#TopTenTuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves!

So, we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: Bookish Pet Peeves

I wasn’t totally enthusiastic about this topic when I drafted this post but once the ball got rolling it didn’t take long for me to come up with ten! I guess I have a lot of things that I like to whine about when it comes to books/reading! 😂

  1. Books that promise one thing and it’s not delivered or something different is delivered: It’s so frustrating when you’re expecting one thing and it’s not delivered or something completely different is delivered, whether it’s the genre, trope, character arc, etc. This has happened a few times with poorly marketed books!
  2. When an anticipated read disappoints you: Isn’t it the worst when you’re looking forward to a book so much and when you finally read it it’s not at all what you expected and you don’t like it at all? I think it’s even worse when others loved it as much as you thought you would and you wonder if you’re even reading the same book!
  3. Love Triangles: I know people say love triangles are okay when done well but I just don’t like them at all. The angst and the pain and someone is gonna lose and it’s gonna suck and it’s not my jam 😂
  4. The Surprise Pregnancy: This is a more recent peeve for me. I think that it can still be done in a decent way but it’s still a trope that I prefer to not read about and I find it annoying when I’m really enjoying a romance and then… BOOM! Baby on the way. Eh! 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Dreaded miscommunication: Same feels as above, especially when I’m enjoying a book and I like the characters and then the miscommunication happens! I want to shake characters that decide they know everything that went wrong without talking to each other and even worse when the miscommunication isn’t even hashed out in the end and suddenly everything’s just “perfect” again! 🙈
  6. Unnecessary drama/conflict: I don’t like it when drama or a conflict is introduced just because or when it could have so easily been avoided. Please, stop. 🙄
  7. Unremovable cover stickers: All kinds of cover stickers but especially those that are fake and when they’re promoting another book or the show/movie! We don’t need to see it on the cover especially when the cover is gorgeous! 🙈
  8. Cover changes mid-series: I don’t mind this if I haven’t bought any of the books yet but if I have then it’s so frustrating! Why you do this to us?
  9. Different size editions in a series from the same publisher: Similar to the above but when a book in the series is a different size from the previous one even though they’re by the same publisher. This has only happened to me a few times but it happened more recently and I find it annoying cos I thought they’d match perfectly on my shelf! 😂
  10. People that get annoyed when I get annoyed at being interrupted while reading: This happens a surprising amount especially with my family and I don’t get why people don’t see why I get upset when they bother me while I’m reading. They think I’m being ridiculous but… No, please!

What are some of your bookish pet peeves? Can you relate to any of mine?

45 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves!

  1. Great list! I totally forgot about the stickers that don’t come off. 🤣 I also dislike stickers on them in general because even those that can be removed such to get off!

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  2. All of these except surprise pregnancies. I don’t mind those. Haha. #1 has been bugging me a lot lately because of the illustrated cover trend. Makes everything look like a rom-com. It’s especially bad when the blurb misleads as well.

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    • Haha I didn’t used to mind those but I don’t know why I’ve started to find them irritating in the last few years 😅 That’s true actually, that the illustrated covers make everything seem a lot more peppy/romcom-y but I hate when blurbs promise one thing and… it’s really not that 🙈

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    • I don’t know why I’ve been bothered by the surprise preggo trope in the last few years but I admit it can be done well! Miscommunication is truly the worst—it’s like, we’re all adults here, please talk to each other 🙈 Lol


  3. I agree with your take on the anticipated book not working for you. I hate when that happens.

    One way I’ve found to get my family to stop interrupting me when I’m reading is to interrupt them when they are doing something they like. I know it sounds petty, but it has curtailed the interruptions, especially with my 13-year-old, who constantly interrupts me to ask me how I’m feeling. She will do this like 10 times in a row. If I don’t answer her, she gets irritated. But when I ask her if she would like it if I did it to her while she was drawing or painting, she says no.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

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    • Haha, it’s not petty at all because I’ve done it once or twice before and they always get so irritated but they STILL don’t get why I feel that way when I read books and they interrupt me. It’s so silly that they think readers are exempt for some reason? 🙄I now just tell them that I won’t answer any questions asked unless it’s urgent and if it’s not I ignore them 😂

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  4. Miscommunications drive me NUTS, especially when it seems so artificial to the plot. I mean, come on people. Stickers and different size editions as well. Just no.

    #10 as well!!

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  5. Poorly marketed books are the worst! It’s super frustrating when you expect something and get another. It has happened a lot within the romance genre, in my opinion. Unnecessary drama/conflict has been really bothering me lately! Great list, Dini. 😀

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    • Yep, definitely frustrating when you think you’re getting one thing and get the total opposite. I find that happens a lot for YA romances that should be marketed as coming-of-age or contemporaries and not romances! Lol


  6. Ooooh, yes! When I find a hyped book disappointing! How did I forget this one when it’s happened to me several times this year?? I’m talking about you, Daisy Jones. 😉 Great list! And once again, we had similar thoughts. ❤

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    • Oof, yeah, the hyped and anticipated book let down is painfully disappointing! 🙈 This is why I hate the hype around books sometimes! LOL I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy DJ though but a lot of others felt the same way you did too, so you’re not alone!


  7. OHMYGOSH, YES! The disappointment thing is real both in anticipated reads and books that seem to be one thing (based on synopsis, etc.) only to be another. Also, unneeded conflict is (most the time) so annoying! It just seems to be for drama usually rather than moving the story in a good direction. Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland on this week, Dini and for your thoughtful comment. 🙂


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