Goodreads Monday – A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian

It’s the first Goodreads Monday of 2020, friends! This weekly meme was started by @Lauren’s Page Turners and it invites you to pick a book from your TBR and explain why you want to read it. Easy enough, right? Feel free to join in if you want to! I’ll be using a random number generator to pick my books from my insanely long GR Want-to-read list.

This week’s book is A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian. I haven’t heard much about this book on the blogosphere/book community but Algonquin approached me to read/review it and it sounds so good, I immediately said yes! This contemporary fiction has a 4.04 star average with 518 ratings and 161 reviews.

Heaven is a thirty-year-old slum hidden between brand-new, high-rise apartment buildings and technology incubators in contemporary Bangalore. In this tight-knit community, five girls on the cusp of womanhood-a politically driven graffiti artist; a transgender Christian convert; a blind girl who loves to dance; and the queer daughter of a hijabi union leader-forge an unbreakable bond.

When the local government threatens to demolish their tin shacks in order to build a shopping mall, the girls and their mothers refuse to be erased. Together they wage war on the bulldozers sent to bury their homes, and, ultimately, on the city that wishes that families like them would remain hidden forever.

Elegant, poetic, and vibrant, A People’s History of Heaven takes a clear-eyed look at adversity and geography and dazzles in its depiction of love and female friendship.

Why do I want to read it?

I mean, after reading that blurb how could I not want to read it? This sounds like exactly the kind of character driven story that I normally love and I am very excited to give it a try. I’m also trying to diversify my reads more this year so this is a perfect opportunity to branch out! Like I said, I haven’t heard much talk around this one but it’s got a pretty good average rating so I’m curious to read it. There’s also something about the simplicity of this cover that I really like. It might be the colours 🙂

Have you read A People’s History of Heaven or is it on your TBR too?

7 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday – A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian

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