Top 5 Saturday: Books Made into TV Shows/Movies!

It’s time for another Top 5 Saturday, a weekly meme created by Mandy @ Devouring Books and this week’s topic is: books that have been made into TV shows/movies! Technically the topic only covers ‘movies’ but there are more TV adaptations that I can think of and that I’m really keen to check out. I’ve read the book of half of these shows/movies but others I’m still working on… but I’m determined to finish the books before I start watching it. Here’s what I got:

American Gods

I feel like this book was love/hate but I fell on the love side! I devoured this chunkster pretty quickly coz I couldn’t put it down. The trailers for this show all look pretty amazing! 😍

Good Omens

I’m ashamed to admit that I still haven’t finished this book. To be honest I struggled a bit with the writing style (and I’m a Gaiman fan)! I wonder if I just didn’t read it at the right time. But I will read it before watching the show!

A Discovery of Witches

I read this book so long ago. I think I found the first book in the Norwich Public Library in 2012. Well, it’s been way too long for my horrible memory to deal with because I’ve forgotten so many details now; however, I do remember that I enjoyed it a lot! So I’m looking forward to re-reading it before watching the show!

The Sun Is Also A Star

I loved this book. There were a lot of elements that I normally don’t love–for example instalove–but I found myself not scoffing at it in this book. I loved how seemingly random characters were connected in the end and I loved how… their story ended! The trailer for the movie looks really cute so I’m looking forward to watching it.

The Goldfinch

So I’m actually still reading this. I think it was such a big mistake to join a group read for it when I was going through the biggest reading slump I’ve ever experienced. Its really affected my reading experience of it and now I’m struggling to finish it. BUT determined, I am.

What TV shows or movies of books do you want to watch?
Would any of these make your list to watch?

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Books Made into TV Shows/Movies!

  1. OMG I have so many of this on my own TBR and some on my post too! I read half of American Gods and watched season 1 of the show — the show was great! Good Omens has been getting a lot of buzz lately and A Discovery of Witches is a book I thought could be a 5 star read even before there was a show, yet I still haven’t read it.

    One that I almost included on my list but didn’t was The Magicians. I have watched 2 or 3 seasons of the show and love it, but I’ve heard the show is better than the books, but also very different than the books.

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    • I’ve heard the show for American Gods is really great! Apparently it’s also quite close to the book so I’m looking forward to it. Good Omens and Discovery of Witches both have a lot of hype too so I’m looking forward to them 🙂

      OOH! I haven’t watched Season 2 or 3 of The Magicians but I loved S1! The book unfortunately was not for me (I only made it through the first one though) 🙈 It was to me the same as how The Hobbit was for me — I just couldn’t understand how such an action packed and exciting movie/show had such … slow and boring texts haha

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      • I have heard that The Magicians is just better as a show, so that is one where I don’t think I will read the books. But so many great books that have become shows are out there. I am so hype for Six of Crows to become a show!


    • I feel like the books of these that I’ve read have really mixed reviews but the ones I haven’t finished reading yet have very positive reviews! Lol I’m always so behind as well, so you’re not alone 😉


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