Friday Favourites: Winter Reads

Hello, hello and welcome back to another Friday Favourites, dear friends! This’ll be the first Friday Favourites of the year and there are some small changes to note. Last year this weekly meme was hosted by the wonderful Kibby @ Something of the Book! However, this year Kibby has passed the torch on to Lorraine @ Geeky Galaxy. I’ve enjoyed participating weekly and I was sad when Kibby announced she was no longer hosting, but I’m very happy that Lorraine has decided to keep it going! Now with that out of the way it’s time to look at this week’s prompt: winter reads.

By now we all know I’m a total mood reader so seasonal reading just isn’t my thing. There’s also the fact that I live in the tropics and winter is really not a thing for us 😅 It’d definitely be something to give me cozy, contented feelings. Although I probably also wouldn’t mind reading something a little thrilling since I’m safely tucked away in my cocoon… Here are some favourites that

These books aren’t in any particular order but it’s not difficult for me to imagine reading them while I’m snuggled up under a pile of blankets with a hot mocha next to me! A lot of these gave me warm and contended feels and some made me emotional AF. As for the thrillers, I did actually read them under the safety of my doona in an air-conditioned room, which is about as close to the winter feels as I’ll get here in the tropics! 🤣

Do you think any of these would make good winter reads?
Have you read any of them?

11 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: Winter Reads

  1. Oh yes! The Great Alone just screams winter with all its bleakness of setting. Really did enjoy that one a lot


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