#TopTenTuesday: Most Recent Additions to My Book Collection

So, we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: Most recent additions to my book collection.

After years of saying “I’ll catalogue my books”, I’m happy to say I’ve made a start and I finally finished cataloguing all my eBooks yesterday! I’ve already made a fair few (eBook) purchases this year (welp! 🙈) but I’m staying on top of things and adding them directly to my catalogue after each purchase. It might seem like no big deal but I’m feeling pretty freaking accomplished right now 😂 But I digress…

After seeing so many amazing yearly wrap-ups and being tempted by others’ favourites that were already on my wishlist, I decided to treat myself since I actually didn’t go wild buying that many new books last year (ebook and otherwise). I might be making up for that this year (probably even this month alone lol, jokes, maybe).

iron widow

After seeing all of the hype in 2021, so when I saw it going for £1.99 just today I immediately jumped on it. I’m so, so excited to read this!

defy the night

I still haven’t finished reading her Cursebreakers series but I did love ACSDAL and this just sounds so good? So when I saw it going for £0.99 (today!), I thought why not?! ☺️

The Kingless Crown

I found out about this book from Julie’s post and it sounded amazing plus it’s on sale(!), and I mean, that’s all I really needed to know? 😂 Thanks, Julie!


Hello, I was today years old when I learned that Ilona Andrews is a pseudonym for a husband-wife writing team?! I have the third book in this series but I found out from Ash’s review that this is the first book so I got it. I’ve been meaning to try Ilona Andrews’ books for a while now too, so yay!


I’ve actually seen this book on a lot of yearly wrap-ups and monthly wrap-ups over the last two months and was intrigued by it, but then Lori mentioned reading and loving it, so I randomly took it as a sign to go out and get it? Yeah. Lol


I’ve been wanting to read this graphic novel for a while and seeing Sophie’s post finally pushed me to treat myself with them. I’ve tried really hard to pace myself and not speed through all four volumes in one-night cos I know I’m gonna be sad there’s no more to read once I’m done!


I don’t remember when or how I came across Whiteout, since I’ve never heard of this author before, but I was looking for a little variety to my romance and since this was on my wishlist I decided to treat myself to a little romantic suspense?


I read a short story by Dev at the start of this month and absolutely loved it and was a little disappointed in myself for not having read her books yet—especially since they’re Austen retellings!


I’ve seen plenty of enticing things about both books in the League of Scoundrels series from Nick and Sil on romance book Twitter and I couldn’t resist any longer… So of course, I went and scooped both up immediately! 👀 I’m soooo looking forward to meeting these characters!


I’ve seen so much praise for this title and after reading The Wolf and the Woodsman, I felt that I wanted to give this one a try as soon as possible. I think I might read it sometime this month already!

So those are the last ten eBooks to join my collection this month. I’ve certainly been treating myself this month and although I’m starting to feel a little guilty, it feels so good to buy new books (even if they’re not physical copies)! What’ve you bought recently? Any goodies to recommend? 😍

73 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Most Recent Additions to My Book Collection

  1. I highly recommend you have a cozy blanket and something warm to drink with both Whiteout and Eight Perfect Hours. I loved them both, but imagery of the snowy settings had me feeling the chill. Especially with Whiteout! Both are amazing stories. Enjoy!

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  2. I need you to read Defy the Night and tell me how it is. I read the Cursebreakers but was annoyed by the ending! It just wasn’t as satisfying for me, so I’m a little wary. Also yay! I hope you enjoy the Emily Sullivan books!

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    • Ngl, I’m pretty nervous about continuing the Cursebreakers series cos I’ve heard it goes a wee bit down hill after the first book? But Defy the Night sounds amazing so I hope it goes okay! Haha. I kept seeing you and Sil talk about Sullivan’s books so I decided I had to cave and get them. I can’t wait to try them! 😍


    • YAY for awesome deals! 😆 I saw it and didn’t even think twice about hitting that One-Click buy button! Haha. I hope you enjoy it too! Aah, very excited for Little Thieves. I’ve heard so many good things about it!

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    • Ooh, yes, I think I remember seeing your review for Defy the Night and thinking it sounded good (especially since you enjoyed it after not really enjoying her Cursebreakers series, right?)! I can’t wait to read it 😊

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    • Ooh, I really can’t remember where I saw it but I’m excited to read it! Don’t think I’ve read anything set in Antartica before. I hope you enjoy it as well, Tanya! And yeesss, Nick and Charlie are SO PRECIOUS! I don’t want this series to end 😅


  3. Well, cataloging all your ebooks is quite an accomplishment. I thought about it, started it, and then was overwhelmed (I have 2000+). I have seen mixed reviews for Eight Perfect Hours, but I loved it. I am Louis’ writing. I hope you enjoy all these books!

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    • Haha, ngl, I’m chuffed that I’ve finally got it done! I’m sure I missed out plenty (especially the free books from authors etc.) but at least the ones I bought online are done! Ooh, I haven’t seen the mixed reviews for Eight Perfect Hours, I’ve only seen the glowing ones, but I’m super keen to check it out! It looks adorbs 😊

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  4. Cataloging all your e-books is a big deal. I am behind with cataloging mine, sadly. I have all the physical books cataloged. I at least can manage that much. It’s a work in progress. 🙂 I hope you love Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors as much as I did. I am really looking forward to reading several of your other books listed, many of which are on my wish list. I hope you enjoy all of these and have a great week.

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    • It *is* a big deal! I’m so happy that after years of saying I’ll do it, I finally did it! Now to catalogue my physical books… which thankfully aren’t half as many as the eBooks! LOL 👀 I’m soo looking forward to Sonali Dev’s books and I’m happy to hear loved it! Thanks for stopping by my post and I hope you have an awesome year of reading ahead! 😊


    • I don’t think I’ve heard one negative thing about Iron Widow yet and so the hype is definitely real (which is also pretty intimidating) and I’m hoping it lives up to it for me! 😂 Also, I don’t think I’ve read anything set in Antarctica before so I’m definitely looking forward to checking it out! 😃


    • I haven’t!!! Silent Blade was my first IA book but I defo wanna try more from them! I really like their writing and world-building and surprisingly steamy romance??? Haha! I can’t wait 😃


  5. You got some good ones, Dini!! I really enjoyed A Rogue to Remember and The Rebel and the Rake. And you got a great deal on Defy the Night. Totally worth it! And I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Kingless Crown!

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    • Thanks, Julie! I saw your reviews for A Rogue to Remember and Rebel and the Rake as well! SO many people loved it so I’m definitely excited to dive in. I’m so chuffed about the Defy the Night deal—almost couldn’t believe it! 😂 Also very keen to check out Kingless Crown!

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    • Haha, not gonna lie, I’m a little shocked by how many ebooks I have 😂 It’s *SO* easy to forget that I have plenty of books to read on there cos, like you said, they’re all out of sight on the Kindle! LOL. It was a little intimidating 🙈


  6. That’s a great deal for Iron Widow! I tried to get that at the sale but they were all sold out. I’ll have to keep an eye on it as an ebook! I’m definitely going to catalog all my ebooks and see what I’ve got going on there. I’m scared. haha! I hope you enjoy all these, Dini! ❤

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    • I was so stoked with this deal! Lol I didn’t even think twice about buying it even though I wanted to hold out and get the physical copy. If I love it as much as I hope I do, I think I might double copy it anyway (cos I’m extra like that haha)! 😂 I totally feel you about being scared to catalogue but it feels SO good once it’s done! You can do it! 🥰

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      • Oh gosh, I’ve totally bought a physical copy when I’ve loved a ebook! Especially, if I got it for a couple bucks then it’s not so bad. I just sometimes need to have the actual book on my shelf. 🙂 I totally understand! haha. Yes! Now, to find the time… hopefully when I’m finished painting this house!

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  7. Yay for cataloguing!! That can be a lot of work. I’ve only read Eight Perfect Hours on your list, but it made my top three books of 2021. I hope you love it as much as I did! I own the second volume of Heartstoppers because it came in a book subscription box. I need to pick up the first one (and the third and fourth) so I can finally read this series, as well. I’ve only heard great things! And, of course, I’m very excited to hear what you think of Dev’s book. 🙂 Happy reading!

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    • Haha, I’ve catalogued all the books that were on my Amazon orders page but then I realised that I have a lot of freebies from authors (romance authors especially) and I haven’t yet catalogued those, let alone all the ARCs I have on my Kindle?! I don’t even know if I should catalogue those but… The thought of adding more to the already *very* long list is more than a little intimidating 😂 I’m very excited to read Eight Perfect Hours! I have a feeling it’s going to wreck me emotionally??? But we love a romance that can give all the feels, haha! Ooh, I hope you do get your hands on the Heartstopper books. They’re SO good (such sweet, fun and fast reads) and ah, I love the characters so much. I hope you do too, Dedra. Happy reading 😍

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      • I really need to go through my Kindle, as well. I recently got a new one for Christmas and it made me realize I probably have books on there I don’t want to read anymore when I saw 80+ pages of books. 🤦‍♀️😂 Eight Perfect Hours is emotional, but in a good way. 😉


  8. Buying books is always a great feeling!! I hope you end up loving these books, heartstopper YAY!! I love the characters! I have heard great things about Little Thieves, like a lot of great things, so hope you love that one. I have been meaning to read Dev’s books, the premises sound great and I love the covers 😍 Happy reading! 💕

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    • I can’t believe it took me so long to read Heartstopper but I’m so glad I finally have. These two are so so so precious 🥺 I’ve heard amazing things about Little Thieves and I’m really hoping it lives up to the hype for me! And yeesss, I’m so glad I finally read a short story by Dev earlier this month cos it’s convinced me to finally pick up her full-length novels. Her writing is great! 😃

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  9. “Eight Perfect Hours” was one of the MANY Christmas novels I picked up only to not read this past season. I had good intentions, but you know, it never happened. Also… Sonali’s book looks fun and good. Hoping it is. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland on this week.


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