#TopTenTuesday: Audiobook Narrators

We’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is Favorite Audiobook Narrators (or, if you don’t listen to audiobooks, name people—celebrities or otherwise—who might make you reconsider.)

I started listening to audiobooks several years ago but still don’t listen to that many. I admire people who can literally do a bunch of things (even if it’s cleaning/sorting) while listening to audiobooks because when I do that, I miss 90% of what I listen to, lol. I have a very distractible brain so when I listen to audiobooks I have to make sure that I’m doing nothing else.

The books I’ve most enjoyed have been full-cast but there are a few narrators I really enjoyed on their own. Not sure that I can make a full list but I’m going to also include a couple of narrators that I can’t wait to listen to!

Full Cast Audiobooks

Some of my favourite full-cast audiobooks. Sadie was my first-ever audiobook and I was shook by how quickly I devoured it (it is also short but amazing)! I’d definitely recommend all of these.

Andrew Kishino

Without a doubt, Kishino is one of my all-time favourite audiobook narrators. The way he captured the intensity, the characters, the emotion, THE EVERYTHING to bring my all-time favourite series to life? Immaculate! 😍 This series can admittedly feel a bit dense at times thanks to Lee’s incredible world-building and character depth/ development but Kishino’s narration makes this such a treat to follow! Couldn’t recommend them more!

Emily Woo Zeller

I’m really enjoying Woo Zeller’s narration and the way she also captures the emotion of the many characters in this series! It’s making the darkness bearable! 😂

Holter Graham

The way Graham personified all the characters was fantastic! These were my first non-full-cast audiobooks and I loved them!

Chris Lew Kum Hoi

Never heard of this voice actor before but I loved how he brought Babel and Robin’s character to life!

Zachary Webber

I adored this audiobook and it was one of my favourites from last year. It does have a full-cast but has two main voices. Zachary Webber has an awesome voice and captured the character so well!

Daveed Diggs

I really enjoyed this audiobook! Diggs did an amazing job capturing the vibes and bringing this story to life!

Elizabeth Acevedo

I loved listening to Acevedo narrate her own stories. She captures the moods, voices, and emotions so well!

January LaVoy

I actually started this audiobook two years ago and stopped because I loved the narration but I was trying to do something else at the same time

Lin-Manuel Miranda

There’s no hating on Lin-Manuel Miranda in this house! I’m looking forward to listening to these 🙂

Julia Whelan

I’ve heard that Julia Whalen is a great narrator and that this story is fantastic. I can’t wait to read it!

Who are your favourite audiobook narrators? What are your favourite audiobooks? Have you read any of these and did you enjoy them too or are they on your TBR?

56 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Audiobook Narrators

  1. Many of these books are on my TBR, but I’ve never tried an audiobook because I feel like I won’t be able to focus. I’m a very visual person, and sometimes I forget about the music I’m listening to 😦

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    • It definitely takes a little getting used to with audiobooks but I actually find that for reads that are outside my norm or reads that I think might be too dense, audiobooks have helped me get through them 🙂 I totally get how it’d be tough as a visual person though!

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  2. Whelan is amazing. I never realized how many books she had read to me. I am awful and do not make note of narrators I enjoy. My daughter loves full-cast recordings too and has listened to books solely because they were full cast. I know the Illuminae books have won awards.

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    • She was on *so* many lists today! I can’t wait to listen to her narrate her book but I also have a few others that she narrates that I can’t wait to try. I definitely picked up the audiobooks for the Illuminae Files and Aurora Cycle because I knew there were full-cast. So good 😍

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  3. Full cast audiobooks are the best for sure. I can’t believe I forgot January LaVoy. I didn’t know that Lin Manuel Miranda narrated audiobooks. I will have to watch for them. Great choices, Dini.

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    • I don’t even remember how I stumbled across Miranda’s narration of these books but I’m so glad that I did. I really enjoy the way he speaks 😃 I also can’t wait to return to LaVoy’s narration of this book on my TBR. From the amount that I already listened to previously, I can already tell the narration will make me love this book more.


      • I listened to The Ten Thousand Doors of January and loved it. I think I loved it more because of the narration. I am going to look for both of those MG books. Thanks Dini.


  4. I love full cast audiobooks for fiction! It makes it so much easier for me to follow along. When it comes to nonfiction, one narrator is totally fine for me since the world is “my world,” if that makes sense, so I already have an idea of the “rules,” so to speak.

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    • Full-cast FTW! 😍 I totally get what you mean for non-fiction narrators. I think I even prefer it if it’s narrated by the person who wrote the book (especially if it’s a memoir) but I’ve only listened to two or three NF audiobooks. I’ve definitely got a few more on my TBR, lol.

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  5. The Daisy Jones & The Six audiobook was absolute perfection. I loved it so much! I’ve been wanting to read Nevernight but never considered listening to the audiobooks. Now that you’ve endorsed them, I’ll have to check and see if my library has access to them. 🙂

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    • Omg, it was so good! Have you watched the series? Part of me loved the audio narration so much that even picturing the characters as different actors/actresses makes me sad, lol 😂 And YES! I would definitely recommend listening to the audiobooks for Nevernight! I hope your library has them and that you enjoy them, Chris 😃


  6. I’m the same Dini – it takes so much concentration for me to get through an audiobook and I finally got through like 3 of them this year, I’ve surprised myself! lol…But these look like they would be great audiobooks – I’ll have to try them out, great list!

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    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one cos I always see people doing so many things while listening to audiobooks and I’m always like how?! 🥲 I’m making my way through my first audiobook this year and loving it. Already got a few more lined up to be listened to ASAP and I can’t wait to give them a listen! 😍

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  7. Whelan showed up on a lot of lists. She’s narrated several books by Taylor Jenkins Reid that I enjoyed. And Zachary Webber is one of my favorites. Love him. Full cast narration is always such a treat. I’m happy to see that being used more and more.

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    • She was on almost every list I saw 😂 I didn’t know she did SO many audiobooks. I’ve now got three books she’s narrated in my library and I can’t wait to listen to them. Same for Zachary Webber! I just learned Whelan and Webber narrate a book together (Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez) and I immediately scooped it up, lol


  8. I’ve only been listening to audiobooks for a couple of months and I’ve been trying to find audiobook recs ever since haha. I loved the audibook for Daisy Jones and definitely want to listen to Sadie (even though I own a physical copy …). How did you find the audibook for Babel? I’d considered picking it up via audio but the size of it and because I know it reads quite academic scared me haha.

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    • Sadie was SO good! It’s in like a podcast/radio show format and it just worked so freaking well! Definitely a great one to start with when I first dove into the world of audiobooks! 😂 I really enjoyed the audiobook for Babel—the story could be dense at times (and like you said, academic) but I think the narrator did a great job of capturing the characters, doing the pronunciations, and bringing the story to life ! There’s also a separate narrator for the footnotes (and they were good too but the main portion was narrated by this guy).


  9. I was told the audiobook was the best way to consume Sadie, and I’m so glad I listened! I suggest it to people who enjoy listening to true crime podcasts.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

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  10. You included a couple from my list and one that I almost included (but I’d already used up 10). I, too, love when we get a full cast audiobook. One of my faves is the Illuminae Files.

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  11. We’re the opposites! The only time I can do audiobooks is if I’m busy doing something else. 😃 It’s so funny how we’re all different kinds of listeners. It’s a great reminder. I didn’t enjoy listening to Daisy Jones—although I think it was the book more than the narrators. But it kind of reinforced my dislike of audiobooks and I haven’t really tried a fiction book since. Someday I’ll muster up the courage again. I did enjoy listening to Clap When You Land, but it felt more like poetry than a book to me. I bet I would enjoy The Poet X, as well. Happy reading, Dini!


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