Blog Tour Review: The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts

I’m back with another blog tour and this time it’s for The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts by Alison Sherlock. Thanks to Rachel @ Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this blog tour and to Boldwood Books and the author for providing the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Goodreads: The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Release Date: 09 July 2020
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance
Panda Rating:

A feel-good story of new beginnings set in a gorgeous country village, perfect for fans of Katie Fforde and Milly Johnson.

After losing her job in New York, Amber Green isn’t looking forward to visiting her godmother in the sleepy village of Cranbridge. With its empty lanes and rundown shops, it’s hardly a place to mend her lonely heart. But when Amber discovers that Cranbridge Stores, owned by her godmother Cathy and son Josh, is under threat of financial ruin, she realises that her skills as a window dresser might just be able to help save the struggling shop.

When disaster strikes, Amber and Josh must unite to save both the shop and the village from flooding.
Can Cranbridge Stores become the heart of the village once more?
And as the village begins to come back to life, perhaps Amber will discover a reason to stay…

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Alison Sherlock is the author of the bestselling Willow Tree Hall books. Alison enjoyed reading and writing stories from an early age and gave up office life to follow her dream. Her new series for Boldwood is set in a fictional Cotswold Village and the first title will be published in July 2020.

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This one was a bit of a mixed bag for me but I did end up enjoying it overall. I’ve come to realise that wholesome village romances really warm my hopeless romantic heart and make me sigh with delight. The romance didn’t take centre stage as much as I expected, but I appreciated seeing the friendship and respect between Amber and Josh grow into something more. It was a very slow burn and at times I admit that I wanted to shake them both and scream: be adults and actually talk to each other about your feelings instead of jumping to conclusions! …But I’m glad they both got their HEA in the end.

The story was quite slow to start and since it is character driven, the negative head space our MCs are in initially slowed it down a bit. At one point I questioned whether I was really enjoying it but as I kept reading, I found that the characters had wormed their way into my heart, and I think that in large part had to do with the community vibes. I love it when a group of people come together to support each other and offer friendship to those who normally struggle to find it. The characters weren’t overly quirky but their banter had me chuckling and seeing the friendships, not just between the MCs but with others in the village grow, was really heartwarming. This book had a lot of those vibes going for it. While I wasn’t crazy about Amber and Josh, I really liked that they were easy to identify with and they were such realistic characters with their doubts and flaws. I saw plenty of myself in both of them and so seeing their transformations was not only satisfying but it filled me with hope! That said, I do wish that Amber’s growth happened more as a result of her own self-belief and self-confidence, rather than mostly because Josh believed in her.

The writing was mostly okay although I found many instances of repetition that made me feel as if I was reading around in circles and at a point I got quite frustrated with it. I also thought that the way characters spoke at times felt overly formal and it would throw me off because it seemed out of character and the modern day vernacular.

I think I would’ve enjoyed this a lot more had I not always been jolted out of the setting by the writing and character speech; but like I said, there were other aspects that kept me reading on and I’m glad I read through to the hopeful HEA in the end!

Have you read The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts?

One thought on “Blog Tour Review: The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts

  1. Haha, why do adults have a hard time talking to each other. I just don’t get it! Great review, Dini. I’m glad you liked it overall.


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