#5OnMyTBR: Blue Covers

Hello Mondays, welcome back to #5OnMyTBR, a meme created by the wonderful E @ The Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. This bookish meme gets us to dig even further into our TBRs by simply posting about five books on our TBR! You can learn more about it here or in the post announcing it. You can find the full list of prompts (past and future) at the end of this post!

This week’s prompt is: Blue Covers

Well, this one was pretty easy because I have a lot of blue books on my actual/physical TBR! I didn’t realise just how many blue cover books I had until mid-last year when I rearranged my shelves by colour, but I think it’s safe to guess that about 30% of my shelves are blue! A few of these are more recent releases but some have been sitting on my TBR for… a little while! I’ve heard mostly positive reviews about all of these books so I’m quite excited to eventually read them! Without further ado… Here are five gorgeous blue covers from my actual TBR.

That cover though 😍 The Kingdom of Back will be my second book by Marie Lu and I’m excited!

I thought I’d be reading All the Stars and Teeth this month (May) with the SeaMAYdenathon but… That didn’t work out as I had planned 😔 I hope to read it soon though!

I feel like Truly, Devious has definitely been one of the books that’s been on my TBR for quite some time. I don’t know why I don’t just pick it up — maybe I’m scared that I wont’ like it?!

Added to the many Patrick Ness books I have on my TBR and have yet to read is The Rest of Us Just Live Here. It sounds really good but I just have so…many…books *crying and dying a little bit inside*

I don’t read middle grade often but The Girl Who Drank the Moon has been sitting on my TBR since I first heard rave reviews about it last year. I should really just pick it up already, shouldn’t I?



  • 01/06/2020 — LGBTQ+ Main Character
  • 08/06/2020 — Pride Free Day
  • 15/06/2020 — Rainbow (on the cover, made from covers… be creative!)
  • 22/06/2020 — LGBTQ+ History (non-fiction or historical novels)
  • 29/06/2020 — LGBTQ+ Author

Do you like reading books in unconventional formats?
Have you read any of these or are they on your TBR too?

19 thoughts on “#5OnMyTBR: Blue Covers

  1. I bought the girl who drank the moon on kindle the other week because buying books on kindle doesn’t count towards a book buying ban…. I also bought a copy of the kingdom of back but that is an actual physical copy… I’m really not good at the book buying bans Dini 🙈😂☺️💖💚💛💜


  2. love these covers! I’ve read three of these and enjoyed them (All the Stars and Teeth, Truly Devious, & The Girl Who Drank the Moon)! I just finished TGWDTM and it was good but slow.


  3. Such pretty covers!! All the stars and teeth are on my tbr and that Marie Lu cover is just incredible 🙂


  4. The cover of «The Kingdom of Back» is beautiful! I read one Marie Lu book before and didn’t really like it, but this cover definitely makes me want to pick this one up. Lol I have a huge weakness for beutiful covers.


  5. All of these covers are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! My edition of Guillermo del Toro and Cornelia Funke’s Pan’s Labyrinth is also a lovely blue, with a beautiful illustration of the Faun on the cover.
    PS. Loved your idea of organizing bookshelves by color. That’s one arrangement I haven’t tried yet!


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