#TopTenTuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media!

It’s that time of the week again, friends! We’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: characters I’d follow on social media! This fun and creative prompt was submitted by Tilly @thebiblioshelf

Wow, this is such a great prompt–following my favourites on social media is something that I would’ve have even thought of but that doesn’t mean that a few names didn’t immediately pop into my head! I loved a lot of these characters because they had me laughing endlessly with their witty banter and cheeky humour. I think following any of them on social media would be so much fun!

Kady Grant and Ezra Mason from The Illuminae Files. I loved both of them so much and I think they’d be fun to follow. We’d definitely get a good mix of content! I’d love to follow their interactions too because I know they’d be super cute (not to sound like a stalker or anything…lol)!

Calla from The Simple Wild. I would follow her in a heartbeat! And I’d cheekily hope that she would post a lot about Jonah 🤣 But I think her social media would be curated so nicely what with her being a lifestyle blogger, influencer and photographer! I’d be keen to get more glimpses of Alaska. I’m sure her feeds would be super aesthetically pleasing!

Squad 312 from Aurora Rising. Okay, I’m cheating but I couldn’t choose just ONE of them. I love all of them and would definitely follow them all? I think I’d be most curious to see what Zila and Kal would post 😂 I already know I’ll love what Scarlett and Fin post! So much sass 😍

Meg from Love Lettering. I could see myself spending countless hours watching her YouTube videos and stalking her Instagram feed full of beautiful lettering and projects! Her feeds would be so aesthetically on point, too!

Iko from The Lunar Chronicles. Following Iko on social media would be so much fun! Her character brought such lightness to this series. She’s a gem of an android! 🥰

Ken and West from Wicked As You Wish. Following these two would be hilarious. West’s feed would probably be super confusing and I can see Ken posting such a wide variety of content to match the speed of his crazy random thoughts. I loved both these characters and they had me cracking up so often throughout the read!

Deja from Pumpkinheads. I loved Deja’s sweet and caring character and I loved her love for food! I think we’d definitely get on and her social media feeds would be full of all the good stuff 😍

Nina from The Bookish Life of Nina Hill. I actually think Nina would have pretty interesting social media pages. They’d definitely be filled with lots of bookish things (yay!) but we’d also get lots of random facts–I can see her sharing some trivia knowledge on Twitter!

The Knightly Brothers from the Getting Lucky Series. I know I’m cheating again but I would seriously follow any of these brothers on social media. Technically though I’m thinking of the businesses that each of them have that they’d be posting about, like the fudge shop/tourist trap, the restoration business, and the new restaurant… It wouldn’t hurt that we’d also get to look at the brothers too 😉

Lou le Blanc from Serpent & Dove. She is such a tough, sarcastic witchy character I think her socials would be full of sass and also witchy things! Who wouldn’t be into that?

Would you follow any of these characters on social media?
What characters would you follow?

49 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media!

  1. Calla is such a good choice! And I’ve only seen her on a couple of other lists this week, too, so it’s cool that you mentioned her.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello earlier today.

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    • Calla would be pretty inspiring to follow although I’d probably feel a lot of FOMO especially when looking at her pics of Alaska. I can totally imagine getting the travel bug from her feed lol


  2. Kady and Ezra would for sure be too cute for words, but I want to follow AIDAN even more. Maybe all three of them? What a fun dynamic that would be lol. I still need to read Aurora Rising, because I know I’m going to love all these characters! Same with Wicked As You Wish (though I should be picking that one up soon).

    Here’s my TTT post.

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    • Haha I think AIDAN’s feed might terrify me. A little, maybe 😂 It would definitely be fun to follow all three of them! Or really the whole crew from the Illuminae Files. And then I could imagine them interacting with Squad 312 from Aurora Rising and ugh, THE FEELS ❤ I would combust with happiness probs LOL I hope you enjoy both AR and Wicked As You Wish when you read them 😀

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    • Same here, I loved the whole crew too! It was so hard to choose LOL Yeah, Nik’s cousin (the one in the wheelchair right?) is SO made for social media! Haha she would be throwing out some great content 😂


  3. Omg I feel like I know no characters on this list outside of the illuminae ones 🙈🙈🙈 HOW CAN I CALL MYSELF A READER Lmaoooooooo 😂😂😂😂

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    • HAHA that’s kinda what I felt when looking at other peoples lists as well — I mean, I’d heard of the characters maybe sometimes but I have no clue about their personalities etc. It’s OK. We all read different tings 😂

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