October Monthly Wrap Up!

Friends! Can you believe? Two months until 2019 is over and I honestly still can’t believe it. I have no idea where this year has gone but it’s definitely gone in a blink! October was such a hectic month that I don’t even know where the days went because time moved so quickly. That said, I’m surprised that I managed to read 19 books this month, which brings my Goodreads reading challenge up to 175/90.

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me (review coming)
Serpent & Dove (review coming)

Last Time I Lied (review)
The Dugout (review)
Wait for It (review coming)

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill (review)
House of Salt and Sorrows (review coming)
Rules for Vanishing (review)
Frankly In Love (review coming)

These Witches Don’t Burn (review coming)

(eARC Graphic Novel) Fair Lady Vol. 1 (review coming)
Dear Aaron (review coming)
Faker (review coming)
(eARC) The Sea of Lost Girls (review coming)

(eARC) My Life as Marlee (review)
Birthday Girl (review coming)

Falling for My Brother’s Best Friend (review coming)
Park Avenue Player (review coming)
To Have and Hate (review coming)

Thinking about it again, I’m not surprised I read 19 books this month because I read a ton of romances which I always speed through (at most it takes me 2 days to read one). While I took a little step outside of my comfort zone this month with Rules for Vanishing, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t read any other spooky read, although being a mood reader I know that forcing myself to read something I’m not feeling just wouldn’t work.

I’m clearly still very much on that romance vibe, although I can also start to feel myself becoming a little jaded with some of these romances (maybe as evidenced by the lower ratings because I just wanted to roll-my-eyes-so-hard). But I think I’ve been hitting the romance so hard because my brain is just… TIRED? Like… I have no mental energy left on most days and that means I love reading romances that not only give me swoony feelings but I also don’t have to think very hard about. Let’s see if the romancing mood will continue in November!

Just like last time, you can find all my weekly memes in my menu bar since I’ve organized that a bit more. You can find the rest of the posts that I’ve made this month below. I actually didn’t write a whole lot of reviews this month, I’ve just been ‘too busy reading’ and that’s okay because I know I’m not obligated to write a review for every book I read (unless it’s an eARC) but I’ve come to realize just how much writing reviews really helps my memory! So… I’m on a mission (maybe tomorrow) to sit down and write some reviews before I forget even more than I already have!

ALSO I’ve been toying with the idea of giving my blog a bit of revamped look but I don’t know if I should do it right now (it’s not even been a year but playing with blog layouts has always been a fun time for me! LOL 😅). Might give it a go this weekend but will play it by ear! What do you think? Do you like changing up your (blog) look or is that just confusing?


eARC Graphic Novel Review: The Black Mage by Daniel Barnes & DJ Kirkland
eARC Review: On The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (The Wingfeather Saga #1) by Andrew Petersen
Cover Reveal: His Royal Highness by R.S. Grey
eARC Graphic Novel Review: Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker, Wendy Wu

I hope you all had a great reading month in October and I hope that November continues to be awesome! What was your favorite read this month? Come let me know in the comments & let’s chat!

10 thoughts on “October Monthly Wrap Up!

  1. holy crap dini you read a LOT!!! what a month you had!!! congrats girl whoo hoo!! I so feel you about your brain being tired because I
    and I can’t believe this year is nearly over
    time is flying
    cheers to a fantastic november

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Amanda love! It’s thanks to all those romances that I inhale in a day 😂 these romances seem to be the only thing that my brain seems to be handling very well these days. urgh for having the big time brain fog 😫 i can’t believe the year is almost over too! here’s to finishing the year strong and to an awesome reading month in november! giant panda hugs hun xxx


  2. WOW! You read a lot of books this past month. Good for you. I’m a turtle reader of the highest order, so I don’t really even try to up my numbers. 😉 Love seeing all the cute panda faces in your star ratings, and yay for “Frankly in Love.” Someday I need to read this one!!

    …I’m all for blog redesigns. I have so much fun with them, but haven’t been doing them nearly as much as I once did. Have fun with yours if you do revamp. 🙂

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    • It’s all those romances, Rissi! I can devour those super quickly (most in one day, unless they’re Zapata books which are over 600 pages long LOL) but those only take two days because I just can’t put them down 😂 Frankly in Love was definitely a great read. Fair warning though, it’s being marketed as a romance but it’s really not that and it only plays a minor role in the story.

      I want to do a redesign but probably not super custom (probably only custom with the graphics that I make for it but otherwise it’ll be another free template. I might give it a try tomorrow because it’s already 6PM now and I’ve basically done nothing with my day? Haha I hope you have an awesome weekend! 😃


    • I wish I enjoyed Birthday Girl more! That was my first read by that author but I’m getting the impression that she does a lot of love triangles? And that’s super not my jam 😅 I’m glad that Birthday Girl didn’t really have a ‘love triangle’. Have you read any of her other books?


  3. Good job with 19 books! Sometimes a romance binge is just what you need 🙂 I go through those phases too! And If you want to change your blog layout then do it! I changed mine after about a year and I like it now so much better than my first one! I shouldn’t have waited so long to do it!


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