#TopTenTuesday: Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had…

So, we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had (maybe not even because the job sounds fun, but maybe the co-workers are cool or the boss is hot?)

I wasn’t too sure if I was feeling today’s prompt but I decided to just have fun with it and not think too hard about being serious or realistic! I honestly think being able to do what any of these characters do in their stories would not only be so amazing but also so much fun! 😍

Take A Hint, Dani Brown – The academic life doesn’t suit me but oh, to be as passionate as Dani is in this book about her PhD topic on feminist literature, and to be such a cool professor as well, I’m for it! 😍
That Secret Crush – I’d love to be Reid and own my own restaurant and cook such glorious food. ALL the food in this book sounded delicious and I want to be the one to cook all the good stuff 😂
Aurora Rising – I’d be happy to be anyone in that book cos that’d mean I’d be part of Squad 312! I think I’d love to be Scarlett though. She’s a badass face! 😍
The Locker Room – Although she ended up getting a little *eye-roll*, Emory was a librarian and seeing as I’ve been considering pursuing that track in recent years, of course I’d love to have her job!
Amari and the Night Brothers – I wouldn’t choose to be Amari, although that black girl magic would be AMAZING. No, I’d love to be either Agent Fiona or Magnus. They’re SO freaking cool and such fantastic supporting characters!

Fable – Okay, so if I was actually going to find myself in this world, I’d be dead in 5-mins? But to be badass like Fable? I’d love to dive as well she can and y’know, have her talents!
Nevermoor – So… I’d basically love to have anyone’s job at the Hotel Deucalion because seriously, how much fun would that be?! Maybe I’d choose Fenestra’s role cos then I’d be a magnificat and that’d be extra amazing! 🤣
Always Only You – Yes, I would like to manage the socials of this hockey team, please and thank you! And I mean, I can’t lie, I’d also love to be attached to the sweet cinnamon roll that’s Ren! 😉
Spin the Dawn – I’d love to have Maia’s talent of weaving the most gorgeous dresses, but to also be so passionate about what she does. Also, my ulterior motive is really to be close to Edan 😂😍
Love Lettering – I’m a sucker for beautiful handwriting/calligraphy/lettering, and I’ve tried my hand at it IRL so many times only to fail… So I’d love to be able to do what Meg does in this book!

Are there any characters whose jobs you’d love to have? Have you read any of these books and feel the same about these characters’ professions?

38 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had…

    • I love seeing people do calligraphy stuff and posting those y’know, insta perfect shots of their bujos with their gorgeous hand-lettering. I never thought the hand-lettering envy would be so real 🤣


  1. Great list, Dini! I love the idea of working at the Hotel Deucalion–that would be so much fun, and I bet Jupiter North would be the best kind of boss–and I’d love to pursue a PhD (if I had the money) and be as passionate about a subject as Dani is. 😀

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    • Omg, yes, how awesome would Jupiter be as a boss? He’d be so fun and honestly, I’d just love to attend one of Frank’s famous parties 😂 I think I’d just love to be Dani. She’s so amazing! 😍

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  2. Great choices!! I have seen a few ppl pick Scarlett’s job today. Squad 312 would for sure be awesome! And of course any job at the Hotel Deucalion would of course be awesome! It would be like coming into a different job every day.

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    • I haven’t got around to hopping around peoples post from last week but yay for Scarlett! Her job is awesome (and her talent is amazing too)! 😍 I’d absolutely love to be part of Hotel Deucalion–so much fun and (mis)adventure everyday! Lol

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  3. I’d love to have any of these jobs! I mean, like you, I think I wouldn’t last five minutes if I actually made it into any of these worlds, but I like the idea that I could? Loved this!

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  4. You totally had the right idea! I ended up going off-topic this week, but I think I was trying to take it too seriously and I just froze. 😉 Um, I wouldn’t last in Fable’s world either, but it would be fun while it lasted. Haha! Great post, Dini!

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  5. Yay for squad 312! I honestly don’t know any of the others but if I had to pick off your list besides Aurora Rising I would go for Love lettering because like you I love calligraphy I just could never do it in the real world, haha.

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