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This year, I’ve been trying to make an active effort in engaging more with the book community. This has definitely meant spending more time on #bookstagram, but I also wanted to start this blog to engage beyond Instagram. I have to admit, with a full time job and dealing with more mental health stress than in previous years, doing all of this has been a lot harder than I anticipated. I’ve been doing okay on the bookstagram front, but I’ve been struggling a lottle with the blog. Even though I’ve only been on the blogging scene for just under one month, and I’ve posted (very) sporadically, the more I think about creating daily content, the more I feel overwhelmed.

Lurking around the blogosphere, particularly WordPress, I realize that most people have been blogging for ages — and by that I mean they’ve been blogging for at least a few months, but most for several years! I see some bloggers posting twice per day, others every day, and I’m actually really amazed. I know there is a lot that I have to catch up on in the book blogging world, but I have zero clue where to start. There are certainly lots of book tag prompts that I see people posting about (i.e. WWW, TTT, Weekly Wrap Up etc.), and they sound like good, fun tags to follow and try, so maybe I will take some of those on and slowly increase my posts that way!

I thought I would also reach out to all the (book) bloggers out there — whether you’re a newbie or a veteran to blogging — how do you organize yourself with creating content/posts for your blog? Do you usually follow tags and where do you find them? Do you prepare all your posts for the week in one go or do you actually make time to sit down every day and post? I think these are the things that are overwhelming me the most right now. Especially finding the time to write with my full-time job and my need to unwind with a book after very long days sitting at the office! Any tips/tricks/pointers on making posts and content that’s engaging? Any advice you have to share would be MUCH appreciated!

By the way, I’d like to say a special thanks to all the bloggers who are already following me–it’s a small following but I didn’t think that there’d even be one person who’d be interested in reading what I have to say. Seriously. So, thank you. I absolutely love all the book spheres I’m part of (Instagram/FB/Blog)! 🥰

2 thoughts on “Book Blogging Thoughts…

  1. My co-blogger and I post every day, but that’s only because there are two of us, and I think we actually started out by only posting 3-4 times per week. Our blog has just somewhat grown over the years. I would also credit this to not having had a full time job at all the points while I’ve been blogging, and I think different bloggers’ life circumstances are definitely something to keep in mind. Full time jobs, kids, other commitments all make it harder, and I try not to compare myself too much to what other people are doing. Personally I kind of sneak in blogging when I have time, but I imagine other people do really well with a schedule and planning a lot of content at once. (Not sure if any of that was actually useful!)


    • I’m sure having two people posting makes a huge difference! I really enjoy reading your blog, so you both are doing amazing! 😍 I will definitely work on not comparing (that’s always my problem lol), but I hope with time I will find my rhythm and work out some kind of schedule for myself because I definitely want to keep this blog going. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with me. I really appreciate it 🥰


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