#TopTenTuesday: December’s Likely Possibility Pile

So, we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: Books On My Winter 2020-2021 TBR (or summer if you live in the southern hemisphere)!

I’m generally terrible with TBRs and tend to half-stick to possibility piles but 2020 has seen my moods become even wilder and whackier than normal, which has resulted in me straying from all the books that I think I possibly want to read over a given period. As much as I have been reading, its still been a tough year for the books 😂 I can’t believe the year is already coming to an end and well, a lot of my bookish reading plans this year kind of got thrown to the wayside! While this prompt does include 2021, I’m focusing on December specifically as I have a few titles that I think I want to read before the year ends… But (again) it’ll depend on my mood when it comes time to pick them up! So here are some possible possibilities for the pile and yes, I’m probably being more than a little ambitious! 😜

Enjoy the View
Ever After Always
The Crowns of Croswald
In a Holidaze
Take A Hint, Dani Brown

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
Cemetery Boys
Bad Blood
Permanent Record
House of Earth and Blood

Are you a TBR kinda person or are ‘possibility piles’ more your speed? Have you read any of these titles or are they on your TBR?

36 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: December’s Likely Possibility Pile

  1. Great list, Dini! I LOVED Take a Hint, Dani Brown so I look forward to seeing what you think of it. 😀 I’ve never been interested in Sarah J. Maas’s work, but I’ve heard so many good things about House of Earth and Blood that I have actually borrowed the ebook from the library, so it’ll be interesting to see what we both think of it. Happy reading!

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    • Thanks Jess! I really loved Chloe Brown so I’m hoping to not push off Dani Brown for too long 😆 I’m so freaking good at procrastinating though! LOL I really enjoyed Maas’ Throne of Glass series but wasn’t head over heels (like pretty much everyone and their mum) about ACOTAR. So… Definitely intrigued by HoEaB, especially since it’s categorised properly as ‘new adult/adult’ 😂 Keen to see how you feel about it! Hope you enjoy 😉

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  2. I loved that you called this likely possibility pile because I relate, every month I make a list to read and I read like only one off the list 😂
    I’m excited to read Take A Hint, Dani Brown, Permanent Record and Cemetery Boys so I hope you love them all!! 🥰
    Good luck with your list 😁!!

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    • Haha possibility piles are defo the way to go for me 😂 The thought of setting a fixed list for me to get through each month is already enough to send me in a panic! I generally have some ideas but do like to keep it ‘loose’ 😊 I hope you love all of those books too! So exciting!!!

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    • Definitely feel that as an epic mood reader myself! I try with these “possibility piles” but most of the time they end up not getting read either 😂 Glad to hear you enjoyed HoEaB! I’ve heard a lot of people say the same thing so I’m excited to try it 😃


    • Aah, I hope I enjoy Addie as well! So intimidated by it but also can’t wait to dive in 🥰 Ah, I do hope to get to Crescent City this year but let’s see… Haha I have heard lots of people say good things about it though! One day… 😝

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  3. In a Holidaze is a must for this time of year! I wish I would have read it now than back in October! A fun and light read. I’m reading Addie now and I’m about 100 pages in and I’m LOVING it so far. It’s so interesting! It’s been hard to read a lot with getting ready for Christmas and trying to figure out how to do things safely. Ugh! Anyways, I hope you get to most of these!! <3<3<3


  4. I also suck at sticking to TBRs, way too much of a mood reader. I really hope you enjoy these, I loved Take A Hint Dani Brown and just read The Crowns of Croswald and really enjoyed it. Really hope love those you pick up 💜💜


  5. I’m the same way- I’m a mood reader and my TBR doesn’t always fly haha! In A Holidaze sounds fun, and I love love loove that cover of Enjoy The View.


  6. This is a great list! I also have The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue on my TTT list. I am also planning on reading In A Holidaze and Crescent City … eventually 😂 I also struggle with sticking to TBRs – I am very much a mood reader and it is proving really hard for me to stick to my TBR this month 😂 The struggle is real!!

    My TTT: https://herbookishdesires.wordpress.com/2020/12/15/%f0%9f%93%9atop-ten-tuesday-books-on-my-winter-2020-2021-tbr/


  7. I love the idea of possibility piles! I used to be really good about reading my TBRs, but this year has turned me into 100% a mood reader and I rarely get more than half my TBR books read. I’m hoping I can settle back into using TBRs, but if not at least possibility piles exist!


  8. Great list Dini! I loved Get a Life, Chloe Brown so I really want to read Take a Hint, Dani Brown but I don’t think it’ll be in 2020. I’m reading Addie LaRue, it’s an unique book but I’m taking my time reading it. I think you’ll enjoy House of Earth and Blood! I hope you read all of these. 💜🙂


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