Mini-Reviews: The Rain Trilogy by B.B. Easton

The Rain Trilogy is one of those series that had me heckin’ confused because I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but I still couldn’t stop reading it, and ended up finishing the whole trilogy in one day. Yep, it was a thing. The books are short though and a lot but not a lot really happens. But without further ado, you can check out my thoughts for each book below. I’d give the series an average score of ★★★☆☆.

Goodreads: Praying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #1)
Genre: Dystopia, Romance
Panda Rating:

“None of this matters, and we’re all going to die.”
With only three days left until the predicted apocalypse, the small town of Franklin Springs, Georgia, has become a wasteland of abandoned cars, abandoned homes, abandoned businesses, and abandoned people. People like Rainbow Williams. Rain isn’t afraid of dying. In fact, she’s looking forward to it. If she can just outrun her pain until April 23, she’ll never have to feel it at all.

“Supplies. Shelter. Self-defense.”
Wes Parker has survived every horrible thing this life has thrown at him with nothing more than his resourcefulness and disarming good looks. Why should the end of the world be any different? All he needs are some basic supplies, shelter, and a sucker willing to help him out, which is exactly what he finds when he returns to his hometown of Franklin Springs.

As society crumbles, dangers mount, and secrets refuse to stay buried, two lost souls are thrust together in a twist of fate—one who will do anything to survive and one who can’t wait to die.
Perhaps, together, they can learn how to live.
Before their time runs out.

I’m 90% sure that this book isn’t my jam for a lot of reasons, but seeing as I’m writing this after I’ve finished the series, I’ll admit to being helpless to stop. I’m at a total loss to explain why but I guess I just really needed to know what happens? Lol I don’t know. Can you tell I’m confused rn? SO CONFLICTED.

This is a pre/post-apocalyptic romance that has insta-love and quite a lot of brutal (potentially triggering) scenes. I thought the concept of the ‘April 23 Doomsday’ was interesting and I was intrigued by the dreams/nightmares of the Four Horsemen that haunted everyone and wanted to know more about how it worked. We come into the story three days before the apocalypse and we’re introduced to a world that has literally lost its shit–everyone is either high, blind drunk or getting there. There’s a 95% chance that you will get robbed, raped, beaten or murdered if you step onto the street. There are orgies in libraries and you pay for food with sex especially where redneck gangs have taken over. The details are quite vivid.

Wes and Rain are two very dysfunctional and emotionally disturbed individuals. She can’t wait to die and he’s determined to live as the ultimate ‘eff you to society. Wes carries around a lot of baggage due to his past being shuffled from one awful foster home after another. He’s used to being used for whatever reason and so he has no problem using people right back. Rain’s baggage is more ‘recent’ and we don’t find out how bad it is until well into the story, but she’s constantly high on hydro to block out reality. That is of course until they have sex and she realises that’s more effective than drugs. I shouldn’t even be surprised that it’s insta-love. I know this is a dystopian romance but it’s still not believable to me when it’s not even two days in and already it’s “she’s the one exception to my don’t get attached and leave before you’re left rules” and “he’s so sexy and makes me feel protected, I can’t and don’t want to live without him”. #cringesohard

I’m really sorry if you loved this book but I in all honesty wouldn’t recommend it… I’m still confused about how I got so sucked into it.

Goodreads: Fighting for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #2)
Genre: Dystopia, Romance
Panda Rating:

The world was supposed to end on April 23, but Rainbow Williams’s world ended days before that. The mass hysteria caused by the impending apocalypse claimed everything she’d ever loved. Her family. Her city. Her will to live.
Until she met him.

Wes Parker didn’t have anything left for the apocalypse to take … he’d already lost it all by the time he was nine years old. His family. His home. His hope of ever being loved.
Until he met her.

Brought together by fate and bound by a love that would last lifetimes, Rain and Wes were prepared to die together on April 23.
They were not prepared for what would happen on April 24.

Surprise, the apocalypse didn’t happen! I’m sure you’re shocked as this is a trilogy… The messed up world that we’re left with at the end of book one continues to get even more messed up when people find out the real reason they’re still alive and the apocalypse didn’t happen. I was pleasantly surprised by the explanation because was disgustingly messed up and just the kind of wrong that I’m looking for in a post-apocalytpic novel. I wish this part of the story was explored more though. There was a lot of action but also a lot of angst due to characters making stupid decisions. It was honestly a little unbearable how completely irrational Wes became. I know he has abandonment issues but his reaction was hard to rationalise. Rain experiences very heavy grief and PTSD and I thought Easton did a good job in writing her distress but I didn’t like how easily it was resolved (or should I say how it was resolved) as I felt it kind of diminished the seriousness of such trauma.

We’re introduced to many messed up characters but we don’t find out just how messed up until the end. I was surprised by how much that ending pissed me off because although I didn’t get attached to either Wes or Rain, I was enraged by how completely screwed up/unjust it was! I have never wanted to body slam another woman so hard in my life after that ending! I was curious to see how Rain would step up.

**(This also obviously meant I couldn’t stop reading the book–not when I was so close to the end!)**

Goodreads: Dying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #3)
Genre: Dystopia, Romance
Panda Rating:

What could be worse than knowing the exact day the world is going to end?
Waking up to find out that it didn’t.

The post-April 23 world is a lawless, senseless, ruthless place, but it’s not loveless. At least, not for Rain and Wes. But when the government begins holding daily televised executions as a demonstration of their power, that love is put to the ultimate test: Sacrifice one life to save the others? Or sacrifice the others to save the one?

Color me shook people because I wasn’t mad at how this series ended! After we’re left with that infuriating and shock-ending in book two, I was curious to see what’d happen next and I have to say that I think I enjoyed this book the most in the series because of how Rain stepped up. Or maybe it’s because although she’s fighting for her mans and their forever insta-love, there wasn’t a whole lot of romancing going on in this book, and the focus was more on rescue and escape… I’m so glad that Rain had that ’empowering’ moment and stood up for herself and the life she wanted, and kicked absolute ass doing it. I can’t say that I was particularly invested in any of the characters or the strength of said friendships in this trilogy but I was a little shocked by a death that takes place. I don’t think it was really necessary especially since this person’s death remained ‘anonymous’ and didn’t play a crucial role in the anarchy that followed. Did I have to suspend my disbelief as to how quickly the story unfolds (days) but also how the characters manage to do it? Of course. Especially since the how of it was completely glossed over. I had so many questions but I mean, it’s a post-apocalyptic insta-love romance so I was already doing a fair bit of suspending of my disbelief from the start. But despite the lack of clarity on how it was done, it was a good ending that tied things up pretty nicely.

And that’s a wrap! Would I recommend this series? Although I did end up enjoying the last book more than the first two and I’m glad I saw the series through to the end, it’s still not one that I would recommend. Can’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉 Sorry if my review is insulting to anyone, it’s not my intention to be rude, I’m just sharing my thoughts!

Have you read The Rain Trilogy or is it on your TBR?
Tell me your thoughts!

13 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: The Rain Trilogy by B.B. Easton

  1. I’m glad to hear this ended better than it started. The instalove stuff in the first one- yeah ugh lol. not a fan of instalove! Still, sounds like it kinda got better as it went.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m really not a fan of insta love as well so I surprised myself by continuing with the read 😂I just couldn’t stop! It did get better as it went though. Especially since the last book involved the least romance! Haha


  2. I am picking up Dying for Rain this month, so I’m glad to see that you were pleased with the way the series wrapped up. I’m so with you, though. I have been saying the same thing. I saw so many issues with the first book and yet I couldn’t stop reading it?!? The second book was better, and yet there were still some big issues. I can’t put my finger on what it is, though, that makes it so hard to put this series down. It is so addictive!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love the idea of this book but the romance was just too much for me? Well, I mean, it’s a dystopian romance so it’s bound to have the protagonists falling into bed and their feelings for each other very quickly. But insta love is just not my jam! I roll my eyes so hard. So yeah, I don’t know what it is about this book that makes us unable to leave it alone? Haha I think I enjoyed the final book most coz there was the least amount of romance and it was more of an empowering moment for Rain and some others! Hope you enjoy the final though! Looking forward to hearing what you think 😉


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