ARC Review: First Meet Foul by Jaqueline Snowe

Special thanks to Jaqueline Snowe for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

First Meet Foul
Publication Date: 2 May 2022
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance

Panda Rating:

(4.5 pandas)


Lorelei Romano thought junior year would be spent living with her best friend, having the best season of her life on the girls’ soccer team and enjoying time with her boyfriend. Instead, she was suddenly single and stuck living with her brother in the football house across the hall from the grumpiest football player on campus. The tight end might be easy on the eyes with his tree-trunk thighs and gorgeous thick hair, but the guy hates her on sight.

Luca Monroe doesn’t have time for feelings in his plan to get to the NFL to financially take care of his grandma. He had a rough life and can’t afford to veer off track—no matter how much his teammate’s sister tempts him. She’s a weakness he refuses to indulge, so keeping his distance is the only solution. He’d never betray his quarterback like that, and plus, every second of his day is focused on football.

But when Lorelei ends up in a fight for an internship with the guy who broke her heart, she teams up with Luca to wow her professor. The project brings the two together, and with that, their chemistry implodes. They agree to a friends-with-benefits arrangement. The rules are simple: no feelings and no one ever finds out.

Despite their own rules, feelings get involved. Lorelei refuses to be kept secret, and Luca always puts the football team first. However, when she walks away, Luca’s on defense. He either risks it all for the girl who’s become his everything or miss a chance of scoring real love.


Childhood abandonment, cheating (recounted), on-page sex, MCs almost get into a car accident

TL;DR: Just as I knew I would, I adored First Meet Foul to bits! The forbidden romance, mutual pining, sexual tension, friendships, family dynamics, THE SASSY GRANDMA, and the relatability of the characters combined to make a fun and entertaining sports romance! 😍 I’d highly recommend this if you love: the (anxious) grumpy x (confident) sunshine dynamic, a slow-burn forbidden romance (the MMC is the teammate/housemate of the FMC’s twin) between two athletes (soccer/football), all the pining, *intense* when-will-they tension, and simping. Lots of great simping, lol.

Lorelei embodies much of what I love in great FMCs. She’s sassy, witty, smart and driven. Her kindness, positivity and confidence were so infectious but she also had her share of insecurities and doubts to work through which made her more relatable. All her life she’s been relegated as “second” in importance to her twin brother’s football career and she craves being acknowledged and seen for something non-sport related and that’s solely hers. I loved her determination to succeed and establish herself in a field she’s incredibly passionate about! Despite the distraction that came in the form of the hunky footballer and conundrum, Luca, she doesn’t let their maybe-romance derail her from making something for herself—whether that was on the soccer pitch or creating killer marketing campaigns, she was a boss ass bish and we were here for that!

On the other hand, Luca was a bit of an unexpected MMC but in the best way. He’s the typical focused and “confident” grump on the outside but internally, he’s riddled with insecurities and anxieties, and this contrast immediately endeared me to his character! He lives and breathes football because, unlike the other rich boys on the team, he needs the money to keep caring for his grandma. I loved his relationship with his grandmother so much! He was definitely a little high-strung and becomes a bit of a mother hen when he cares about someone and that combination is absolutely my kryptonite! Their dynamic was adorable, especially because she’s absolutely fine and was a hilarious older lady who had me cackling with her sass and no-holds-barred attitude living her best life. I loved watching Luca loosen up and realise there needs to be more to his life than simply making ends meet and football and seeing him simp over Lo was so fun! 😂

Lo and Luca were at times painfully (though endearingly) awkward but also funny because they became such nervous bumbling simps around each other and it was ridiculously cute! I couldn’t help but cackle whenever they would lose their cool around each other in their initial interactions. Snowe did a great job capturing those overwhelming “can’t talk, can’t breathe, can’t think” strong crush vibes and it created such intense romantic and sexual tension between these two! The way they fought their attraction, knowing not acting on it was the right thing to do and respecting each other’s boundaries, made for a great “when will they” slow-burn. This made it more satisfying and hot when they finally got together for a short-lived friends-with-bennies situation—cos you know they’re silly thinking that’d even be possible with the level of attraction between them!

Overall, this was such a fun sports romance that I sped through in one easy sitting simply because I couldn’t put it down. Lo and Luca were so good together and I already can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Is it gonna be Mack’s story cos I sure hope so?!

Do you have First Meet Foul on your TBR? It’s out tomorrow and it’s available on KU if you have it! 😍

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