February Monthly Wrap Up!

February was a month 🤯 My health issues continued to plague me but after seemingly endless rounds of medication, I’m starting to finally feel semi-human again. I’ve just felt constantly drained of energy the whole time but I had to push through especially since I also moved houses and did the majority of the cleaning and packing myself. I really need to start taking on Marie Kondo habits into my life and minimise (next time)! But I digress… Despite all the craziness this month I managed to read 22 books, mostly thanks to the crazy romance reading challenge I set for myself during Valentine’s week.

(5 pandas)
⁍ The Nickel Boys — RTC
⁍ (eARC) To Kill A Mocking Girl — RTC
⁍ Can’t Text This (Texting #3)read my review!
⁍ Well Met (Well Met #1)read my review!
⁍ Love Letteringread my review!
⁍ Vengeful (Vicious #2)read my review!
⁍ (eARC) The Mountains Sing — RTC

(4.5 pandas)
⁍ That Secret Crush (Getting Lucky #3)read my review!

(4 pandas)
⁍ I Wanna Text You Up (Texting #2)read my review!
⁍ Kingshold (The Wildfire Cycle #1)read my review!
⁍ I Knead You Tonight (Slice #2)read my review!
⁍ (eARC) Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1)read my review!
⁍ To Kill A Mockingbird: Graphic Novel — RTC

(3.5 pandas)
⁍ Text Me Baby One More Time (Texting #4)read my review!
⁍ Dying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #3)read my review!
⁍ (eARC) Havenfall (Havenfall #1)read my review!

(3 pandas)
⁍ (eARC) The Queen’s Assassin (Queen’s Secret #1)read my review!
⁍ (eARC) Nils: The Tree of Liferead my review!
⁍ A Pizza My Heart (Slice #1)read my review!
⁍ Fighting for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #2)read my review!
⁍ Jack Janson and the Storm Callerread my review!

(2.5 pandas)
⁍ Praying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #1)read my review!

I don’t think I’ve read this many books in one month since some time last year but I guess that’s what reading romance does to you! As I mentioned before about half of these reads were done in that one week when I challenged myself to read all the romances. I devoured them and luckily enjoyed most of them! It’s really hard to pick just one favourite this month since I had quite a few five star reads and I’m still thinking about all of them plenty!

Aside from the romances, I read a lot of blog tour reads this month but I didn’t manage to read as many ARCs as I hoped to since these tour reads were my priority. Although things got *slightly* stressful with the reads towards the end of February I’m still really enjoying being part of all these blog tours. Never thought that I’d get the chance to participate in quite as many as I have!

I think things have been going pretty steadily on the blogging front this month. I gained a few new followers so I’m inching that much closer to my goal of 500! I think I can manage to reach my goal this year and I’m really excited. I’ll be hosting my first blog giveaway when I do! 😍 I know it’s “just a number” and for many of you 500 isn’t a big deal but as an international blogger with the majority of my readers on the other side of the world, it’s often difficult to gauge the right times to post and interact. It’s pretty hit or miss (even when following my blog stats) but I still love it! I really never thought I’d get 50 followers let alone 400+ so I’m still kinda shook (but obviously ecstatic) 😂 What was life even like pre-blogging?! I just love this community so much and I’m thankful for all of you lovely people 🥰

I hope everyone’s February was great! I hope that you read all you set out to and that life in March will get even better! Happy reading 🙂

19 thoughts on “February Monthly Wrap Up!

  1. Holy moly 22 books even though your month was manic!! That’s some skills you’ve got there Dini. Fingers crossed you’ll get 500 followers soon, your blog is so wonderful and you so nice that you truly deserve all the followers my friend <333

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, but holy cow, Batman! 22 books is amazing. xD

    Oh. This reminds me I still need to finish Nils. Buuut … mmm … we’ll see. Ugh. At this point, I need to start reading it at the beginning again and I don’t wanna. I’m being lazy LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha it was all thanks to those romances. I normally don’t even read half that on a regular month 😂 Also yeah, Nils… You’re really not missing much not finishing it. It was so disappointing lol which is such a shame since the artwork is amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

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