A Bookish Journey…

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by! My name is Dini and I’m an avid book reader and ultimate book lover. By starting this blog, I want to challenge myself to become a better reader; to be more critical and more aware of what I read, and to better understand what makes a good read (for me). I also hope to connect with other like-minded book lovers and share recommendations with each other. I might not be the most eloquent reviewer, and I might not write the best or most insightful reviews, but I hope to build that up with practice over time.

I’m not a book snob… While I have favorite genres, such as romance, fantasy, historical fiction, and true crime, I’m open to pretty much all genres. The only genre that I don’t read much of is horror (especially paranormal) because I am The Ultimate Chicken™️ that can’t handle it. Although I do love Stephen King, I tend to stay away from his scarier novels (such as IT; sorry, not sorry). Every year I also challenge myself to read more non-fiction–while I don’t dislike NF, it’s difficult for me to keep my attention focused, and I get very easily distracted.

The genres that I like include: YA fantasy/fiction, historical fiction, fantasy/sci-fi, mysteries/thrillers, true crime, romance, new adult, poetry/prose, classics, very rarely horror and occasionally non-fiction.

Don’t be a stranger! Hit that like and subscribe button if you like what you’re seeing. Leave me a comment if you’d like to chat, or if you want to tell me that you dislike or disagree with something that I’ve written. 😂 I’m open to engaging in discussions where we agree and disagree because that’s what life is about!

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