August 2020 Monthly Wrap Up!

Well it has certainly been a hot minute since I did one of these (April was my last one)! But since it’s already the end of August and I’m actually remembering to do a monthly wrap up on time, I thought I might as well do it. I don’t know about you but August passed in a literal blink for me! I definitely don’t think that I did anything noteworthy this month on both the work and personal life front, and to be honest, if you asked me what I did yesterday I don’t think I’d be able to tell you. It’s been that kind of brain foggy month and well, I’m just trying to keep my head above water and keep moving forward.

On a more positive note, I completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge to read 100 books this past Saturday and I honestly didn’t think I’d do it because my reading has been iffy at best this year. Thank goodness for the blog tours I’ve been on because they’ve been keeping me motivated and have given me the push I need to stay reading. Not that I haven’t wanted to read, it’s just that my moods have been all over the show lately and as a mood reader, books don’t usually get read very quickly, if at all, in my current state of mind.

Saying that, this month I managed to read a total of 15 books, not counting the second book I’ve DNF’d this year! Yes, you read that right, the infamous ‘non-DNFer’ has DNF’d not one, but two books in 2020. Like I’ve said before, I’m taking baby steps to DNF-ing more books and well, it’s two more than I DNF’d last year so, yay progress? ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

(5 pandas)
โ (eARC) Always Only Youread my review!
โ (Tour/eARC) The Black Kidsread my review!
โ (eARC) Fable (Fable #1)read my review!

(4.5 pandas)
โ (Tour/eARC) With or Without Youread my review!
โ (Tour/eARC) His Only Wiferead my review!

(4 pandas)
โ (Tour/eARC) The Good for Nothingsread my review!
โ (Tour/eARC) Accidentally in Love — RTC

(3.5 pandas)
โ (Tour/eARC) The Heart of a Peachread my review!

(3 pandas)
โ The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea — RTC
โ (eARC) Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen Children’s Stories) — RTC
โ (Tour/eARC) A Wicked Magicread my review!
โ (Tour/eARC) A House Is a Bodyread my review!
โ (Tour/eARC) Ignite the Sunread my review!
โ (Tour/eARC) Starcross Manorread my review!

(2 pandas)
โ (eARC) Losing Control — RTC

I think this is one of my better months of reading and I’m pretty happy that I enjoyed most of the books that I’ve read. It’s so hard to pick a favourite out of these but I can definitely pick my Top Five August Reads and they are:

  • Fable
  • With or Without You
  • His Only Wife
  • The Black Kids
  • Always Only You

Pretty much all of these reads were for blog tours and the ones that weren’t were (mostly) eARCs. Which you’d think would mean that I’ve made some headway in shrinking ARC Mountain, right? Sadly, very wrong. I seem to have the same problem browsing on NetGalley as I do when I go browsing through bookstores–I can’t stop myself from hitting that request button almost every single time. What do with me, eh?

On the blogging front, I’ve been slowly getting back to posting more regularly. I feel like blogging is much like exercising or any other habit that you take a break from after going hard at for ages. When you take break, no matter how much needed it is, it always takes a bit of adjustment to get back to a schedule once you start up again. I honestly don’t know if I’ll go back to posting daily (or at least making multiple posts daily), but I’ll try to keep a schedule as much as possible. I’ll definitely be sticking to my weekly memes as much as possible because they’re so much fun! On that note, here are some of my favourite posts from this month:

This month ended roughly but I hope that you are all doing okay and you’re staying safe and healthy. As always, my messages are always open if you need to talk. Giant panda hugs! ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ

13 thoughts on “August 2020 Monthly Wrap Up!

  1. Yeah… August was a weird month. Congratulations on reading 100 books!!!! That’s so coool! My ultimate goal, every single year, is to try to read 100 books and I think this will be the first year I will manage that ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hope September will be a good month for you, hun! Both on reading and personal fronts โค


  2. I -cannot- wait to read Fable. I’ve been hearing such wonderful things. Sounds like a perfect book to read on a rainy day with ocean sounds in the background. Congrats on reaching your reading goal!


  3. Congrats on hitting your Goodreads goal!! How exciting (: Hockey is my favorite sport and so a romance focused around a hockey player falling for someone on his staff? Umm, yes please!! SO happy to hear you liked it!!


  4. Wow, you had such a good reading month, Dini! I know what you mean–August has felt like one of those strange, foggy months. As someone who loves autumn, though, I think I’m guilty of spending my August eagerly anticipating September…

    I hope September is another good reading month for you. And congrats on hitting your Goodreads reading challenge goal!


  5. Congrats on meeting your GR goal!!! Mine was 10 and I’m at like 160something. haha. Thanks, pandemic. You had a great month and that’s so awesome!! I’m glad and I hope that you have an amazing September! โค


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