Mini ‘Friends-to-Lovers’ Reviews: Guarding Temptation & Pact With A Heartbreaker

Goodreads: Guarding Temptation
Publisher: Nixon House
Published: 22 April 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Panda Rating:

Protective. Obsessive. And rough around the edges.

James Foster knows the rules: you don’t fall for your best friend’s little sister. Nina is too young, too reckless, and too busy saving the world to be tied down by the commitment he craves.
If he was smart, he’d stop wanting her. But she’s the one thing on earth James just can’t quit.

Fierce. Principled. And impossible to resist.

Political campaigner Nina Chapman is sick of one-time things. She wants forever, and she wants it with her brother’s best friend—but James still sees her as a child to be coddled.
So when a controversial article lands Nina in hot water, she finds herself under his protection and under his roof. It’s a shame James doesn’t want her in his bed, too.
…Or does he?

Pretty sure there isn’t a Talia Hibbert book that I wouldn’t enjoy at this point! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I devoured this steamy little novella too quickly but how could I resist when these characters have explosive chemistry and Hibbert’s writing was (once again) top-notch? Seriously though, how is it that Hibbert can wreck my emotions so deeply in so short a time? It’s a skill!

The H/h dynamic in this one might be the same as pretty much all of Hibbert’s other romances but I personally didn’t find anything wrong with that cos why fix something that ain’t broke, right? This best friend’s little sister/friends-to-lovers romance served a strong mutual pining game and you’d think that wouldn’t be my jam as someone who’s not a fan of angst but wow, was I totally here for it—especially with the angsty and emotional beginning that crescendos into *high* sexual tension thanks to a forced proximity bodyguard situation! I loved the off-the-charts chemistry between Nina and James and the level of comfort they had with each other that’s clearly more than just physical. Nina was a smart, sassy, bold and strong-willed heroine, and in contrast, James was this hulking bear of a soft and caring hero. Again with the way he would lay everything down for Nina—swoon!

Shout out to the cameo from Jas and Rahul (which really only had me swooning at their love all over again)!

Goodreads: Pact With A Heartbreaker (Havenbrook #3)
Publisher: Bright Publishing, LLC
Published: 11 July 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Panda Rating:

Mackenna Haven is desperate to leave Havenbrook, Mississippi behind. After spending her whole life under the thumb of her overbearing father, she’s ready for the freedom college will bring. Especially if that freedom means spending more time with her best friend…and unrequited love.

Hudson Miller’s been the man of the house since his dad died nearly ten years ago. The only escape he has from those responsibilities is the stolen moments when he’s with Kenna. As much as he wants to tell her he’s been in love with her for years, the red X looming on his calendar could change everything between them.

A week before school starts, Hudson proposes a trip away with Mackenna as one last weekend together before college responsibilities creep in. Except it could be one last weekend together, period. Because the secret he’s been keeping from her could tear them apart forever.

This novella was the perfect introduction to the friendship and romance between Mac and Hudson and it was so bittersweet but I loved every moment of it! Mac has always been my favourite Haven sister since we’re introduced to her in Second Chance Charmer and I’ve been so eager to see who it is that has left her heartbroken all this time. Mac and Hudson have been best friends forever and have done practically everything together, and they’re supposed to continue doing all the things together in college until Hudson shares some news that throws a wrench in all their plans. They’ve had unspoken feelings for each other for years now but after Hudson’s big secret is revealed, all bets are off and they give into the charged attraction to each other. Walsh creates such delicious tension between these two and when they finally get together, the steamy was set-the-Kindle-on-fire hot! 🥵

The combination of their steadfast friendship and their cheeky and comforting banter, with the added steaminess and hope of new romance, mixed with the slightly angsty heartbreaking news nicely set up the continuation of their story in Captain Heartbreaker, which is set ten years down the line. I’m so ready for more Brighton Walsh, please and thank you! 😍

Have you read Guarding Temptation or Pact With A Heartbreaker or are they on your TBR? Are you a fan of friends-to-lovers romances?

10 thoughts on “Mini ‘Friends-to-Lovers’ Reviews: Guarding Temptation & Pact With A Heartbreaker

  1. Wohoo! I loved both of these books too and I’m pleased that you had a good time with them too. Guarding Temptation is one of my favorites from Talia Hibbert. I was hoping she’d release a novella this year too but I don’t think she has. Have you read her small-town romance series yet? SO GOOD!

    Oof yes, Pact made my heart ache! Brighton just knows how to bring all the feels to her books. I can’t wait for you to read more from her. My favorite is Tessa Ever After!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, Hibbert has a small-town romance series too?! I will DEFO be checking that out now! I still have so many of her books to work my way through but I love her writing and characters so much so it won’t be a hardship to continue (just on my bank, welp)! 😂

      Okay, I’m gonna have to check out Tessa Ever After! I haven’t heard of that one but your recs have yet to steer me wrong! Heh… Thanks, Nick 😃


    • I really am! I don’t think I’ve read a romance series so quickly before? I’m on the last book in the series right now and can’t wait to read more by this author 😊 I still haven’t finished the Brown Sisters series but I’m hoping to read Eve’s book very soon!

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