Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2023

Where do I even start with February? I thought I was ready for what the month would bring but I definitely was not. At. All. Ready. 😭😂 I think I can begin glancing back at this experience now and have a slight chuckle at how overwhelmed and overworked and over everything I was. And although I’ve done my best to push the stress of the situation to the back of my mind, I know that once I reflect on the past month from a professional perspective, I will also realise that I’ve gained a lot from it and I’ll probably maybe be thankful for having gone through what I did. But as of right now, I’m not quite there yet and I’ll do anything in my power to ensure I never have to experience this again. Ever. Again. No more. 🫣

This is pretty much it for the life update front because nothing else but work happened this month and it’s sad that that’s not at all an exaggeration, lol.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2023

Well, I don’t know about you but to me, January simultaneously felt like it would never end and like it passed way too quickly for my liking. This was the month I started my “new” job, returned to work 4 of 5 days in the office, and felt a ridiculous level of stress and pressure that I haven’t felt in quite some time. It has been both good and bad and although it’s gotten slightly better and I’m slowly finding my feet, it’s been a lot to adjust to!

With my first chunky new paycheck I decided to indulge in new tech and invested in my first ever tablet—the 5th Gen iPad Air and of course, I got it in the colour purple! 💜 I think 2023 is fast becoming the year I take my favourite colour and make it into my whole aesthetic and I’m not mad about it at all.

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Pondathan Update ft. A Blossoming Garden & Gen’s Side Quest

Hello, friends! Today I’m excited to share a short update on my Pondathon reading progress, Pompom’s updated character card and most importantly… Pompom’s blossoming garden! 😍

Want to know more about the Pondathon? Check out my announcement post!

For the first round of the Pondathon, I managed to complete all the objectives for Xiaolong’s Side Quest, including the bonus and secret achievement. This means that Pompom gets their first badge for their character card plus some exciting decorations for the garden. Yay! 😃

I’ve also started to fill up the garden. I surprisingly only got two flowers last month but I got a lot of planter boxes and garden beds, so at least I’ll be ready to add flowers to my garden as the year progresses 😄 I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking and y’know, I think Pompom is too!

Now that it’s February, there’s an exciting new side quest to tackle: Planting Saplings with Gen! The quest expires on 19 February 2022, 8:00PM NZT. [?]

Click on the banner for more information about Gen’s side quest!

The objective of the quest is to read a book by a Black author for Black History Month. If you read at least three books by Black authors, you’ll receive the Sleepy Sapling badge. You complete the Secret Achievement if you read a book by a Black author with one of the following themes: friendship, family, community, nature.

As I’m not one for fixed TBRs, here’s a big possibility pile from my existing shelves that I’m hoping to finally tackle this year:

Are you reading for the Pondathon? Did you complete Xialong’s side quest and will you help Gen with his side quest? If you are, what books are you planning to read for it?