#TopTenTuesday: One Word Titles

It’s that time of the week again, friends! We’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: books with single-word titles! This prompt was submitted by Kitty @ Kitty Marie’s Reading Corner (who you should definitely go follow right now)!

What would I ever do without Goodreads? I would fail, that’s what. I would never be able to do these posts because my memory fails so hard. I really couldn’t come up with one title until I looked at several lists on GR and realised that I have read a few books with single-word titles! Plus, plenty of them are actually books from series that I love, so I can’t believe that I couldn’t think of any titles to start 😂

This list would be incomplete without mention of Vengeful (with a bonus shout to Vicious!) because this Villains series is amazing! Loving morally grey characters has never been more fun! 😍

Another week, another list, another appearance of Illuminae. Not only did the story suck me right in, the mixed media format was so much fun to read! It’s not everyone’s cuppa but I absolutely loved it!

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy stories inspired by Greek mythology and Miller didn’t disappoint with Circe. Her writing is so beautifully dreamlike and it swept me away in this tale!

Can someone just take me here already? I want to experience the magic of Caraval and Legendary! Yeah, some bits do sound terrifying but also, so much fun?! Magic!

The Lunar Chronicles is one of my all time favourite series. Such fantastical sci-fi retellings of some of our favourite classics. I hadn’t read anything like it before and Cinder hooked me right in!

Scythe is an amazing introduction to a crazy dystopian future where no one can willingly die, there’s no disease, poverty, crime or corruption. The only way you can die (and stay dead) is if you’re gleaned by a Scythe. Such an amazing premise and the story doesn’t disappoint. I highly recommend this series!

I have a weird attachment to Persuasion because I read it during a pretty rough personal time. I just needed to find a spark of hope and little did I know when I started reading it, that this would give me just what I was looking for! It has a solid place in my list of favourites 💙

Neverwhere was my first book by Gaiman and there was no looking back after that. I was taken by surprise and fell hard and fast for his writing and storytelling. It’s weird/quirky but amazing!

I was pulled out of one of the roughest reading slumps that I’ve ever experienced by Verity. This book sucked me in and it had me SHOOK, friends. SHOOKETH!!! 🤯

Wonder was the first MG book I read as an adult and wow, I did not expect to get so emotional reading Auggie’s story. I loved how supportive his family was. They weren’t perfect but they tried! I’d definitely recommend this heartwarming story 💙

Have you read many books with one word titles?
What are some of your favourites?

56 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: One Word Titles

  1. Dini I’m pleased to announce that we share one fav one-word-title! IT FEELS LIKE PROGRESS 😂😂😂😂 Hello Circe my love…god that book is perfection 😍😍😍

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  2. Lol I’m just here screaming yes at every book. I love Vengeful. It was so amazing and it just proves why Schwab is queen! Persuasion is an astonishing book and it should get a lot more attention.
    Great choices!

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    • Yaaaas! Vengeful was so good 😍 I didn’t think I’d love it more than Vicious but I really did lol Schwab is defo queen! And YAAAS PERSUASION is ❤️❤️❤️ My feels. I’m so glad to find someone else who appreciates that book just as much!!


  3. I’ve seen Circe, Caraval/Legendary/Finale, and Vicious/Vengeful an a lot of lists this week! I’ve read Caraval, but haven’t finished the series, and I’m not sure why I haven’t read Vicious yet? Or Illuminae or Cinder or Verity… what’s wrong with me??? (Not enough time, ever – that’s what. 🤦🏻‍♀️)

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    • I still haven’t finished the Caraval series yet either 🙈 I’ve been putting off Finale coz I’m scared that it’ll disappoint but also I just don’t want the series to end? LOL Vicious/Vengeful are AMAZING though! Must reads! Actually, all of the ones you mentioned are 😂 But I totally get how there are just too many books and not enough reading time! Haha


  4. illuminae!! REALLY LOVED THAT ONE. so so much! more than i would’ve imagined when i started the book lol. i’m also a big big fan of the cinder trilogy so i’m excited that cinder was mentioned. i very much need to read scythe this year because THAT premise alone makes me want to pick it up! i’ve heard amazing things not only about the first but the second and third book in the series, too. a book series that consistently fascinates readers?? definitely on my radar! ps: my favorite one-word-title-book is probably naomi noviks uprooted. ❤️

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    • I know what you mean! I loved Illuminae so much more than I thought I would when I picked it up ❤ Such an amazingly fun read! Scythe is a great series–the premise is just so unique and I hope you enjoy it if you pick it up 😃It's definitely worth reading! I can't believe I forgot Uprooted for my list this week. I really enjoyed it ❤

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  5. Illuminae completely deserves to be repeatedly mentioned 😄. Also, I have to read Verity now!! Lord knows the slump I’ve been in, and the synopsis sounds so good 😮!

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    • Verity kicked me right out of the worst reading slump! It just sunk its claws into me and had me flailing up and out of it 🤣It was a helluva ride! I would defo recommend it for when you’re needing a kick!

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  6. YES! The Lunar Chronicles!! I really love that series, too. I’m DETERMINED to read Circe this year. I simply must! And I don’t know where I’d be without Goodreads either. My memory is the worst. 😉 Great post!

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    • YAAS! Both Circe and Persuasion are major love ❤ I also recommend Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller if you like Circe. SoA actually hit my feels harder than Circe and me bawl so hard 😅 I hope you enjoy them!

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      • 😍 I can’t wait to read them then! Ooh yes I have heard that SoA is brilliant, definitely one I want to read! I look forward to it, and it emotional impact 😅😊 thank you, I hope so too!! Hope you have lots of great reads this month! 💜🥰💜

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    • It was a great book! Made me feel a lot more emotional than I expected. I’m wondering if I should watch the movie lol and YES! The number of one word titles really surprised me. I thought I would have zero on my list 😂 I think I’ll definitely be paying more attention to titles too!


  7. Muahaha, great minds think alike! Yes, Scythe and Illuminae and Vengeful (though, I used Vicious because I’ll confess I enjoyed that more). I still haven’t read Neverwhere! I don’t know how, but I really should. Same with Wonder! Did you know there’s a companion book, Auggie & Me?

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    • I didn’t think that I would enjoy Vengeful more, especially since we saw less of Mitch and Victor, but I loved it so much! Ugh, just the whole series though. I can’t wait for book three whenever it’s gonna come out 🤣 Have you read Gaiman yet? I’ve found that whichever Gaiman book is someones first ends up being their favourite and Neverwhere was mine 🤣 There was no looking back! And NOO I didn’t know there’s a companion book to Wonder! Have you read it? What’d you think?

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      • I have! I’ve read a couple of Gaiman books, and some short stories. That’s interesting, though. I don’t actually even know what my favorite Gaiman book is? Well … probably Good Omens so far, but that’s him and Pratchett, so I’m not sure that fully counts lol.

        I haven’t read either book yet, so I don’t know. xD I just know I’ve reshelved them both multiple times LOL. That’s how I know it exists.


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