Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp [160]

We’re back with another Sundays in Bed With… meme! This meme dares to ask you what book has been in your bed this morning and is hosted by Midnight Book Girl. Come share what book you’ve spent your time curled up reading in bed with or which book you wish you had time to read today!

I’m hoping to spend the rest of my Sunday night in bed with The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair by Natasha Hastings. I’m reading this for TheWriteReads Ultimate Blog Tour and my spot is on Thursday next week! I’m only about 20% so far but I’m enjoying it and I love the added illustrations! It’d definitely make for the perfect winter read cos it’s serving those chilly “time to get cosy” vibes. ❄️


Perfect for fans of Serafina and the Black Cloak and The Night Gardener, this middle grade historical fantasy follows a girl who makes a dangerous wish in order to bring her brother back from the dead.

It’s winter, 1683, and the Great Frost has swept into London.

By day, thirteen-year-old Thomasina and her friend Anne peddle sweets on the frozen river, hearing rumors of the magical Frost Fair that awakens there at night. They say if you can find it, Father Winter himself will grant any wish you have.

And Thomasina has an impossible wish: the return of her twin brother, whose death left her family fractured.

But once they discover Father Winter’s icy kingdom, Thomasina and Anne quickly realize the Frost Fair isn’t exactly what it seems… and that some wishes never come for free.

A heartwarming, moving journey and a magical adventure all in one, The Frost Fair is a dazzling historical fantasy perfect for fans of Frozen and The Real Boy.

What are you currently reading?

This week kinda felt endless. I flew back to Jakarta on Monday and headed to work and while it felt good to be in that environment again, this week was the first time I’ve gone into the office on a regular basis post-pandemic, and being “on” all day without any quiet time was definitely a lot! I think I really exhausted myself cos I was getting fevers on and off all week and feeling exceptionally weak and tired. By the time I got home on Friday evening, my mind had checked out, I was running a fever and was beyond ready to collapse (which I subsequently did). I took a COVID home test kit yesterday and was (thankfully) negative so I guess my exhaustion from the last few weeks has just caught up to me or something? Whatever it is, this week hasn’t been great and my body feels old, haha! 😮‍💨

I haven’t been reading all that much lately. I’ve been browsing KU romances and picking up a few here and there but have mostly skimmed my reads. I did finish my Babel chapters for my buddy read yesterday though and holy granola, things are getting ✨intense!✨ I can’t wait to keep reading next week! 😍

ICYMI, here’s what I posted on the blog this week:

still in love (acoustic) – thirdstory ft. eryn allen kane

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and that you have a great week ahead! Take care of yourselves and of each other, friends 🖤

17 thoughts on “Sundays in Bed With… #MyWeeklyWrapUp [160]

  1. I tried to explain that thing about having to be on to all the extroverts in my life, and they just don’t get it. ((HUGS)) I get it, Dini. Maybe you didn’t have covid, but it sounds like you had something. I hope you are able to get the rest you need this weekend and are feeling better.

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    • Yeah, I think with the weather changing (it’s been muggy in the mornings and then heavily raining in the arvo/eve) some kinda bug has been going around! But yeah, the whole “being on” all the time is *a lot* and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who gets it! 😂 I am feeling better now so being a recluse in bed all weekend definitely helped! I hope you have a great week ahead 💜

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    • Omg, I’m so excited to dive back into Babel because yeah, like you said, SO INTENSE! I have a feeling the pace is really going to pick up after this—it’s like a huge turning point, lol. I hope you have a great week ahead, Julie! 💜

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  2. I hope you can get some rest in! Traveling and just being busy in general will do that to you! I hope this week goes well for you, Dini. ❤

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  3. The stress of being on all day can definitely have physical consequences like a fever. Hang in there! That’s so cool you can see the illustrations in The Miraculous Sweetmakers. The Kindle version didn’t have them. There was just the words “artwork to come.” Hope you enjoy reading it!

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    • Thanks, Tessa! I managed to get some downtime over the weekend which I do feel makes a difference but yeah, being on all the time can be super draining especially when you haven’t been doing it for … a long time 😂 Oh, I’m sad to hear that the version you read didn’t have illustrations! I haven’t gone through the whole book but I’m about 50% in and it’s still got illustrations, and I’m also reading it on my Kindle!

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    • Thanks, Ali! I’m feeling much better already so far as the rest I got on the weekend helped quite a bit. Just trying to take it as easy as possible this week. I hope you have a good one 💜


  4. Hope you had some restover the weekend and are feeling better by now Dini! Getting back to the office grind after some time off can be exhausting indeed, it always takes me longer to get back used to it after a holiday than the actual holiday haha 🙂

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    • Thanks, Lindsey! I did hole up this weekend and ended up getting some good rest so I’m feeling much better so far this week. Indeed, getting back into the grind and surrounding myself with so much (people, noise, etc) after being in my own space and on my own since the pandemic is definitely shocking! It’s always much harder to get back into the groove of things after holidays. I hope you’re having a great week so far though! 😊


  5. I hope this week has been better! It is hard getting back into a routine after being home for so long. My daughter just finished Babel and loved it. I don’t know if I’ll find time to read it this year, but hopefully sometimes soon!


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