chefs kiss*!

The story of The Mountains Sing is just as beautiful as this cover. Such a wonderful read 🧑

Upcoming Schedule:

  • 07 March 2020: Trilogies
  • 14 March 2020: Books with Beautiful Covers
  • 21 March 2020: Magical Realism
  • 28 March 2020: Murder Mystery

What do you think of these covers? What are books with beautiful covers that you absolutely love?

26 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Books with Beautiful Covers

  1. Oooh, I hadn’t seen the cover of Blood & Honey yet! Man is it ever gorgeous. Phew. I totally agree about This Coven Won’t Break. I like it even better than the first book’s cover. The color combination (especially the blue) is just fabulous!

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    • HOW GOOD IS THE BLOOD&HONEY COVER!? Gives me major *grabby hands* feels 🀣 Actually, I have those grabby hand feels for all the books on this list haha my poor bank account… πŸ™ƒ I also like this cover for This Coven Won’t Break better than the first book’s one. The combo is definitely a winner ❀

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  2. BLOOD &HONEYS COVER IS πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I am so excited for that books release!! Also Mexican Gothic’s cover… πŸ‘πŸ‘ great post!

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  4. Lots of great choices! I think I got an ARC of The Kingdom of Back but I have to check… lol so many review copies I can’t even keep them all straight! Now I do have to admit that Serpent and Dove was one of my MOST anticipated releases of the second half of 2019 and I really just hyped it up SO much that I was pretty let down by it. But the cover of the sequel is to die for!!!


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