#WWWWednesday: 19 April 2023

Hello, hello and welcome back to another episode of WWW Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words, which means I’ll be answering these questions:

  1. What did you read last?
  2. What are you currently reading?
  3. What will you read next?

Since last week I managed to finish reading two books. I was in a fairly restless reading mood and not much seemed to capture my attention after I finished Lizzie Blake. I ended up DNFing one book as well because it was sadly boring me to tears.

(KU) Fearless Heart (Starlight Cove #3) by Brighton Walsh ★★★★☆
If you love the marriage of convenience trope, a lot of the “my wife” micro-trope, an MMC who falls first and is a total dirty-talking simp that can’t bear to be away from his love, and if you enjoy very horny romance, then I have a feeling you’ll have fun with Fearless Heart!

Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake (A Brush with Love #2) by Mazey Eddings ★★★★★
I LOVED THIS. I LOVED THEM! Ugh, my heart. This gave me all the feels. 🥹 [CHECK OUT MY REVIEW!]

It’s been tough trying to find something that’d hold my interest after the emotional journey with Lizzie Blake. I’m glad I have two buddy reads to keep me going and I’m really enjoying both books! 😂

  • Wilderlore: The Accidental Apprentice39% → I picked this up on a whim on Sunday morning cos nothing was sticking and I’m glad I did cos it’s really cute! I love MG fantasy 💜
  • The Dragon Republic26% → This is a BR with a few other bloggers and for once I’m not woefully behind! 😂 This is intense, to say the least, and I’m scared to care about anyone because they’ll probably die? Welp. I’m excited to keep reading and see where Kuang takes us, lol.
  • The Dead Romantics20% → I started this BR with Leslie this morning and omg, THIS IS GOING TO BE EMOTIONAL. 19% and I was already crying! 🥺 I have a feeling I’m really gonna love it though.

The magic of ✨mood reading✨ means it could be any of these.

What’re you currently reading? Have you read any of these books or are they also on your TBR? Happy reading, friends! 😍

18 thoughts on “#WWWWednesday: 19 April 2023

  1. I think I’m currently in my middle-grade era (at nearly 30 years old haha). It’s just so wholesome and happy most of the time and a refreshing change of pace when I’m reading heavier fantasy or romances all the time. I’ll have to check out Wilderlore. Enjoy your reads!

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    • Haha, I’m in my mid-30s and I envision myself picking up more MG for years to come. MG fantasy can be so comforting and whimsical and it’s always such a joy to read (IMHO). It’s definitely a nice break from the heavier reads, lol. If you do pick up Wilderlore, I hope you enjoy it!


      • I’m currently reading an eARC of Best Men, an ALC of Fourth Wing, and I started Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers.

        I loved The Dead Romantics and can’t wait to start that Chloe Liese book. I’m sad after this that there’s only one more book.


  2. Yay! I’m so glad you loved both Fearless Heart and Lizzie Blake. I also know you’re going to LOVE The Dead Romantics if you’re already enjoying it. I finally read Liese’s book and loved that one too. It was such a great slow burn.

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    • Omg, Deanna, I had no idea how emotional TDR was! I mean, everyone said that it’s a lot more than a romance in their reviews but oof, the way the feelings hit me so hard and had me tearing up at 19% 😂 I’m horrible and haven’t read Liese’s book yet even though I’ve been meaning to but I can’t wait to learn more about Ziggy!

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    • I had no idea how emotional it was going to make me, Sam! Oof, I’m so in my feels reading that book 😂 Haha, I do love those books too but I always feel like I have to be very prepared beforehand. I know I’m loving this though!

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  3. I’m around 11& with The Dragon Republic! I kind of forgot what happened so it feels like I am reading it for the first time.


  4. I’m so glad we are both enjoying Dead Romantics!! I’m going to catch up with you today, I hope. hahahaha. I hope you love The Dragon Republic but it’s an intense read! I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend. ❤


  5. I’ve finally made it to 21% of The Dragon Republic, and it feels like some things are about to pop off. I’m hoping everyone survives. lol. I’m going to be DEVASTATED if she hurts Nezha again, and I already want to give Kitay the biggest hug.


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