Triwizardathon: Task 3 Possibility Pile


Has one week already passed in between Task 2 and now? Time flies! I didn’t do as well in the second task as I did in the first, but I did manage to complete my own challenge; I just didn’t get the extra points for rescuing anyone else! The two books below are what I ended up reading. I’m hoping to do better in this final task but let’s see how it goes! It’s already Monday and I’m still wafflin’ on what books I want to read. I’m going to aim for just two books but I could surprise myself and read more!


You’re finally here at the final task! Well done on getting this far!

For this task you must find your way through a maze, facing many challenges along the way, to race to retrieve the Triwizard cup.

Task 3 will run from: Monday 9th December – Sunday 15th December 2019


You will face many obstacles within the maze, you must complete at least one of these challenges, but may complete as many as you can for extra points.

Third Task, Triwizard Tournament Readathon, Chapter Charms

There are five obstacles in challenge one but I think I’ll focus on the three I’ve listed below because as much as I hope to read six books this week, I’m quite sure that’s not going to happen! So… Here we go!

Blast-Ended Skrewt: This is a hybrid creature, read a book outside your comfort zone.

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup
This is outside of my comfort zone because it’s non-fiction and … well, we’ve been through this a couple of times already! I don’t normally read NF so it’s always a bit of a struggle but this is one I’m really looking forward to reading!

Boggart: Read a book that contains something you fear.

The Snowman
This is probably pretty self-explanatory but in case it isn’t: I’m just a little bit terrified of serial killers.

Acromantula: You may need help to defeat this creature, read a book recommended by a friend.

Yep, I’m making this my third book! It’s not exactly a lie because several friends have recommended reading it so that I can weep collectively with them once I’m done with it. So… It works 🤷🏻‍♀️


You made it through the maze, but can you take the cup?

Make sure it’s not a Portkey and read a book that involves travel of any kind for your final challenge to take the cup and complete the Triwizard Tournament!

Under the Cottonwood Tree: El Susto de la Curandera
This is a graphic novel that I just got approved on NetGalley and started reading. I’m counting it for this prompt because the characters travel through the cottonwood tree forest. I feel like this prompt is a little vague and it can apply to pretty much all the books? But I’m making it easy for myself and going with it 😬

And that’s it for the final task, friends! At the end of Task 2, Team Durmstrang is still in the lead (woo, go team!) and I’m wondering if we can keep it up until the very end or if another team will surpass us? I guess we’ll find out soon enough! Here we go… 🤩

Are you participating in the #Triwizardathon? What school are you repping?
Good luck to everyone who’s joining the readathon!

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