#TopTenTuesday: Secondary/Minor Characters Who Deserve More Love

So, we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: Secondary/Minor Characters Who Deserve More Love.

My first Top Ten Tuesday in ages and… I struggled? 😂 I didn’t expect this topic to be so difficult to answer because I love great supporting characters as they often help me connect to a main character or story even more. Thanks to my *cough* wonderful memory though, I was drawing blanks when it came down to thinking about what supporting characters deserve more love. Luckily, I looked at the prompt on Monday night so I had time to scour my shelves (and brain) for characters I wish had gotten more page time or who I think deserve their own stories, and I came up with a very random list from a mixed bag of genres!

Chen Kitay – I’ve only read the first book though so… *no spoilers pls* – The Poppy War
Mitch Turner – my sweet & steady chocolate milk obsessed teddy bear ❤️ – Villains series
Zuzana Novakova – i loved her spitfire attitude – Daughter of Smoke & Bone
Angelica and Malachi – the BFF & love interest, I can’t choose one cos I love them both – With the Fire On High
Kieran – there are SIX books, I’m NOT giving up hope that we’ll get more of him! – Blood and Ash series

Elsie Rodriguez – Amari’s weredragon BFF – Amari & the Night Brothers
Richie – Leon’s mysterious brother – The Flatshare
Sorcha – Dani’s hilarious BFF – Take A Hint, Dani Brown
Tashara – the succubus with all the hidden layers! – Venators series
Tric – who was done SO DIRTY & deserved SO MUCH better – Nevernight Chronicle

Are any of these secondary/minor characters favourites of yours, too?
Who are the characters you think deserve more love?

52 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Secondary/Minor Characters Who Deserve More Love

  1. Oh, I haven’t done one in ages either, but this one looks really fun. 🙂
    I haven’t read most of them but did Zuzana not get her own shortstory? Also, I need more from Amari, period. I can’t wait for the new book. Richi was great but I also would have needed more from Tiffy’s friends what’s-their-name-again. I think that could be hilarious.

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  2. Great list! I put Angelica on my list as well. Here is my post-https://paigesofbook.blogspot.com/2021/08/top-ten-tuesday-secondaryminor.html.

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  3. I see several books on here that look good to me (and isn’t it awful I haven’t read any of these yet?). I’ve been told a million times by people lol to read schwab.

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    • Haha, so many of the lists this week were full of books that I said I’ll “read soon” and I’ve been saying that for… A while now 😂 I definitely recommend Schwab—her books are *chefs kiss*! 😍


  4. This week WAS more of a challenge! I ended up looking through my five-star reads on Goodreads to get ideas. lol I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone back in the day, but I have forgotten almost everything about that series. I guess that means I could reread it like new now. 😉 I just bought Take a Hint on sale on Kobo so hopefully I can finally read that one soon! Great list Dini!


  5. 100% still need to read The Flatshare! It looks super cute. 🙂 Apologies for not visiting here sooner; but thanks for visiting Finding Wonderland on this week, and for the kind anniversary comment! 🙂


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